Best Deodorants for Kids

5 Best Deodorants for Kids in 2022 – Safe & Reliable

As you may already know, body odor is one of the clearest indications that a child is starting puberty. Even though it is a perfectly natural part of their development, their body odor may cause unpleasant situations for your kids and the people around them. You see, as they enter puberty, their sweat glands become increasingly active on a daily basis, affecting not only their underarms, but the rest of their bodies as well.

When reaching this point in their development, you might want to consider a good deodorant for kids if the odor becomes too strong. Now, as with the rest of the deodorants on the market, there are a few things to consider before choosing a deodorant for your kids. Some deodorants, for instance, must be used at night while others are applied in the morning. Either way, deodorant isn’t a substitute for good hygiene and you should always remind your children not to rely on deodorant too much.

Top Rated: Truly’s Deodorant For Kids


Truly's Deodorant for Kids

Different Types of Deodorant to Choose From

Before choosing a deodorant that best suits your children’s needs, you should first consider the many choices you have on the matter. First of all, you want to avoid deodorants that contain aluminum compounds, parabens (preservatives that may cause cancer), and propylene glycol. It has to be said that natural deodorants do NOT contain any of the aforementioned ingredients, which is why you should always look for such a deodorant when looking to buy one for your or your kids.

Last but not least, make sure that you know the difference between deodorants and anti-perspirants. For instance, deodorants have the purpose of neutralizing strong odors while anti-perspirants block pores with the help of aluminum salts. Like you may have already realized, anti-perspirants should probably kept away from kids as much as possible. Finally, you should educate your children on the benefits of using soap that contains antibacterial essential oil like lavender and wearing breathable organic cotton fabrics.

5 Best Deodorants For Kids

Truly’s Deodorant For Kids

Truly's Deodorant for Kids

As far as deodorants for kids go, Truly’s Deodorant For Kids is top notch. Its creamy composition ensures a long-lasting effect throughout the day with just one application. What’s so great about it, is that it doesn’t sting, stain, or show up white markings on clothing at all. It also sports a strong fragrance that uses no parabens, no aluminum, and no propylene glycol whatsoever. All the ingredients in Truly’s Deodorant For Kids are 100% natural.

Speaking of ingredients Truly’s Deodorant For Kids contains organic coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax, and powdered sugar. Because of its long-lasting effect, there is virtually no need for re-applying the deodorant a second time throughout the day. It also contains no harmful chemicals, making it the perfect choice for kids who are prone to allergies. Also, unlike other deodorants, Truly’s Deodorant For Kids requires just a pea sized amount to be applied over the entire surface of the underarm.

What’s really interesting about Truly’s Deodorant For Kids is that it features a ‘money back guarantee’, the type of policy most products in this industry stay clear of. The deodorant’s makers are so confident in its antimicrobial properties that they’re willing to guarantee that it will work 100%. Not only is it perfect for children as young as 5 years old, but it also leaves behind a pleasant coconut smell that lasts throughout the day.


– Natural ingredients
– Pleasant coconut smell
– Long lasting effect
– Creamy composition
– Money back guarantee


– Contains small granules that might be abrasive on the skin
– Doesn’t come with an applicator tool

Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls

Gentle, yet effective, Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls contains NO aluminum chlorhydrate, no propylene glycol, and no parabens whatsoever. It is made almost entirely out of natural ingredients and does not cause any sort of allergies. Its long lasting effects can be felt throughout the day, without being too strong or obvious. As a matter of fact, Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls is completely unscented, making it perfect for girls who do not with to stand out.

Although the product is aimed at young girls, there is no real limitation to whom may use it and how old they are. The fact that it was designed to fit the needs of young women means that it has to be extra smooth, making it the perfect deodorant for adults who suffer from allergies and skin afflictions. Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls is child-safe, easy to use, natural, and effective.

All things considered, Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls is perfect for any girl who wishes to be discreet about her BO. Furthermore, if we are to combine the fact that it is unscented with the fact that it leaves no white residue on the clothes whatsoever, we pretty much have the perfect deodorant for girls. This being said, if you have a daughter who is sensible about her bodily odor, then Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls is the way to go.


– Highly effective
– Goes on clear
– Natural ingredients


– May cause a rash on children with sensitive skin
– No scent

PRIMAL PIT PASTE Deodorant Jar Orange Cream

PRIMAL PIT PASTE Deodorant Jar Orange CreamWe should start off by saying that Pit Paste for Kids is entirely hand-crafted using 100% natural, organic ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essential oils. Like you may have already figured out from the ‘natural’ label, Pit Paste for Kids is not an antiperspirant, although it features most of the properties of such a product, minus the aluminum poisoning.

Most people don’t realize that antiperspirants use parabens and aluminum compounds to prevent the body from sweating. By doing so, the body forcefully assimilates all the toxins it should otherwise push out. Even though Pit Paste for Kids has a nice oily scent when applied, it will soon disappear so that it won’t interfere with any perfume or cologne that might also be sprayed.

Scented with 100% organic essential oils, Pit Paste for Kids uses no chemical fragrance whatsoever. It also contains coconut oil, raw grade A shea butter, organic arrowroot powder, and non-aluminum baking soda. These ingredients are extremely beneficial for the overall health of your kids, although you should probably educate them on the benefits of a good personal hygiene.


– Easy to apply
– Long lasting effect
– Organic ingredients


– May leave a trace
– No real fragrance

Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant

Aimed at kids and tweens, this 1.86 fluid ounce deodorant is among the best deodorants for kids on the market. Designed for younger, sensitive skins, Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no alcohol whatsoever. Furthermore, this deodorant contains only natural ingredients which inhibit the growth of bacteria which causes body odor.

Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant does not mark or stain clothing, it is aesthetic, and it prevents body odor for 24 hours or more. This means that whomever uses it doesn’t need to carry it around them at all times, making it the ideal deodorant for kids who don’t want to stand out. Furthermore, Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant has no real age restriction, as it is being used by children as young as 7 years old.

Last but not least, children with sensitive skins are 100% safe when using Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant, as it contains no harmful substances whatsoever. Also, the deodorant itself can also be used in tandem with other skin care products, adding a nice smell to the equation. Speaking of smell, Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant features a subtle, yet pleasant smell that isn’t overwhelming like other deodorants aimed at kids.


– Long lasting effect
– Does not leave any marks
– Natural ingredients
– Strong scent


– Scent might be too strong for kids
– Comes in a strangely shaped bottle

Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys

There aren’t many children deodorants as safe and gentle as Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys. This entirely natural product can be used by people of any age actually, although it was designed for kids. It contains no dangerous chemicals whatsoever, which cannot be said about most deodorants on the market. Instead, Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys contains a natural antibacterial composition, preventing body odor throughout the day.

Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys has no real downside in terms of efficiency, with the only mention that it has to be reapplied after a few hours of intense physical activities. Other than that, this deodorant is known for its pleasant scent, an attribute most children long for. To some extent, the smell can be considered overwhelming by some, but then again, any kid will take that over body odor any day.

All things considered, Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys is perfect for young boys who live an active lifestyle thus sweating a lot throughout the day. Because it contains no aluminum chlorohydrate, no parabens, and no propylene glycol whatsoever, you should probably consider it before getting a potentially harmful ‘adult’ deodorant for your kids. Also, this deodorant goes on clear and leaves no marks on clothing regardless of how much of it you use.


– Goes on clear
– Pleasant scent
– Works great with sensitive skin


– Needs to be reapplied constantly
– Not for kids who swear a lot

What to look for when choosing a deodorant for kids:

Considering the fact that most adult deodorants contains harmful substances like aluminum chlorohydrate that have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, you should probably educate yourself on what the best deodorant for kids best fits the needs of your children before getting one.

You should also consider that some deodorants have been known to cause skin allergies, so make sure your kids aren’t allergic to deodorant or any other form of antiperspirants. Here are the ingredients to look after when buying a deodorant for your kids:

Witch hazel – Regular antiperspirants and deodorants may irritate your children’s skin, which is why you should always look for natural ingredients like witch hazel. This is basically a derivative from the bark and leaves of a shrub, and it behaves like an astrnigent for deodorants. Basically, it shrinks the pores in the armpit while helping the sweat that does come out to quickly evaporate.

Essential oils – While most deodorants use chemically-enhanced flavors to keep you smelling nice throughout the day, good deodorants for kids contain essential oils instead. These oils are extracted from plants, and are 100% natural. Furthermore, some of these oils have antibacterial properties that will fight odor before it spreads. You see, the awful smell of BO is a result of bacteria eating the sweat, which is why antibacterial are so useful in the long run.

Mineral salts – Some deodorants for kids will contain mineral salts, others might not. Although mineral salts aren’t a part of any deodorant for kids, the ones that contain mineral salts are much better at protecting the skin from bacteria by forming a temporary protective layer on the skin. You will most likely find mineral salts in solid crystal deodorants.

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