15 Best Deodorants for Men in 2021 – Reviews

Men sweat a lot, and in most cases, the excess sweat can lead to an unpleasant smell. Having a body odor is one of the most uncomfortable things. However, with proper grooming and hygiene, you can be sure of staying fresh and reducing the bad smell. Even if you shower twice daily, you may still sweat and maybe have a body odor. Here is where you need to wear a nice deodorant to keep you smelling fresh.

Luckily, some deodorants have been made with unique ingredients that help to control the excessive sweating. Such deodorants are great for men who sweat a lot. A good deodorant will give you a good smell and also boost your confidence level. If you are looking for the best deodorants for men to buy, here are some selections you should consider:

Best Men’s Deodorants – Reviews

Natural Deodorant for Men by Primal Pit Paste


This is a unique deodorant that comes in the form of a cream. You will have to smear it on your hands and apply with your fingers on the underarms. It is a great deodorant that is designed to get rid of the excessive sweating and leave you smelling fresh. The deodorant contains 100% natural ingredients that will not cause any harsh skin reaction.

Conversely, it doesn’t contain parabens, aluminum, or any other chemical compounds. Some of the natural ingredients include pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. The lavender scent will give you an appealing scent that lasts all day long.

Gillette Sports High Performance for Men


This deodorant by Gillette is one of the best on the market. It is a perfect choice for a man that needs a strong deodorant to eliminate the body odor while stopping excessive sweating. The deodorant contains 10,000 molecules that fight the unpleasant smell.

If you are an active man that engages in intense sports and workouts, this deodorant should serve you well. You can also apply it when you go to bed if you sweat a lot during sleep. It is clear, which means that it won’t leave any residue or marks on your clothing.

Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant by SweatBlock


This deodorant is another good choice for the men that sweat heavily. It is clinically tested, so you will be sure of a reliable deodorant that works effectively without exposing your skin to harsh reactions. The ingredients included means that you can stay dry and free of body odor for a maximum of seven days.

You will only apply it once, and it stays with you throughout the day without fading. This is one of the few deodorants that are FDA approved, so it is safe for any skin type.

White Label Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant by AXE


This deodorant comes with a blend of ginger, coconut, and citrus, which give it a sweet, irresistible scent. It is a great antiperspirant that is made with natural ingredients too. The deodorant works well at lessening the excessive sweating and also preventing the body odor. It is easy to apply and has an amazing performance in general.

It comes in a spray form, so all you need to do is simply spray it in the morning, and it will stay with you throughout the day. It dries quickly and will keep your underarms dry as well. You can trust this deodorant to keep you dry and smelling fresh even after an intense and tiresome day. The smell can last for 24 hours without fading. So yes, it is worth buying.

Baux Alcohol-Free Deodorant by L’Occitane


L’Occitane is known to deliver high-quality deodorants, and the Baux Stick Deodorant is one of their top performing products. This deodorant is free of aluminum, alcohol, and other harsh ingredients. Also, it has some ingredients that block the bacteria causing the body odor.

The deodorant will leave a refreshing sensation on your skin, which also keeps the underarms dry. The lack of harsh ingredients means that this deodorant is safe even for those with sensitive skin. Above all, it won’t leave any marks, streaks, or residue on your clothes.

Cedarwood + Juniper Deodorant Stick for Men by Schmidt’s Deodorant


This is one of the leading natural deodorants that is effective at killing the body odor and leaving a fresh, manly smell throughout the day. It contains some mineral-based ingredients, which aim at eliminating the unpleasant smell. On the other hand, the