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Best Clinical Strength Deodorants in 2021 – Reviews

Clinical strength deodorants are designed to bridge the gap between all of the ordinary deodorants and antiperspirants available and prescription grade antiperspirants that have to be prescribed by a doctor. They’re designed for people who may have problems keeping their armpits deodorized using a regular product but don’t need the extra-strength remedies supplied by the medical community.

In the past, it was quite difficult to find one of these deodorants, but times really have changed. Now there are dozens of different brands, and each one of them claims to be the solution that people need. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. To clear up the confusion, we’ve decided to list the brands that are truly the best clinical strength deodorants.

Best Clinical Strength Deodorants – Reviews

Degree Women Stress Control Deodorant


This 1.7-ounce stick of clinical strength antiperspirant is designed to handle even the toughest sweat and odor all day long. Specifically formulated for the skin chemistry of the average woman, this deodorant is capable of stopping perspiration and sweat right at the source. And since it’s equipped with Motion Sense technology, this product is capable of working even through high-stress situations. This allows women to control underarm odor and wetness for up to 24-hours at a time, and it has a pleasant scent that’s a combination of outdoor green plants and white flowers. This makes it a a great solution for any woman looking to control the by-products of stress.

Degree Men Clinical+ Extreme Fresh Antiperspirant


Unlike standard deodorants, clinical-strength deodorants are designed to increase their ability to handle odor and wetness as the stress levels of the user rises. In other words, when the going gets tough, these deodorants get tougher. This concept is beautifully epitomized in Degree For Men Clinical+. This deodorant doesn’t just work when it’s first applied, but it’s designed to work as the stress and activity users of the wearer rises. It’s designed to give all-day protection that simply won’t quit. But it also has one more feature that makes it unique. It also has moisturizing ingredients that help to protect the skin, even as it works to protect it.

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Antiperspirant


Certain Dri Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant is designed to last long after other deodorants have begun to fail. That’s because it’s made with a 12% solution of Aluminum Chloride, the number one ingredient recommended by doctors for patients with excessive sweating conditions such as Hyperhidrosis. This product is capable of not only stopping perspiration for a day or even two days, but it’s capable of stopping excess perspiration for up to 3-days at a time. That’s probably why this product is one of the most doctor-recommended products currently available for excessive sweating problems. And since it’s a convenient roll-on deodorant, it’s very easy to apply.

Sweat Block Clinical Strength Antiperspirant


This clinical strength deodorant product is quite different than most people are used to for controlling excess perspiration and odor. Instead of being in a stick, roll-on, spray-on or even gel formulation, this product comes in easy-to-use deodorant towelettes that immediately stop underarm sweating. This product has been certified by the FDA, can control sweat for up to a week at a time and does its job without leaving sweat marks on the user’s clothing. It’s also a doctor-recommended product that’s been seen on several daytime television shows. It’s strong and very effective, and many people who use it are going to be happy with their results.

Secret Women’s Antiperspirant Deodorant


Secret Clinical Scent Lavender Scent is a product that’s received a lot of attention since it has hit the market. When it was initially released, it was one of the most awarded antiperspirants among beauty magazines, and it’s currently one of the most doctors recommended antiperspirants for controlling underarm perspiration. It’s designed to be twice as effective as ordinary deodorants and is capable of providing the wearer with up to 2-days of odor and wetness protection. It also has 4-times the stress sweat protection over competing deodorants, which allows it to perform even when other antiperspirants have failed.

Secret Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Women


Designed for female athletes, or those people who need as much sweat protection as athletes, this clinical strength formula from Secret is designed to really go the distance. This product is capable of providing up to 48-hours of wetness protection so the wearer can perform longer without having to worry about armpit stains or odor. it not only provides twice the sweat protection of other deodorant brands, but it also provides up to four times the stress sweat protection. That means that no matter what life throws at the wearer, this antiperspirant is going to help them meet it head-on.

Gillette Clinical Strength Cool Wave Scent Gel


This clinical strength antiperspirant for men is designed to provide the wearer with the best odor and wetness protection available. Since it’s a clear gel, this product goes on smoothly and is designed to not leave pit stains on the wearer’s white undershirts. It’s formulated with thousands of odor-fighting molecules that work together to help the wearer stay dry and odorless for up to 48-hours at a time. And since it has a Cool Wave Scent, this deodorant will make the wearer smell masculine all day long. All of which allows the modern man to keep his composure, even in an uncertain world.

Zero Sweat Hyperhidrosis Treatment Deodorant


Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Deodorant may not have a flashy name or a clever name, but it does exactly what it’s designed to do: stop perspiration for up to 7-days at a time. This high-quality product is designed to be absorbed directly into the wearer’s sweat glands, where it will block it up and prevent it from releasing perspiration. This is different than how most deodorants work, which is by absorbing sweat or just working to reduce sweat. This product completely eliminates sweat, on the other hand so the wearer can rest assured that they will spend the entire week nice and dry.

Dove Clinical Original Clean Antiperspirant


Dove Clinical Protection is a deodorant that’s received quite a bit of attention lately. That’s because more and more people are beginning to realize that this isn’t just another deodorant that claims to be clinical strength. No, this antiperspirant not only claims to stop sweat but it can actually do it. When used regularly, this product will provide up to 24-hours of wetness protection and has a clean original scent that many people are going to love. And since it’s infused with Dove’s specialized line of conditions and also contains vitamins E and F in it, the wearer will not only have drier armpits, but they’ll also have softer ones as well.

Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort Deodorant


This clinical strength deodorant and antiperspirant from Dove Men+ is designed to provide the wearer with the wetness protection they need on a daily basis. Designed to last for up to 48-hours at a time, this antiperspirant will stop sweating and body odor dead in its tracks. And it’s capable of doing it without being too harsh on the skin. In fact, it’s formulated with Dove’s specialized line of conditions, so as the wearer uses this product it will never irritate the skin, and will actually make the skin feel better over time. That makes this product hard on wetness and odor without being too hard on the wearer’s skin.

Still on the fence? Here are some recommendations from Amazon:

Clinical Strength Deodorant Guide

Giving you all the benefits of a regular deodorant and antiperspirant and then some, a clinical strength deodorant should go the extra mile to provide the protection you need. This isn’t always easy and some products that call themselves clinical strength are barely stronger than a store-bought deodorant.

To make sure you find something worthy of labeling itself as extra strong, the following guide maps out what you should expect from a clinical strength deodorant. By the end of it, you’ll be able to search for a new product to give you lasting comfort and freshness.

What To Look For In A Clinical Strength Deodorant

 Sweat Prevention

For many people who need a clinical strength deodorant, sweat prevention is high on their list of needs. The better products will give you just that, using specially selected ingredients such as Aluminum chloride (or a different variant of aluminum) can help to keep things dry by preventing the pores from sweating.

Other ingredients are also effective, just make sure the product you are looking at uses something proven.


Anyone who looks for a deodorant needs odor control and part of that is in the fragrance. To make things smell rosy under the arms, there has to be a masking fragrance on top of sweat prevention.

 Lasting Protection

The better clinical strength deodorants will proudly display the length of protection you should expect from their product. Look for something that gives you at least 24 hours of coverage, otherwise, you might find yourself having to reapply every other hour. The convenience of leaving home knowing you have a lasting freshness and odor control is a must.


Because the formula can be a little harsher given the task it is trying to undertake, a lot of clinical strength deodorant contains the likes of Vitamin E to help moisturize the underarms. This helps to prevent irritation and making sure things are too dry.

 Bacteria Fighters

Because you still need to be and feel hygienic, your deodorant needs to contain bacteria-fighting ingredients. This stops the formation and spread of unpleasant nasties so something like tea tree oil can be a useful ingredient.

 No White Marks

Although these deodorants are designed to keep you dry, some can leave white marks on black clothing and unsightly yellow stains on white. This is why you should try and find a brand that ticks the important boxes including keeping your clothes from unwanted stains.


Because a lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon, some prices seem way too high. Not only this, but some of the more expensive ingredients can be less effective. Go for a clinical strength deodorant that is within your budget, as long as it works.

Once you’ve found a product that works for you, the likes of Amazon are great places to buy it and you will often find multipacks on there for a lot of brands.

Clinical Strength Deodorant: Stick vs Spray

Many people tend to stick to what they know and since there are effective products available in both categories, you can take your pick of what suits you. A stick deodorant will dry quickly and is easy to apply to the right area in a couple of rubs.

On the other hand, a spray can still be effective although it might not last as long. Also, it is less convenient if you are not at home and certainly less subtle.

Clinical Strength Deodorant For Sport

Because strenuous exercise often means a lot of sweating, you need a layer of protection that can help aid performance. Some clinical strength deodorants are designed to be used during sport.

Dryness is often one of the main things you should expect but even a regular clinical strength deodorant is going to be better than your current product.

Clinical Strength Deodorant Towelettes

For some people, the transition from stick to towelette might be too big of a jump but hear us out. A lot of people use them because they help you to clean the area at the same time as preventing sweating.

The added convenience is something a lot of people prefer as they can be taken on a flight without affecting your fluid allowance. Throw a pack in the bottom of your gym bag to see just how convenient they are.

What Is The Best Clinical Strength Deodorant?

Some people react differently to certain formulas but what we found is that the clinical strength deodorant that offered the best mix of dryness, odor protection, freshness, and value was Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort Deodorant. This is because it manages to give the user everything they expect, without being too harsh.

This is why a lot of people with sensitive skin use it and when you realize that it costs a fraction of many of the other brands in the niche, it is hard to argue against its position among the best buys.

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