Best Mascara for Asian Lashes

Long, luscious lashes accentuate your eyes, making them even more beautiful than usual. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the same type of lashes, which is mainly due to our genetics. Asians in particular have short, straight lashes that point down, due to the monolid shape of their eyes. This makes choosing a mascara a bit more difficult since they need one that can add volume, thickness, and curl all at the same time. If you’re having trouble choosing the best mascara for Asian lashes, don’t fret. There are several options available to give you the glorious lashes you want.

Mascara for Asian Lashes

To help you find the best mascara for Asian lashes, we’ve done some research, choosing the top products for these types of eyelashes.

  1   Covergirl Clump Crusher LashBlast Mascara



COVERGIRL - Clump Crusher by Lash Blast Mascara,...

This Covergirl mascara comes in a variety of colors, all of which include the fantastic vegan formula that doesn’t contain any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals or ingredients. As well as being safe for your eyelashes, this mascara is clump-proof, so it glides on smoothly.

The brush included with this mascara is double-sided with a gentle curve and straight bristles to fit the curve of your eye perfectly and reach every one of those little lashes. It distributes the mascara from the roots to the tips evenly, separating and volumizing them at the same time. It also has a great low price for those on a budget, proving that you don’t need expensive products to get perfect lashes.


  2   Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara



essence | Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara |...

Instead of spending a fortune on false eyelashes, you may want to try this mascara from Essence. Not only does it cost a fraction of the price, but it also gives you amazing volume and extra-long length without those nasty clumps. This is due to the tapered shape of the fiber mascara brush. It separates the lashes as it adds color and definition for a bold look.

This mascara is designed to last all day and works for all skin types and tones. It is made cruelty-free, so it hasn’t been tested on animals during its creation or manufacture. It is also free of parabens and gluten.

  3   The Balm Mad Lash Mascara


theBalm Mad Lash Voluminous Water-Resistant...

The Balm Mad Lash mascara has a great formula that is water-resistant and smudge-proof, so it lasts all day long, no matter what you’re dealing with. It is also cruelty-free, plus it doesn’t contain parabens or talc. This mascara has a rich black finish that frames your eyes perfectly, bringing out their natural beauty.

As well as the great formula, this mascara includes an injection molded wand that smooths the mascara evenly over the lashes, adding definition and volume to even the shortest ones. The curved end and short bristles catch every lash from end to end, leaving none of them out. As well as the regular size, there is a more portable travel size option available.

  4   Maybelline the Falsies Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara



Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Waterproof...

Maybelline has been in the cosmetic industry for decades, so they know how to make a great mascara. The Falsies Lash Lift is proof of this, with a fantastic formula for an all-day look that accentuates your eyes. This mascara is fiber-infused, so it grabs your lashes at the root, lifting them and thickening each lash as the brush glides over them. Your lashes are volumized with dramatic length, without the clumps and smears of other mascaras.

The brush has a double-curved design that helps with the lift that short Asian lashes need to create that longer, fuller look. The bristles separate the lashes as the mascara is applied, making sure every one is coated to perfection.

 5   Bestidy Twinkle Starlight Long Curl Mascara



Bestidy 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara,Natural...

If you prefer natural products to chemically-created ones, this Bestidy Long Curl mascara may be the one for you. It contains hypoallergenic ingredients, so it is safe and gentle on your sensitive eyes. It is also waterproof, so you don’t have to constantly reapply it throughout the day.

This mascara has a fantastic formula that works with a soft fiber brush to give you amazing volume and extra-long length. It only needs one coat, too, so you can use less of this mascara to create those thick, fanned lashes that Asian girls can rarely achieve without some extra help. The box and bottle are pretty as well, with a rainbow of sparkles that catch the eye.

  6   Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara


No products found.

Asian lashes need special care to achieve the length and curl of other lash types and no one knows this better than the people of this area. That’s why the Japanese brand Heroine Make is so popular, due to the high quality and safe ingredients used in this mascara, including camellia oil, argan oil, wild rose oil, and royal jelly extract. This mascara also contains Super Guard Polymer, which is unique to this brand and resists smudging and moisture of any kind for long-lasting wear.

Another ingredient worth mentioning is the Memory-Shape Polymer, which is designed to lock your curled lashes in place all day long. The lightweight fibers don’t weigh your lashes down, increasing length and volume with a glossy finish.

  7  Vivienne Sabo Paris Cabaret Premiere Mascara



Cabaret Lash-Lengthening Black Mascara, Perfectly...

Though it is made in France, the Cabaret Premiere mascara from Vivienne Sabo Paris is still a great option for Asian lashes. You only need one coat to give you the perfect amount of length to extend and curl those otherwise short lashes. It also fans them out and thickens them for more volume and definition.

This mascara formula is lightweight, so it doesn’t drag your lashes down and destroy your curl. Instead, it creates a natural look that is smudge-proof and long-lasting. It is easy to apply using the small brush that catches every lash for full separation and coverage. There are black or brown options, plus a handy primer is available if needed.


  8   Peripera Ink Long Lash Mascara



Peripera Ink Black Mascara, Lengthening, Thick,...

The Peripera Ink Long Lash mascara is designed to give you those luscious curled lashes that accentuate your eyes in the best possible way. It does this using a unique formula that combines a tight structure layer to coat the lashes with a powerful gel layer that locks them in place. The applicator also helps with this, using a slightly curved brush that grabs the lashes right at the eyelid to boost the volume and add length at the same time.

This mascara is waterproof for all-day wear with no smudging or smearing. It also doesn’t clump as you apply it for a smooth application and fantastic look.  There are also both Clear-Set Curling and Volume options available to meet all your lash needs.

  9   Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Mascara



TONYMOLY Panda's Dream Mascara, 02 Smudge Out

Tonymoly is the leading K-beauty brand around, so it’s no wonder it is so popular among Asian women looking to get the most defined and gorgeous lashes possible. Their Panda’s Dream mascara contains ultra-lightweight microfibers that lengthen your lashes farther than you could possibly imagine, plus add volume at the same time.

This mascara doesn’t smudge, even when wearing it all day long under the most sweaty and stressful conditions. It contains high-quality ingredients for the best formula possible, including bamboo extract, which soothes your lashes and the skin they are connected to while hydrating them for a healthier look and feel. The small wand includes an adorable panda head that any girl will love.


  10   Etude House Curl Fix Mascara



No products found.

The Etude House Curl Fix mascara comes in a bold, stylish tube with a black bottle and black and white striped wand handle. Of course, you don’t buy mascara for the bottle. That’s why this brand also added a fantastic formula and curling brush.

The mascara contains feather-light fibers to add length to your lashes, holding their curl for up to 24 hours. This formula is also waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof, so it stays put once it has dried. The C Curl Brush is designed specifically to grab your lashes, even the ones on the ends that other brushes miss. It curls them upwards as it applies the mascara for a more defined look.

Why Are Asian Lashes Different from Other Lashes?

Though you may think features like lashes are the same for everyone, some people have lashes that behave differently than others. This is due to the type of eyelids we have, namely monolids or double eyelids.

A monolid refers to the shape of the lid when it is open. This one creates no crease, which alters the way the eyelashes grow. Though they still grow at the same length and rate as other lashes, they typically point out or downwards. They are also shorter and straighter than other eyelashes, with little to no curl. Monolids are mainly features found on East Asian people, though they aren’t the only ones with this type of eyelid.

Double eyelids do create a crease, though the name is a bit deceiving since those with this eye type don’t actually have two lids. It refers to the way the lid overlaps to create that crease. The lashes grow out or up with a noticeable curl.

What to Look For in Mascara for Asian Lashes?

With such fussy lashes, it can be hard to find the right mascara to highlight their natural beauty. You need to look for a few specific features to make sure the mascara is doing its job instead of making your lash issues even worse.

The first thing to look at is the brush or wand used to apply the mascara. A huge one with long bristles won’t do a great job of grabbing those short lashes. Stick with a smaller brush with shorter bristles instead since these will be able to get to the root of every lash much more easily.

The brush should also be curved, making it easier to reach those little lashes on the sides and your bottom lid. You can turn it as you need it to get to every lash, plus it reaches more of the lashes on the edges of your eye than a straight brush will.

You may also want to check out the formula used for the mascara. Tubing or fiber mascaras are a good option since these don’t dissolve at the first drop of moisture, keeping them on your lashes all day long. These types of mascaras are also easy to wash off when the day is done with some simple eye makeup remover.

What Else Do You Need?

There are a few other items you may want to consider to curl your lashes and maintain their shape for longer. An eyelash curler can give you the gorgeous curl your lashes are lacking. An eyelash comb can separate your lashes to make it easier for the mascara to coat each one.

A mascara primer is another option. Though it isn’t necessary, the primer is used as a base coat to separate and smooth your lashes before you apply the mascara. If you choose to use the mascara primer, be sure to be quick with it and apply the mascara before the primer dries. This makes it easier to shape the lashes with the mascara before they harden in place.

A mascara shield may also be needed, depending on how careful you are with your mascara application. These handy little pieces protect your eyelid and brow area from mascara when you’re applying it to your lashes. If you find that you’re often touching the skin around your eye with the mascara brush, using the shield will prevent this for less cleanup when you’re done.


Though you may not realize it, not all lashes are created equal. Any Asians who have tried to get the curled, luscious lashes they see in magazines or movies know that this is no easy task. Rather than spending a ton of money on surgical treatments or false lashes, you may want to try out a simpler and cheaper option. The best mascara for Asian lashes can give you the curl, volume, and length you want to bring out the natural beauty of your lashes with less effort than you ever thought possible.












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