Best Arm & Hammer Deodorants in 2021 – Reviews

Arm & Hammer is a company that can trace its roots back to 1846, so it’s safe to say that it’s been around for a while. Due to its longevity, it has also become one of the most trusted companies around these days. And the fact that they are one of the most trusted companies also means that people expect their deodorants to be the very best.

Of course, like any other commercial brand, the deodorants they produce range in quality from just all-right to almost perfect. Some of them work extremely well, and others don’t work as well. Having said that, it’s important to separate these products, so our readers can find the best deodorants for them. That’s what we did below with our list of the best Arm & Hammer deodorants currently available.

Best Arm & Hammer Deodorants – Reviews

Arm & Hammer Ultramax Solid Powder Fresh


This Arm & Hammer solid antiperspirant has a powder-fresh scent that anyone will love, but it’s odor-fighting abilities are what will make people really love this deodorant. This product is made with a range of ingredients which help to stop perspiration at the source and to prevent underarm odors from getting out of control. Some of the ingredients which can be found in this product include encapsulated baking soda, which is used as a deodorant and Aluminium Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly, which is used as an antiperspirant. All of these ingredients, along with anti-caking agents, come together to keep the wearer confident all day long.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Unscented


Not everyone wants to use a deodorant that contains unnecessary artificial ingredients. Some people want a product that doesn’t have animal-derived ingredients, doesn’t contain aluminum in any form and doesn’t have Parabens in it. And some people don’t even want their deodorant to have colorants in it. Which is probably why this product has become so popular over the last few years. It not only doesn’t contain any of the previously listed ingredients, but it also doesn’t even have a scent to it. Although it may not be completely natural, it does do without some of the chemicals that people don’t like and is a more natural choice.

Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Cool Blast Gel


Although we try to be clinical in our evaluation of all of the deodorants we try, we do have to say that we were immediately impressed by this deodorant. Maybe that’s because it’s a clear gel that not only goes on clear but does so without leaving white stains on clothing or on skin. Maybe it’s because it has a nice pleasant scent to it, or maybe it’s because it provides great antiperspirant protection. However, it’s probably due to the fact that this Cool Blast has a cooling effect on the underarm area that simply can’t be beaten. It makes you feel like the antiperspirant is working and instills confidence all day long.

Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Dry Spray


This antiperspirant spray-on deodorant is designed to be instantly dry when it’s applied and to never leave the same kind of messy residue that other deodorants can leave. It’s equipped with some of the best odor and wetness protection that can be found in deodorant and is designed to provide the wearer with 24-hours of protection. This formula not only has a motion-control formula that begins to work harder as the wearer’s activity levels increase, but it’s also equipped with a sweat control complex of ingredients which instantly stops perspiration in its tracks.

Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Invisible Solid Cool Blast


This antiperspirant deodorant is very much like the Arm & Hammer Cool Blast Gel, but this one is in a solid deodorant form. This allows it to be spread on the underarm area quickly and efficiently, without leaving some of the mess that gels can leave. Its Cool Blast scent smells good when the deodorant is applied and the stick’s height is easy to adjust up and down. Since this antiperspirant is made with Aluminium Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly, it stops sweat right at the glands. It is also formulated with Sodium Bicarbonate that provides the wearer with all-day odor protection.

Arm & Hammer Ultramax Active Sport


Athletes and other people who lead active lives need a more effective deodorant than someone who sits in an air-conditioned cubicle all day, and that’s why Arm & Hammer invented this Active Sport Formula. This invisible solid stick is designed to neutralize odors and to stop perspiration at its source. It does this by preventing the sweat glands from producing sweat and by lowering the acidity of the person’s armpits. This allows them to remain dry and odor-free for up to 24-hours at a time. It’s the singular deodorant any active person is going to want to check out.

Arm & Hammer Essential Unscented Solid


This formula is very much like the Arm & Hammer Unscented Natural we reviewed earlier on this list, except this one contains a few extra ingredients that make it stand out. For example, this product is formulated with a Stain Blocker that helps to prevent it from not only leaving a white residue on black clothing but also prevents it from leaving a yellow residue on white clothing. And another advantage it has its that it uses natural plant extracts mixed with baking soda to fight body odor. This makes the unscented deodorant ideal for anyone looking for a more natural deodorant for their day-to-day activities.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Fresh


If you look at the ingredient’s list of this deodorant, you’ll see ingredient’s that look like they belong more in some sort of food product instead of a deodorant. These include ingredients such as rosemary leaf oil, Lavandin oil, coriander fruit oil, and baking soda. However, that’s only because this product is more of a natural deodorant than other types. And it does an amazing job at deodorizing the armpit area. Unfortunately, what prevents it from being all-natural, is Triclosan, an antibacterial agent and Sodium Stearate. Even so, it’s still a great deodorant to have around when you need it.

Arm & Hammer Ultramax Invisible Unscented Solid


Who needs a deodorant to have a fragrance when it’s capable of blocking out underarm odors quickly and effectively? You certainly won’t with this invisible solid. This product is not only designed to put a lockdown on armpit odors but it also completely shuts down perspiration all-day long as well. This enables the wearer to go through their entire day without having to feel self-conscious about their body odor or worry about perspiration stains haunting them. This easy-to-apply stick is ready to help just about anyone take on their day with the utmost confidence possible.

Arm & Hammer Ultramax Powder Fresh Solid


There’s no reason to fear body odor or perspiration when you have Arm & Hammer Ultramax Powder Fresh Deodorant at your disposal. This product is designed to go on smoothly and to provide the wearer with some of the highest quality odor and wetness protection available. This product not only stops armpit sweat at the source, but it also helps to neutralize armpit odor by adjusting the pH level of the wearer’s skin. And since it has a nice Powder Fresh scent to it, that’s all you or anyone else will smell. All of which makes this the best Arm & Hammer deodorant a person could buy.

Still on the fence? Here are some recommendations from Amazon:

Arm And Hammer Deodorant Guide

Even our favorite brands get their products wrong sometimes which is why you have to do a little research to see what the consensus is from the public before buying anything. The good thing about Arm and Hammer deodorant is that their products are consistent, they vary in quality because they offer different things depending on the product.

To make sure you get the right deodorant for you, we have created the following Arm and Hammer deodorant guide so you know what to expect. It’ll help you to understand what you get from the famous brand.

What To Expect From Arm and Hammer Deodorant


The first place to start is with their range. There are a plethora of Arm and Hammer deodorants to choose from with something for every taste. Whether you are looking at the men’s range or the women’s, you can get your hands on anything from natural fresh (made with lavender), cool blast, powder fresh, and beyond.

 Unscented Versions

For anyone who doesn’t like deodorants with a strong smell, Arm and Hammer’s unscented deodorant is an excellent choice. They give you the same long-lasting protection but will not clash with the smell of your fragrance or cologne.


When using a deodorant stick, one of the worst things that even big brands are guilty of is leaving a residue under the arm. It feels sticky, is easily noticeable, and is just plain irritating. Thankfully, Arm and Hammer deodorants contain anti-caking materials to make sure this embarrassing problem is not something you have to deal with when using their products.

 Stain Shield

If staining is an issue that bothers you, look for an Arm and Hammer deodorant that features their stain shield formula. This protects your white clothing from those unsightly yellow tones that often result in a discarded t-shirt.

 Natural Ingredients

Whilst the formula changes from product to product, the essentials range features no parabens, aluminum, colorants, or ingredients derived from animals. The natural ingredients in some of their products make them a great option for anyone with an eye for natural deodorants and when you consider the fact that a lot of brand charge way over $10 for a stick, Arm and Hammer is a cost-effective option.


This can be different depending on what product you go for but expect at least 24 hours of protection from Arm and Hammer deodorant. Others in the Ultra Max range gives you up to 48 hours of protection.

 Prevents Sweating

Thanks to their unique formula, Arm and Hammer antiperspirant deodorants are known for giving reliable dryness because they stop the seat glands from perspiring. The Advanced Sport range is particularly good for this which is ideal and any strenuous activity can cause you to sweat with normal deodorants.

The deodorant range won’t do this but it will neutralize odor and leave it with a pleasant smell. If you want protection from wetness, make sure you pick up an antiperspirant deodorant.

 Different Sizes

You can get Arm and Hammer deodorants in different sizes which means you can throw a 1 oz stick into the bottom of your gym bag for convenience, or go for a 2.5 oz version to make it last longer.


One of the best things about their deodorant range is that Arm and Hammer products are inexpensive, and offer great value. Even the unscented version is regarded as one of the better products in the niche when compared to the competition.

On top of this, you can pick up multipacks to extend the savings and make them last even longer.

Arm and Hammer Deodorant: Stick Vs Spray

This is down to personal preference and whilst they both offer great protection and come in a variety of pleasant scents, neither leave white marks or residue.

The dry spray range gives you a lot of wetness protection and keeps things dry when you up the intensity during exercise. Some people like to use a spray because it can be used on the feet and clothes to mask odor where a stick can only be used on the underarms.

On the other hand, a stick deodorant means you do not inhale any of the spray which can be particularly bad if you suffer from asthma.

Best Arm And Hammer Deodorant For Sport

Although any of their antiperspirant deodorant range will do a great job of keeping you comfortable during exercise (especially the ultra max products), their active sport range is best.

This is because it works harder to control sweat and keep you dry as you are racking up the miles whether that be on the sports field, in the gym, or just out running.

Best Arm And Hammer Deodorant For Women

There are a few arm and hammer deodorants that have a neutral smell in terms of gender making them fine for anyone who wants a certain scent but the more feminine scents include the Essentials range with their clean juniper berry scent.

Otherwise, many women enjoy the Powder Fresh antiperspirant deodorant scent and the bonus is that it lasts for up to 48 hours.

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