Best Body Washes & Soaps for Psoriasis

Best Body Washes & Soaps for Psoriasis 2021 to Relieve Itchy, Dry Skin

The autoimmune disease causes the skin to become itchy, dry, and even inflamed. This, in some cases, is both unsightly and painful. You may not be able to cure the condition completely but you can surely ease the symptoms on your own. Simply by incorporating the best body washes & soaps for psoriasis into your daily bath routine.

Millions of women and men dealing with psoriasis turn to this effective at-home treatment. Because the method goes a long way in hydrating and softening flaky, thick patches of the skin. So let’s not waste any more time and get started right away!

Top 15 Soaps/Body Washes to Treat Psoriasis

1. Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free Body Wash

Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free Body Wash

There’s no reason to think twice before switching to fragrance-free Aveeno skincare even though this Skin Relief Body Wash doesn’t claim to heal a condition like psoriasis. Because the formula has the innate ability to gently cleanse, soften, and moisturize itchy, dry skin. Your sensitive skin is certainly in safe hands with every Aveeno product, be it body wash or lotion.

After all, this body wash is infused with soothing colloidal oatmeal. Plus, it’s dermatologist-recommended, dye-free, soap-free, and allergy-tested.

Key Features

  • Gentle, soothing skin relief body wash
  • Fragrance-free, thus suitable for sensitive skin
  • Colloidal oatmeal anti-inflammatory properties prevent inflammation

2. Dermasolve Psoriasis Body Wash

Dermasolve Psoriasis Body Wash

You can expect your skin to feel soothed, less itchy, and healthier with this Psoriasis Body Wash by Dermasolve. There’s no fragrance to bother your sensitive skin or allergies. In fact, there’s a refreshingly cool minty sensation this formula leaves on your skin, which soothes irritability caused by the condition.

If you ask me, this is one of the most effective medicated body washes to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. This includes mild to moderate itchiness, dryness, flakiness, redness, and inflammation.

Key Features

  • Medicated body wash for psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc.
  • Non-greasy, fragrance-free, and irritation-free
  • Minty cooling sensation soothes the skin

3. Home Health Psoriasis Medicated Scalp & Body Wash

Home Health Psoriasis Medicated Scalp & Body Wash

Scalp psoriasis is also a common concern. So here’s yet another medicated i.e. clinically proven body wash that is also a scalp wash. It brings about noticeable changes within only two applications. You can use it for dandruff and dermatitis as well.

The formulation contains 2-percent salicylic acid and a moisturizing, soothing blend of carrot oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, and echinacea extract. Needless to say, it makes troubled skin feel soft, smooth, and moisturized from within.

Key Features

  • Salicylic acid body/scalp wash relieves itchy, dry skin
  • Very soothing with a blend of moisturizing botanicals
  • Cruelty-free with no parabens, mineral oil, and gluten

4. Dove Fragrance-Free Body Wash

Dove Fragrance-Free Body Wash

This fragrance-free, mild formulation by Dove is among the very few that get you clean without setting your skin on fire. Needless to say, it’s a great choice for those allergic to fragrances as well. No matter how itchy or dry your skin, even if half your body is covered with severe psoriasis, this body wash works without giving rise to any side effects.

Compared to regular body soaps and washes, this one certainly is way more nourishing. And also hypoallergenic.

Key Features

  • Formulated for extremely dry skin
  • Contains plant oils, mild cleansing agents, and skin-natural lipids
  • Soap-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic

5. CeraVe Cleanser for Psoriasis Treatment

CeraVe Cleanser for Psoriasis

A safe, skin-friendly medicated formula packed with essential ceramides for instant relief. CeraVe doesn’t let down when it comes to relieving symptoms of psoriasis. This cleanser even reduces the scaling of your skin, along with its texture.

The ingredients included are salicylic acid, niacinamide, urea, lactic acid, and essential ceramides. So benefits such as relieving redness, irritation, flaking, and itching accompanied by psoriasis are a part of the experience.

Key Features

  • Medicated body wash for itchy, rough, cracked, or dry skin
  • 3 essential ceramides and urea restore skin moisture
  • Niacinamide soothes and lactic acid exfoliates
  • Infused with salicylic acid for relieving psoriasis symptoms

6. Aleavia Lavender Enzymatic Body Cleanse

Aleavia Lavender Enzymatic Body Cleanse

This clean skincare product is formulated with ingredients whose names you can pronounce. These are all plant-based, meaning there are no chemicals to trigger skin sensitivities. Even those dealing with conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and dry skin have no complaints.

It’s a prebiotic body cleanser that stabilizes your skin’s natural pH balance to heal the most stubborn or persistent skin concerns, including redness, rashes, and acne.

Key Features

  • Enriched with all-natural, organic ingredients
  • An enchanting natural lavender scent
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, and other toxic chemicals
  • Suitable for psoriasis, eczema, keratosis pilaris, etc.

7. Cetaphil Pro Soothing Wash

Cetaphil Pro Soothing Wash

You can indeed considerably clear psoriasis on your knees and elbows with this Cetaphil Pro Soothing Wash. Its cleansing technology creates rich suds that leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. On top of that, there’s advanced Filaggrin technology as well as colloidal oatmeal. Both cleanse and moisturize troubled skin.

The best way to nourish your skin gently without exposing it to harmful parabens and artificial fragrances!

Key Features

  • Specially formulated for soothing sensitive, dry skin
  • Advanced technology cleanses and moisturizes thoroughly
  • Infused with soothing colloidal oatmeal
  • Creamy consistency produces rich suds to soften the skin

8. Wild Naturals Eczema Body Wash

Wild Naturals Eczema Body Wash

Use it once and you’re most likely to keep using it for years to come. That’s how effective this body wash is as far as making your skin feel less dry is concerned. And also making it less prone to developing patches of psoriasis.

The soothing relief is a result of the combination of Cehami flower extract and aloe. Even Manuka honey is added for feeding your skin amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. And the cherry on the cake is the cruelty-free label. A lot of skincare brands are taking this ethical road with no animal testing with cruelty-free body washes.

Key Features

  • Natural, pH-balanced body wash
  • Moisturizing organic aloe vera
  • Cehami flower extract relieves redness and itching
  • Healing Manuka honey for damaged, itchy skin

9. Honeyskin Face and Body Wash

Honeyskin Face and Body Wash

You can tone down psoriasis flareups with this deep, gentle body and face wash. It’s hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and pH-balanced to protect the natural elements of your skin.

With coconut oil, Manuka honey, and aloe vera, you don’t have to worry about moisturizing, cleansing, and protecting damaged or troubled skin. Just 4-5 days of use and you’ll see the symptoms decreasing.

Key Features

  • A gentle, deep cleansing formula for daily use
  • Aloe vera, Manuka honey, and Cehami deeply moisturize
  • Hypoallergenic, thus perfect for sensitive skin

10. Eucerin Skin Calming Body Wash

Eucerin Skin Calming Body Wash

Works better than just about any antibacterial soap out there for cleansing and soothing itchy, dry skin. The formulation is soap-free, which means it doesn’t excessively dry or irritate the skin.

In fact, the body wash is enriched with natural lipids and nourishing omega oils for calming and comforting your skin.

Key Features

  • Soap-free, fragrance-free, dye-free body wash
  • Contains nourishing omega oils to retain moisture
  • Mild leather for a clean rinse with no residue

11. Tree to Tub Ultra Gentle Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Tree to Tub Ultra Gentle Sensitive Skin Body Wash

You can finally say goodbye to the dryness that often causes itchiness after every shower because of psoriasis. This Tree to Tub formulation is a very popular choice among women and men with extremely sensitive skin as well. The body wash is pH-balanced, which is what matters the most in the case of delicate skin.

And ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, coconut-based cleansers, chamomile, and cucumber just make matters even better. They, no doubt, dial down skin irritation while also healing and moisturizing.

Key Features

  • Gentle for oily, sensitive, and dry skin
  • Formulated with organic healing botanicals
  • Soothing soapberry balances skin’s natural pH levels

12. Defense Soap Body Wash Shower Gel

Defense Soap Body Wash Shower Gel

It’s clinically proven that eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil protect the skin against fungus and bacteria. This means this body wash can defend your skin against common skin conditions.

The smooth, creamy formula produces a rich lather that penetrates the pores for deep cleansing and nourishment. And what nourishes is a healthy, skin-friendly blend of olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.

Key Features

  • Formulated with antifungal, antibacterial eucalyptus and tea tree oil
  • Free of chemicals, SLS, preservatives, animal testing, etc.
  • Olive, jojoba, and coconut oils for moisturizing and healing

13. Sky Organics Liquid African Black Soap Face & Body Wash

Sky Organics Liquid African Black Soap

If you’ve read any negative feedback about African Black Soap, then it’s because those individuals did not find out what it exactly does. African Black Soap works best for sensitive skin. It has become a part of many face and body care products because of its ability to treat concerns like acne, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and more.

So is it any good for psoriasis? Not just psoriasis, this liquid version of African Black Soap is great for alleviating symptoms of eczema as well.

Key Features

  • African Black Soap cleanses, nourishes, and clarifies
  • Made with shea and cocoa butter to moisturize
  • Aloe vera hydrates and plantain skin ash boosts clarity
  • Cruelty-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and 100% vegan

14. Aspen Kay Naturals Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

Aspen Kay Naturals Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

Yes, it’s made with only organic oils. But that doesn’t mean this soap bar helps in treating psoriasis, does it? Fortunately, it does in the case of Aspen Kay Naturals. This formulation helps in clearing up patches of psoriasis, both new and old. On top of that, a single soap bar lasts for a very long time.

As for what organics oils are included, the list contains extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, and palm oil. Along with therapeutic-grade eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils for a natural scent.

Key Features

  • Formulated with organic oils and organic shea butter
  • Naturally scented with essential oils
  • Nutrient-rich dead sea mineral mud
  • Activated charcoal for detoxifying and cleansing

15. Kenkoderm Psoriasis Dead Sea Mud Soap

Kenkoderm Psoriasis Dead Sea Mud Soap

Dealing with psoriasis is a complete nuisance as it is, right? But if you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, then the condition seems even more troublesome. In that case, your skin demands something even more effective yet gentle at the same time. Enter this Dead Sea Mud Soap. It’s gentle and gets rid of grime and dirt after every workout session.

Moreover, the inclusion of shea butter, argan oil, and cinnamon powder welcome antioxidants, moisturizing properties, and skin-soothing.

Key Features

  • Dead sea mud soap reduces skin inflammation
  • Argan oil and shea butter moisturize the skin
  • Cinnamon powder offers antibacterial properties

What You Should Know About Psoriasis

It’s a chronic autoimmune disease that gives rise to dry, red, itchy, and flaky skin. What happens is your body fails to tell the difference between foreign bodies and healthy cells. The outcome of which is cells and organs getting attacked.

Please note that psoriasis isn’t a contagious disease. And common triggers include stress, heavy alcohol intake, infection, medication, and injury.

The most unfortunate part is that psoriasis cannot be cured. However, you can indeed control the symptoms associated with the condition with the help of skincare products like moisturizers and body washes. Sunlight exposure also helps at such times. And so does light therapy and certain medications.

Managing Psoriasis and Its Symptoms

So what if there’s no cure! You can minimize the symptoms of these flareups by approaching them the right way…

Bathing & Moisturizing

Cleanse your body at least once daily because it’s important to get rid of bacteria, dirt, and excess oil. And you don’t have to fear dryness after your shower if you use lukewarm water for your bath. Avoid hot water since it tends to irritate plaques and destroy your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

You can add oatmeal, olive oil, or Epson salt to your tub. However, don’t soak in this mixture for more than 15 minutes. And after you’re done, pat your skin dry using your towel.

And lastly, it’s necessary to moisturize your skin after bathing. It’s one of the best ways to protect it from dryness.


When doing laundry, make sure you rinse your clothes thoroughly in order to eliminate any fabric softener and detergent residue.

As for what materials don’t trigger flareups, the answer is natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton, and linen. Keep away from synthetic fabrics and wool as much as possible.

Sun Exposure

Did you know that small UV light doses actually accelerate the healing process while also preventing scale formation? But that doesn’t mean baking your skin under the skin. Meaning don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you’re only just welcoming skin irritation, sunburn, and more damage.

Removing Scales

The most effective yet gentle method is using chemical exfoliants such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. Speaking of which, you may want to check out these mild salicylic acid body wash formulations for exfoliating away dead skin cells without causing any damage or side effects.

Keep away from harsh abrasives like nutshells, apricot seed, etc. because these tear your skin. Therefore, they do more harm than good.

You can also relieve itching with the help of skincare products equipped with urea, which acts as a very effective and, at the same time, mild anesthetic.

But faster relief is brought about by bathing with Epson salt. It softens the scales for you to loosen them slowly. Or apply a dense layer of natural oil or body cream and let it sit overnight. Then, in the morning, peel off the plaque.

Final Words

It’s quite unfortunate that there’s no treatment for an unpleasant-looking, itchy condition like psoriasis. But if you use the right products for your skin, then you can alleviate most of the symptoms. This includes severe and mild ones!

A body wash is something you use on a daily basis, right? So how about switching to a formula that has been either clinically tested or dermatologist-recommended for the treatment of flareups often accompanied by psoriasis. The ingredients are both effective and gentle to relieve flakiness, dryness, itchiness, and even inflammation.

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