Best Ariana Grande Perfume

Best Ariana Grande Perfume

Ariana Grande Perfume and Colognes are designed and curated by the famous American Singer, Ariana Grande herself.

There are 11 perfumes in her fragrance collection as of 2021 and each one of them is designed by the creative singer herself. She is known to have a unique, oh-so-perfect, and flamboyant persona that makes millions fall for her, and her convincing talents.

This perfume collection is an extension of her talented personality. Love her or hate her, the pop star Ariana Grande has impressive talents. From super fancy bottle aesthetics to dazzling and lovely fragrances, her perfume collection is worth exploring.

Overview of Ariana Grande Perfumes:

Ariana Grande’s perfumes are usually very feminine and soft. They rely a lot on floral and fruity accords, and a little bit on gourmand accords. Their base usually has musk that makes their drydown sweet, warm and ambrosial.

Other than that, Ariana Grande perfumes use marshmallows quite a lot, which makes their fragrances smell yummy and cozy.

These perfumes mostly start with fruity and floral headnotes.

If you are looking for perfumes that have juicy, bright, and fruity openings, a rich floral heart, and a warm, woody, and amber-sweet base, do yourself a favor and check Ariana Grande perfumes.

While these perfumes smell very pleasant and uplifting, they do not last long and have quite low sillage. They need frequent reapplication if one wants to wear them throughout the day.

What makes Ariana Grande perfumes and colognes stand out is their fancy bottle aesthetics. Some have crystals adorned on them while many of her perfumes have pom-poms attached which increases the appeal for her artistic fragrance collection.

Take a look at our list below and pick out the best Ariana Grande perfume that feels the most irresistible to you.

1.R.E.M. Ariana Grande for women

R.E.M Ariana Grande edp 100ml

Best soft fragrance for women

Very feminine, soft, and beautiful, the R.E.M. Ariana Grande perfume is a dreamy-sweet fragrance for women. There is a kiss of sweet powdery musk and a drydown embraced by soft lavender in its fragrance body.

The performance of R.E.M. perfume is low. You have to sniff your skin to smell it, much like a body mist. It lasts long but with a very discreet sillage. People love to wear it right after the shower to feel the heavenly beauty that REM’s fragrance offers to one’s olfactory senses.

It surely is a heavenly delight to smell, cozy and beautiful. It has the sweetness of fluffy marshmallows, candied lavender, and powdery musk with a hint of salt.

A super safe and easy scent to wear at home, school, or office. It compliments every age and cozies up anyone drawn towards it.

There is a caramel accord in the opening layers of REM Ariana Grande which makes the perfume smell deliciously attractive.  

Top notes: Zefir, Caramel, Salt, Fig, and Quince

Middle notes: Lavender and Pear Blossom

 Base notes: Musk, Tonka Bean, and Sandalwood.

2.Ari Ariana Grande for women

Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Best beach perfume 

Ari by Ariana Grande is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women.

It is luscious and pleasant, opening with sparkling fruity notes. The top accords are connected with an ultra-feminine floral heart, embraced by the base layer of musk, woods, and marshmallow accords.

The scent of Ari is sweet and girly with a subtle stroke of citrus and sparkle. As its name suggests, this perfume has a feel of airy-ness too. It’s bubbly, fresh, airy, and sweet.

This is a summer fragrance that you can wear on the beach. It feels tropical without smelling coconut-y. There is an addictive trail of raspberry in the fragrance body that draws you in. Other than that, it’s a white floral and a peach scent, a bit generic.

The scent is pleasant even though it’s generic. Projection and sillage are moderate to low. One has to be 2” to 3” close to smell the scent of Ari. Yet it is still rated as a nice summer perfume.

Top notes: Raspberry, Pear, and Grapefruit

Middle notes: Vanilla orchid, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Rose

Base notes: Marshmallow, Musk, and Woody Notes.

3.Frankie Ariana Grande for women and men

FRANKIE by Ariana Grande Eau De Parfum 1.7 oz Spray Limited Edition

Best Ariana grande unisex perfume

A Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for men and women, the Frankie perfume by Ariana Grande is vibrant.

The opening of Frankie Ariana Grande perfume smells flirtatious and sexy. It has pink pepper, ripe apricots, and crispy pears. The scent develops to become woody, musky, and floral-sweet in the heart. There’s also a juicy element here.

The dry down is creamy and warm with vanilla in dominance.

Frankie Ariana Grande is a very vibrant yet soft fragrance for both men and women. It has a kind of luminosity to it but is mostly a woody-sweet, attractive scent.

The longevity and sillage are low like other Ariana Grande’s perfumes.

If you are looking for something inoffensive and moderately sweet for winter, try Frankie. It works well for both genders. One can wear it at home after a shower to feel fresh and cozy.

Top notes: Apricot, Pink Pepper, and Pear

Middle notes: Cedar and Wild Orchid

 Base notes: Sugar, Sandalwood, and Musk

4.Moonlight Ariana Grande for women

Ariana Grande MOONLIGHT EDP 100 ml/3.4 Fl oz

Best Ariana Grande Perfume

Moonlight by Ariana Grande is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. The perfume exudes confidence and positivity.

It smells yummy like candies and is sugar plums, marshmallows, peony, and musk blended in a well-balanced scent body. Moonlight Ariana Grande is as comforting as its name. It is ambrosial but in a very fluffy and light way.

If you want to smell sweet and girly, this is your fragrance to try.

It is also a very pleasant scent to wear during bedtime. Moonlight is rated as the most mature scent of the Ariana Grande collection. The headnotes have plum and blackberry that invoke a deep fruity opening.

The vanilla and amber also are very prominent in this fragrance.

This perfume is ideal to wear on formal events and dates, especially in colder weather. It’s comforting and a bit sexy. This is surely a nighttime fragrance. 

The longevity of Moonlight is comparatively higher than other Ariana Grande’s perfumes. If you apply moisturizer before spraying Moonlight on your skin, its sillage and longevity can perform much better.

Top notes: Plum and Black Currant

Middle notes: Marshmallow, and Peony

Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Amber

5.Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition Ariana Grande for women

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum, 3.4 Ounce

Best floral gourmand perfume

Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition by Ariana Grande is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. It has red juicy berries that are dangerously sweet and seductive with Italian bergamot and pear.

The heart is embraced by rich floral accords of sambac jasmine, dewy honeysuckle, and frangipani. This layer of Sweet-like-candy perfume is really rich and irresistible for the olfactory senses. Very fragrant and rich!

The base contains sensual musk, liquid amber, cashmere wood, crème de cassis, and marshmallow. The drydown smells tempting and serious.

The fragrance of Sweet Like Candy Ariana Grande’s perfume is fresh, flirty, and floral and does not scream “candy” as the name suggests. The scent is very pleasing and pretty, however, its performance is moderate to low.

Spring to summertime is the best day to carry this scent. The bottle is gorgeous and worth a try for those who love Ariana Grande’s perfume collection.

Top notes: Red Berries, Pear, and Bergamot

Middle notes: Frangipani, Honeysuckle, and Jasmine Sambac

 Base notes: Marshmallow, Whipped cream, Black Currant, Cashmere Wood, Amber, and Musk

6.Thank U, Next Ariana Grande for women

Ariana Grande Thank U Next By Ariana Grande Edp 3.4 Spray, 3.4 fluid_ounces (ARG5LR19134)

Best seductive perfume

One of the most seductive perfumes by Ariana Grande, Thank U Next features a scent that smells sexy, playful, sweet, and fun. It is infused with sugar, spice, and wild raspberries. The fragrance is irresistible and classic.

Thank U Next Eau De Parfum bursts open with juicy notes of sparkling white pear and wild Raspberry. The scent is softened with a heart of creamy coconut and delicate pink rose petals.

Divine velvety musk infuses classic Ari sass, while Macaroon sugar adds playful femininity. This perfume is full of attitude and full of sweetness. A perfect perfume for feminine women!

Thank U next has a dash of coconut, vanilla, and almonds in a fruity-floral fragrance body. It is a developing fragrance that does not stay the same throughout the day. It gets musky, warm, and sweet from smelling fresh, clean, and juicy.

This is a very interesting fragrance article by Ariana Grande and definitely deserves a try.

Top note: white Pear, wild Raspberry

Mid Note: creme de coconut, pink rose petals

Base Note: Macaroon sugar, velvet musk

7.Ariana Grande Cloud

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray ,clear ,3.4 oz

Best sweet-smelling perfume

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum is the most sweet-smelling perfume in AG’s fragrance collection. It is uber-sexy and feminine to the point of making one moan. It is that ambrosial and appealing!

Cloud has this uplifting scent that imbues a thoughtful, artistic expression of positivity and happiness from Ariana to her fans. The perfume opens with a dreamy blend of alluring lavender blossom, forbidden juicy pear, and mouth-watering bergamot.

The heart of the fragrance is a whipped touch of creme de coconut, indulgent praline, and exotic, vanilla orchid. Sensual musk's and creamy woods add a cashmere-like feel that seduces the senses.

It smells fluffy, airy, and sweet - not at all in a sickly way.

If you are looking for a fragrance that is beautiful, delicate, creamy, and very airy, trying Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum is a must!

Top Notes: lavender blossom juicy Pear bergamot

Heart Notes: creme de coconut indulgent praline vanilla orchid

Base Notes: sensual musk's creamy blond woods

Choosing Your Best Ariana Grande Perfume 

Ariana Grande perfumes can be described as girly, fun, and pleasant. They have a floral-fruity scent type and are very flamboyant with cute elements like macaron sugar and marshmallows. They exude innocence, serenity, and appeal. However, the Ariana Grande perfume collection has a range that offers something to everyone.

Two teams form in her perfume range, a fruity team with fresh and floral undertones and a fruity team with woody and fancy undertones.

If you are someone who is drawn towards fruity fragrances that have fresh, airy, and floral undertones, explore fragrances like Thank U Next Perfume, Sweet Like Candy Eau De Parfum, and Ari by Ariana Grande.

And if you are team fruity with fancy, woody undertones, see Franki or Moonlight By Ariana Grande.

If you love intensely sweet and musky perfumes, try Cloud by Ariana Grande.

Sillage and Longevity:

It is known that Ariana Grande perfumes have low sillage and longevity, that is why if you are someone who wants long-lasting perfumes with louder sillage, you will have to layer Ariana Grande perfumes with other perfumes of similar tone and accords.

Or you can apply moisturizer before spraying Ariana Grande perfumes on your skin to prolong the life of the fragrance.

See our list of best Ariana Grande perfumes and pick out the most strong one in aspects of sillage and longevity.

Bottle Aesthetics:

Bottle aesthetics may not be a huge deal for many but for some, the aspect is considered crucially. For example, many minimal people do not like fancy stuff sparkling around them while some people can not breathe a mile away from glitz, sparkles, and crystals.

You need to decide which team you are with and find a relevant Ariana grande perfume bottle for yourself. Because Ariana Grande herself is a very flamboyant personality, her perfume aesthetics are the same. They catch attention, have accessories that add interest, and exude an aura of purity and a girlish vibe.

However, some perfumes appear very basic and simple, befitting the minimal taste. So go ahead and explore this amazing perfume collection by pop star Ariana Grande and buy your olfactory senses, a fluffy, flamboyant treat!

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