Best Cruelty Free Deodorants in 2021 – Reviews

Buying a cruelty-free deodorant is usually the next step a person takes when they begin considering some of the ingredients that can be found in most commercial products. That’s because a lot of people don’t believe that animals should be harmed so that they can stay fresh all day long. So many people, in fact, that using this type of deodorant is quickly becoming a trend.

And deodorant manufacturers are really beginning to take notice of this trend, too. Just in the past few years, dozens of different cruelty-free antiperspirants and deodorants have hit the market. While that gives the average consumer a lot of choices, it can also make it difficult for them to find one that suits their needs. Fortunately, we’re here to sort the good brands from the rest with the top ten products listed below.

Best Cruelty Free Deodorants – Reviews

Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant


This non-toxic formula is not only a cruelty-free deodorant, but it’s also a deodorant that doesn’t have aluminum, parabens, or even gluten in its formulation. That’s because this product uses a simple combination of ingredients to fight pit odor and do it without some of the animal products or harmful toxins that other manufacturers use. This product uses a plant-based formula that includes such natural ingredients as sage oil, coconut water, and coconut oil. These ingredients not only help to stave off underarm odor, but they also help to condition the skin and is even suitable for people with allergies.

Tom’s Of Maine Fresh Meadow Antiperspirant


Using a powerful combination of all-natural plant-based ingredients and minerals, this antiperspirant not only hasn’t been tested on animals, but it also does a great job keeping underarms fresh smelling and dry. In fact, it can stop odor and wetness for up to 24-hours at a time, leaving the wearer with a Fresh Meadow scent that most people are going to love. An added bonus of this product is that it doesn’t contain artificial preservatives or unnatural fragrances. And as you would expect, this product contains absolutely zero animal ingredients. It’s a women’s deodorant that does it job and does it humanely.

Soapwalla Vegan Citrus Deodorant Cream


This vegan deodorant cream has a nice citrus scent and is quite easy to apply using your fingers or a deodorant stick. It’s handcrafted using some of the best natural plant-based ingredients available. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this unique formulation include sunflower lecithin, vanilla fruit extract, grapefruit peel oil, rosehip seed oil, Shea butter, corn starch, and Bergamot fruit oil. What it doesn’t include in its completely organic formulation is aluminum, parabens, or animal products. This product is capable of inhibiting bacterial growth, all while absorbing moisture and imparting a nice citrus scent the wearer will love.

Certain Dri Antiperspirant Clinical Strength


When some people head off to the doctor to find a product that will handle their excessive sweating problem, the doctor is most likely to recommend this product to them. That’s because this antiperspirant is the number one doctor recommended product for controlling underarm sweat. It does this using aluminum zirconium to clog up sweat glands and thereby reducing the amount of underarm sweat produced by the individual. This product is also certified cruelty-free by PETA and uses absolutely no animal ingredients in its formulation. And it’s also never tested on animals, so just about anyone can feel good about using it.

Primal Pit Paste All-Natural Deodorant


With an exceptional orange vanilla scent, this deodorant is one that anyone is going to appreciate using. It’s also a cruelty-free product that contains all-natural ingredients and doesn’t contain aluminum or parabens. Some of the healthy ingredients used in this deodorant cream include Shea butter, arrowroot powder, non-aluminum baking soda, orange essential oils, vanilla extract, all-organic coconut oil, and Candelilla wax. It also contains Vitamin E that is derived solely from sunflowers and doesn’t contain any GMO-ingredients. And since it’s crafted in the U.S., the wearer can rest assured that it’s a quality crafted product made according to strict health standards.

Green Tidings Organic Unscented Deodorant


Just because a person wants to use a cruelty-free deodorant that’s made with natural ingredients doesn’t mean that they want to be assaulted with minty or flowery scents. Fortunately, users of this fine deodorant don’t have to worry about that happening because this product is unscented. Although it doesn’t contain any added fragrances, what it does contain is a nice list of natural ingredients that will fight underarm odor. The ingredients that can be found in this formula include Tapioca starch, Shea butter, Magnesium oils, aluminum-free baking soda, and Candelilla wax. That’s means this product is organic, non-toxic, and completely vegan as well.

Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Deodorant Cream


Not only were no animals harmed to manufactured this deodorant, but it’s also a formulation that’s gentle on the wearer’s armpit area. It’s a deodorant cream that goes only smoothly and is also gentle on the skin. That’s because it’s not only free of animal products but is also free of baking soda, aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. So what’s in this vegan, all-natural and certified organic deodorant? What’s in it is a blend of Fair Trade ingredients that include coconut oil, Shea fruit butter, Jojoba oil, Candelilla wax, lavender, tea tree leaf essential oil, magnesium hydroxide and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture.

MagSol Magnesium Deodorant Sandalwood Scent


As you may infer from the name of this deodorant, it uses the power of magnesium to deal with odor and wetness. Using magnesium allows this product to deal with body odor and do it without having to have baking soda or aluminum in its formulation. And because it’s made with natural ingredients, the wearer also doesn’t have to worry about the addition of other harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, or triclosan. The ingredients that can be found in it, besides magnesium oxide, are essential oils, almond oil, and beeswax. And it also has a nice sandalwood scent that’s very pleasant.

Schmidt’s Rose & Vanilla Deodorant


This Rose & Vanilla deodorant from Schmidt’s uses an award-winning formula to provide results for the wearer. This product is capable of easily handling underarm odor and do it without the addition of artificial fragrances, aluminum, or animal products. Another harmful ingredient that’s found in most deodorants but isn’t found in this deodorant is propylene glycol. It’s a vegan and cruelty-free deodorant that contains natural ingredients such as coconut oil, baking soda, Shea butter, Candelilla wax, Jojoba seed oil, and of course, Vitamin E that’s made from sunflowers. And since it has a slight smell of roses mixed with vanilla, just about any can get on board with using it.

Little Seed Farm Unscented Natural Deodorant Cream


The name of the company that produces this deodorant is called Little Seed Farm, a name that conjures up images of this deodorant cream being crafted by a small community. Although we don’t know if that’s the case or not, we do know that this is a cruelty-free product that is capable of handling underarm odor and wetness extremely well. That’s because it uses activated charcoal, instead of baking soda or aluminum, to help control the wearer’s underarm perspiration. it also contains a number of organic ingredients which help to handle a person’s underarm odor. This product is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, contains no synthetic fragrances and is never tested on animals.

Still on the fence? Here are some recommendations from Amazon:

A Guide To Cruelty-Free Deodorants

As we sought out and found the best cruelty-free deodorants, we noticed that there were quite a few differences between the different brands. And that’s important for people to understand. Since the category of cruelty-free deodorants isn’t a monolith, some brands are better than others. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce this guide to our readers. In this guide, we hope to help our readers decide which cruelty-free deodorants are right for them and which ones are better left on the shelf.

 Some facts About The Cruelty-Free Designation

Before we begin, we’d like to talk about the cruelty-free designation and some facts about this category of deodorants. The following pieces of information are some of the things that people might not know about this category of deodorants. Let’s take a quick look at these facts before we continue.

Is Animal Testing Necessary In The U.S?

The first thing that people should consider is that animal testing is not required for deodorants or any other cosmetic products. That means that there’s no reason why more manufacturers shouldn’t eliminate animal testing of their products. Many companies that have eliminated animal testing proudly proclaim that fact on their labels.

Is Animal Testing Necessary In China?

Although animal testing is not required in the U.S (though still practiced by some companies), the same doesn’t hold true for products manufactured in China. China is one of the few countries in the world that still mandates that companies do regular animal testing. Therefore, any consumer who cares about the welfare of animals is probably going to want to avoid buying products manufactured in China.

The Types Of Cosmetic Tests Performed On Animals

The type of animal testing that can be performed on mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits can be quite horrifying. Some of these tests include skin and eye irritation tests in which chemicals are rubbed into an animal’s shaved skin or dripped into their eyes; force-feeding studies in which animals are gorged with chemicals to test for cancer or birth defects; and lethal dose tests in which animals are given a certain chemical until they die so that researchers can determine the lethal dose of it.

 Choosing A Cruelty-Free Deodorant

Now that we know a little more about cruelty-free deodorants, it’s time to focus our attention on purchasing the best cruelty-free deodorants available. As we’ve said, this category of deodorants isn’t monolithic, so consumers should pay attention to some of the differences between each of the brands. Let’s examine some of the things that people should consider before purchasing one of these deodorants.

Cruelty-Free Doesn’t Mean Vegan

Just because a product is cruelty-free doesn’t mean that it’s vegan. Although there are some cruelty-free products that are vegan, not all of them are. Vegan means that the deodorant doesn’t contain animal-products and cruelty-free means that the product hasn’t been tested on animals. These are two important distinctions for people to make. It’s also worth noting that just because a product is listed as vegan doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been tested on animals, so consumers who care about the welfare of animals are probably going to want to buy a deodorant that says it’s both vegan and cruelty-free.

Cruelty-Free Doesn’t Mean Organic

It’s also worth mentioning that cruelty-free doesn’t mean that the product is organic. A product can contain non-organic compounds and still be a cruelty-free product. It also should be said that because a product is natural doesn’t mean that it’s cruelty-free.

Decide On A Deodorant Or Antiperspirant

The consumer who is searching for a cruelty-free product should also consider whether they want a deodorant or antiperspirant. They are both deodorants and antiperspirants that are cruelty-free, so consumers shouldn’t feel that they need to limit themselves in that regard.

Decide On A Solid Stick Or Spray

Although it’s been our experience that most of the deodorants that are listed as cruelty-free are solid stick deodorants, there are a few spray ones available. The consumer might have to search a little bit harder for them, but they do exist.

Look For The Leaping Bunny Logo

Since 1996, Leaping Bunny has been helping consumers find cruelty-free products. It’s an alliance of eight animal protection groups that have banded together to form the Coalition For Consumer Information On Cosmetics—also known as CCIC. Their bunny logo is displayed on products that have been certified cruelty-free, so if consumers see that on a particular deodorant, antiperspirant, or cosmetic product, they can rest assured that it’s a cruelty-free product.

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