Best Men’s Deodorants For Sensitive Skin

Top 10 Best Men’s Deodorants For Sensitive Skin in 2022 – Reviews

Buying the best natural deodorant for men isn’t always easy. It isn’t easy because there are way too many products to choose from, however. No, the difficulty comes in there being too few deodorants for men with sensitive skin. And what complicates things further is that men’s deodorants which identity as being for sensitive skin, do in fact cause skin irritation. This can make the buying process a real pain.

Another thing that complicates the buying process is that deodorants made for sensitive skin don’t always offer the odor protection that a man needs. It was so difficult to find one of the deodorants, we decided to dig deep into the subject matter and find out which deodorants really were the best for men with sensitive skin. What did our research turn up? Well, check out the list below to find out.

1. Silvanapure Aluminum-Free Unscented Deodorant

Silvanapure Aluminum-Free Unscented Deodorant

Even though this deodorant isn’t specifically marketed as a men’s deodorant for sensitive skin, we’ve found that it fulfills all of the requirements to fit in this category. Its non-GMO formula contains natural ingredients and is completely free. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this deodorant include beeswax, corn starch, candelilla wax, arrowroot powder, and coconut oil.

And although it does contain sodium bicarbonate, which can irritate people with sensitives, it’s the aluminum-free formula that’s tolerated quite well by many men with sensitive skin. It may not be suitable for everyone, but for the men who can tolerate baking soda, it works quite well.

2. Schmidt's Baking Soda-Free Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's Baking Soda-Free Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant

Schmidt’s natural deodorant is marketed towards men with sensitive skin and as such, has an ingredients list that is better tolerated than the ones found on most other deodorants. It’s absolutely free of aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial fragrances, and phthalates. Well, what does it contain in its formulation? The ingredients that can be found in it include coconut oil, magnesium hydroxide, fractionated coconut oil, shea butter, Jojoba seed oil, arrowroot powder, candelilla was and a natural scent that’s very pleasant on the nose. And for added measure, it’s certified vegan and cruelty-free, too.

3. Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant

Over the last few years, Dove has not only expanded its women’s line of deodorants but have also expanded its men’s line, and this is one of the products they added to their collection. And for all intents and purposes, it’s a great product. Although it’s not marketed as a sensitive skin deodorant for men, it is one of the more gentler antiperspirants currently available. That’s probably because it’s manufactured with 1/4 moisturizers that help to protect the wearer’s skin, even as the antiperspirants and deodorants are working hard to keep the wearer’s odor and underarm wetness to an absolute minimum.

4. Mitchum for women Smart Solid Clinical Performance Powder

Mitchum for women Smart Solid Clinical Performance Powder

Mitchum Sensitive Skin Formula is specifically designed to be one of the few antiperspirants for men that not only controls wetness but does it gently. It’s been dermatologist tested to be gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. It goes on smoothly, contains vitamin E and aloe, and is alcohol-free for the wearer’s comfort. This product also glides on without leaving white marks on the wearer’s skin or clothing and helps to calm skin that’s prone to becoming irritated. And since it’s capable of providing up to 48-hours of odor protection.

5. nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

nasanta Magnesium Deodorant
nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

This deodorant is manufactured to exacting Australian quality standards and is free of many of the harmful chemicals and toxins that make people’s skin sensitive. This deodorant doesn’t contain ethyl alcohol, aluminum, gluten, GMO-ingredients, nanoparticles, palm oil, parabens, talc, triclosan, baking soda, propylene glycol or BPA.

It’s also unscented because many artificial fragrances can cause allergic reactions in men’s skin. The only ingredients that can be found in this product include water, magnesium hydroxide, glycerin, xanthan gum, Phenoxyethanol, and Caprylyl Glycol. It’s an easy-to-apply product that not only deodorizes but does it without causing skin irritation.

6. Fat And The Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

Fat And The Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

This deodorant comes in a form that may take a bit of getting used to for most people but is really formulated to be gentle on the wearer’s skin. It’s applied either using your fingers or an applicator and goes on smoothly to provide all-day odor protection.

This formulation is made with all-natural and organic ingredients that work well with most people’s skin. It’s a product that’s aluminum-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and doesn’t even contain baking soda. All of which makes this pit-paste a product that anyone with deodorant sensitivity issues is going to want to check it out.

7. Almay Clear Gel, Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

Almay Clear Gel, Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

Although this deodorant for sensitive skin isn’t manufactured specifically to be a male deodorant but is one that’s designed to be used by both men and women, we couldn’t ignore this product’s ability to be gentle on the skin. Manufactured using a fragrance-free formula, this deodorant is completely dermatologist and allergy tested to be hypoallergenic. But that isn’t the only remarkable feature of this product. It’s also a quick-drying formula that goes on smoothly and provides a full day of odor and wetness protection. If you want to stay dry and odor-free, without suffering from skin irritation, then this deodorant may be for you.

8. Super Natural Goods Deodorant Stick

Super Natural Goods Deodorant Stick

Men don’t have to choose between odor and wetness protection and remaining irritant-free, at least not with this deodorant. It goes on clear and provides a full day of odor protection without irritating the wearer’s skin. It’s formulated without toxins such as Chlorohydrate, zirconium, or aluminum. It’s also free of BPA, propylene glycol, triclosan, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, and other harmful ingredients. This deodorant is also never tested on animals, so it’s always cruelty-free. And since the product spent two years in product development before it was released to the public, men can rest assured that its formula is safe and effective.

9. Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Stick, Sensitive Shield

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Stick, Sensitive Shield

Dove Men+ Care Sensitive Shield is one of the few products made for sensitive skin that’s also an antiperspirant. Although it does contain Aluminum Zirconium, which isn’t always well-tolerated by everyone, the rest of its formulation is designed to be gentle on the skin. It’s capable of doing this because it uses moisturizers that help to soothe the skin as the antiperspirants work to prevent wetness. These moisturizers include Helianthus Annuus, otherwise known as sunflower seed oil, and hydrogenated castor oil. It’s a fine formulation that protects men’s underarm skin, while it provides them with 48-hours of wetness and odor protection.

10. MAGSOL Natural Deodorant

MAGSOL Natural Deodorant

Mag Sol is a deodorant company that knows for a deodorant to do its job of protecting sensitive skin it has to help reduce skin stress and nourish the skin at the same time. That’s probably why they formulated this deodorant to do both of these things. It’s a smooth gliding formula that’s proudly made in the USA and never contains any baking soda, aluminum, triclosan, paraben, phthalates or other harmful toxins. All that’s in it are natural ingredients that help to protect and soothe the skin. ingredients which include almond oil, magnesium oxide, beeswax, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Men’s Deodorants For Sensitive Skin Guide

A lot of us come up in a rash when using new products for the first time and those with sensitive skin, finding a men’s deodorant that is tailored towards your specific needs isn’t always easy. Some quality products are hitting the market now but they aren’t all made equal.

This is why we have created this men’s deodorant for sensitive skin guide. Not only will it let you know what you should look for in a quality product, but it can help you to avoid buying an expensive product that doesn’t work.

What To Look For In A Men’s Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

Natural Ingredients

Some brands manage to include only natural ingredients in their formula whilst others give you a majority of them. Anyone with particularly sensitive skin will want to stay as close to a full house as possible and the good news is, there are plenty of quality products that give you just that.

No Aluminum

A lot of the bigger brands are now bringing out men’s deodorants without aluminum. It is one of the most popular ingredients because it blocks the sweat glands and prevents odor. This isn’t without a price though as there has been a lot of research linking it with certain cancers. People with sensitive skin are going to want to avoid it.

No Alcohol Content

This is one of the big ingredients to avoid and any product that says it is fine for sensitive skin should not include it in the formula. This being said, there are still those that try to sneak it in so be sure to read the label or look for a trusted resource first. It might be good for killing bacteria but anyone with sensitive skin should look for a range of self-care products that avoid it.

It is also why younger men shouldn’t use certain deodorants as they make up a large portion of people with sensitive skin.

Harsh Chemicals

Another set of ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin. This covers pretty much anything with a name you cannot read or understand on the label but includes the likes of parabens, artificial fragrances and everything in between. A lot of people will get on fine with these ingredients on the outside, but you never know what they’re doing inside.


A men’s deodorant for sensitive skin is going to be great for masking odor and not causing reactions and irritations but you also want it to be able to stop you from sweating as much, which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Not only will this prevent the kind of stains that has everyone looking at you in the gym or otherwise, but it will make you a lot more comfortable in your day to day routine.


This is still important, even if finding a product that is kind on the skin is most important. Thankfully, most of the big brands have a range of sensitive skin deodorants for men, and with it, a range of scents. These can vary from the fresh types to sporty aromas and all should do a good job of keeping you odor-free.

For some people, a fragrance might be too much which is why a lot of people with sensitive skin preference a scentless deodorant.

What Type of Men’s Deodorant For Sensitive Skin Are There?

You can grab different types of deodorants in the sensitive skin range and some work better than others. Here are the most common.


After you’ve rubbed it up and down to a level you’re comfortable with, a stick or roll-on deodorant for sensitive skin shouldn’t leave white marks or any residue or clumps in the armpit. Find a product that doesn’t leave white stains on black clothes, or yellow on white as this is one of the side effects when using low-quality products.

Easy to apply and usually good value, it is one of the most common types.


Easily absorbed and most of the time, quick to dry, an aerosol deodorant is less subtle when in a public place so you might not be able to apply next to your desk. If you suffer from breathing difficulties such as asthma it might not be the best option for you but otherwise, it is less likely to leave stains.


A little less common and one that can sometimes need to be applied using your hand. Either way, it is not as quick to dry as the others above but they do last just as long most of the time. They’re not as strong in terms of scent so might not mask scents for anyone who plays a lot of sports.

How Long Does Deodorant For Sensitive Skin Last?

For most brands, a men’s deodorant for sensitive skin should offer you the same protection as the rest of their range. Expect it to offer you 24-hour protection and don’t settle for a lot less.

Some products will give you more but of course, this is a rough guide and might not include strenuous exercise.

What Is The Best Men’s Deodorant For Sensitive Skin?

The best is the one that does not cause a reaction and one that does not include harsh ingredients. For us, there was no getting past Mag Sol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant. It contains all-natural ingredients and the likes of beeswax, baking soda, and others to soothe skin rather than irritate.

Not to mention, it keeps you dry and smells great.

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