Best Face Tanning Lamp

Best Face Tanning Lamp

Tanning at home is always convenient when you don't have the will or time to visit a salon. Be it with self-tanners or with the special tanning lamps, the indoor tanning process is always handy and enjoyable at home, and of course with a lot of budget-friendliness at hand.

Tanning lamps are the best equipment with which one can achieve soft, gorgeous tans or even dark and sultry ones - focusing on specific body parts as required by the user. They are easy to use and indeed, very customizable.

But before we go further ahead discussing and reviewing a bunch of some best face tanning lamps, let’s take a quick review of what tanning lamps are.

What is a Face Tanning Lamp?

Face tanning lamps are usually used in tanning beds during the process of indoor tanning. These lamps project artificial ultraviolet light and in turn, increase melanin production in upper or deeper layers of skin, temporarily darkening the skin tone.

There are two types of tanning lamps, Low-Pressure Tanning Lamps, and High-Pressure Tanning Lamps.

Low-Pressure Tanning Lamps are ideal to get long-lasting tans while High-Pressure Tanning Lamps are usually used for getting short-lived tans.

However, for facial skin that is sensitive comparatively, low-power tanning lamps are most suitable to use.

Here are reviews of some of the Best Face Tanning Lamps that give optimum tanning and red light therapy results to the skin, all in the comfort of your home.

1. Sperti Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp

Sperti Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp - Face and Body Sunlamp

Best Lamp for Facial Tanning

Featuring a powerful combination of 4 UV bulbs that expand usage hours to up to 1000 hours, the Sperti Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp is an excellent indoor tanner.

It is extremely practical and handy to use with its tabletop box-lamp body. Adjustable to every angle, the Sperti’s home tanning lamp allows for facial and sectional tanning with approximately 24 inches of coverage. It easily covers the head, face, neck, shoulders, and upper chest during facial tanning sessions.

Moreover, there is a timer featured in this lamp which makes it even more user-friendly. The ideal time for such a home tanning process ranges from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the desired tan intensity.

With Sperti Fiji home tanning lamps in frequent usage, one can maintain a natural glow all around the year with just the right tan base in effect.


  • Has a large size and a compact design
  • The design is adjustable
  • It allows for sectional tanning
  • Gives approximately 24 inches of coverage
  • Super easy to store
  • Up to 1000 usage hours with 4 UV bulbs
  • This Tanning Lamp is FDA Approved


  • It is slightly expensive

2.Body Red Light Devices in Deep Red

Body Red Light Devices in Deep Red (660nm) for Face Body Skin

Best Red Light Tanning Lamp for Full Body

This red-light tanning lamp by Anyork store is a multi-purpose home tanner. It's not just perfect for face and full body tanning but also practical for anti-aging and sleep therapy.

Featuring about 33 rough UV bulbs of 22 inches, this tanning lamp provides super UV light coverage for the face and body at the same time, also eliminating wrinkles and aging signs from the skin.

Furthermore, the tanning lamp also aids in relaxing and helping you sleep with its warm and therapeutic qualities.

The infrared light provided by this lamp stimulates blood circulation in the body, effectively relaxing muscles and reducing anxiety, therefore helping one to sleep more deeply. It also aids in muscle recovery, overcoming joint pain, and accelerating tissue healing.


  • Delivers high-quality red-light therapy
  • Offers full-body coverage
  • It is multipurpose
  • Light-weight, Foldable, and Easy to Carry
  • Provides a soft base tan
  • Aids in overcoming insomnia
  • Aids in treating stretch marks, wrinkles, and joint pain


  • It can cause inconvenience if a row of lights stops working

3.M260 UVB Rayminder Lamp

Best Face Tanning Lamp with Long timer

With probably the longest timer duration in the market, the M260 UVB Lamp by Rayminder can undoubtedly be used as a great tanning lamp as well as a health-nourishing lamp.

Its UVB light ranges from 295 nm to 312 nm performing the role of natural sunlight; and stimulating the production of collagen and Vitamin D in the human body.

Moreover, the M260 Rayminder lamp is super practical for treating psoriasis, aging signs, or other marks on the skin, providing great benefits to the user's overall immune system.


  • Comes with free UV protective glasses
  • Gives a light base tan
  • Has a long timer duration, for up to 60 minutes
  • Provides professional-grade tanning at home
  • Immunity Booster
  • Treats psoriasis, aging signs, and stretch marks


  • It may have a short life overall (resolvable/exchangeable if communicated with the company though)

4.Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp

Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp, Red Light Heat Device (Portable), for Muscle Pain and Pain Relief, for Cold Relief, Improves Blood Circulation, 300W, Safety-Features

Best Portable Face Tanning Lamp

Featuring an exclusive portable design and a body that is super convenient to use, store and carry around, the Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat lamp is an all-in-one package, serving as the ideal home tanning and a red light therapy lamp.

It features an adjustable small body whose flexibility allows the user to tilt or bend its angle to wherever heating is required. This makes it great for sectional and facial tanning.

Furthermore, the Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat lamp also has a fixed timer, allowing for 1-15 minutes of heating or tanning. Besides tanning, this small portable red light lamp is also great for improving blood circulation, boosting the immune system, and relieving all kinds of muscle pains. It also effectively improves cardiovascular health, treats inflammation, and promotes cell repair.


  • Sturdy and Durable
  • It has a small compact size, making it portable
  • Tiltable and Adjustable
  • Has a default timer setting of 15 minutes
  • Red Light Therapy; Relaxes, Relieves Pain, Improves Blood Circulation, and Boosts Immunity


  • Precautionary measures should be taken, as it can heat up quickly

5.Red Light Therapy Device

Red Light Therapy Device, Serfory Near Infrared Light Set Heat Lamp for Skin Care Muscle Body Pain Relief (2021 Upgraded)

Best Therapeutic Tanning Lamp

Serfory red light therapy device is a super-efficient tanning lamp that also delivers one-of-a-kind therapy. It boosts metabolism, promotes blood circulation, increases energy levels, combats wrinkles and cellulite, relieves pain in nearly all parts of the body, while enhancing immune function.

It has a very convenient lamp-like body design which allows for a lot of tilting and adjusting. It has a default timer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Serfory LED light therapy also provides a soft base tan and is very safe to use. It rejuvenates skin and is great for facial and body care. This device also comes with a 12-month warranty which makes it a great option in the market.


  • Sturdy and Compact body with an Attractive Design
  • Tiltable and Adjustable
  • Has a default timer setting of 15 minutes
  • Pleasantly Therapeutic; Boosts Metabolism; Helps overcome Wrinkles and Cellulite, Boosts Immunity, and Relieves Pain
  • It has a 12 Month Warranty and is quite affordable


  • Caution is advised. as it can heat quickly

How to Buy the Best Face Tanning Lamp

Using tanning lamps comes with caution and the right knowledge. Otherwise one can suffer vision impairment, skin burns, and other irreparable damages. And it all starts with buying the right face tanning lamp for your unique skin.

That is why one needs to understand what features are right to look for and which ones are to be avoided, when investing in a tanning lamp.

Besides tanning skin, these UVB light-emitting lamps are also great red light therapy lamps. This means relieving muscle pain, healing, overcoming wrinkles, lines, cellulite, etc, improving blood circulation, boosting immunity, relaxing, improving cardiovascular health, treating inflammation, promoting cell repair while rejuvenating the skin.

So evidently, a tanning lamp is super functional and multi-purpose. Following are those features that one should be mindful of when buying a tanning lamp to ensure the best results.


An ideal face tanning lamp should have the following design features.

One should always double-check the presence of mentioned features when buying a face tanning lamp to avoid inconvenience after the purchase.

Flexible Body: Since you’ll be tanning your face every now and then, you would need it to be a pleasant experience. Make sure that the tanner that you’re ordering has a flexible body and can be adjusted or tilted easily. Such flexibility also allows for sectional tanning.

Strength: This is obviously an important aspect after functionality. You should also read reviews from users regarding the product’s strength and its durability.

Size: The ideal size for your face tanning lamp should be small to medium-sized. Large-sized tanning lamps are good for full-body tanning whereas small and compact sized tanning lamps are practical for facial or sectional tanning.

Portability: Being foldable and of a compact size is ideal for a face tanning lamp, since it can be convenient to carry around while traveling.



A face tanning lamp should serve its purpose, and be durable. You should also look for three of the essential things your desired tanning lamp must be capable of:

The tanning lamp gives you the desired quality of tan in a safe way.

The tanning lamp combats aging signs, cellulite, and other marks on the skin.

The tanning lamp is therapeutic; it heals and relaxes.


High power tanning lamps can burn sensitive skin of facial areas. They get powerfully heated in just a few minutes and may cause sudden burns on the skin, causing deep damage to skin layers.

Therefore, face tanning lamps should always feature low-power face solarium tanning lamp types. This means lesser bulbs and suitable wavelengths for sensitive skin types.

Life and Warranty:

The face tanning lamps are not something in which you invest again and again. It should be a one-time quality investment.

Therefore, when you invest big, you make sure the product has got quality and long lifespan.

An ideal condition to buy a tanning lamp should be buying it with a 3 to 12 month warranty period. So that in case, if one or more bulbs stop working, (which happens a lot by the way), you can safely get an exchange and save your investment from going into the trash.

So many people complain that tanning lamps are a short-living product when in fact that is not the case. If one buys these lamps from a trustworthy and high-quality brand, most chances are that the user will get a 3-12 month-long warranty period and also great customer service to look up to when faced with serious faults in the product.


Having a default timer in the tanning lamp is necessary to avoid burning skin. Every tanner has its unique heating capacity, therefore the manufacturers recommend a relative user time limit. If one neglects this time limit mentioned in the user guide, one has more chances of burning skin and finding the product, a bad experience.

Now for facial tanning lamps, a lamp that is low power is ideal to use as we have discussed above. So a low-pressure heating lamp needs to have long-timers (since they heat up very slowly) otherwise it can be a hassle to keep restarting the lamp.

The Bottom Line

Tanning lamps are a great way to nourish as well as tan your body. They usually feature red light therapy light which is so beneficial for overall muscle and skin health.

However, one should use it with caution and buy a good home tanning lamp with the right features in mind, to reap the best results and avoid any inconvenience in the future.

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