Best Nail Strengtheners Without Formaldehyde

Best Nail Strengtheners Without Formaldehyde

Nail strengthening goes a long way to nourish and reinforce our nails by providing them with the external care that they need when they get brittle. They enhance the outer plate of the nail, offering protection from premature breakage of the nails.

But, how did we get here?

Nails are just like our hair and the top layer of our skin—they’re made of Keratin. We know that our hair and skin get dry when our water intake is low, the same is to be expected of our nails. Lack of vitamins, specifically vitamins A, C, and E also contribute to the dehydration of our nails.

Getting frequent nail treatments or acrylic gel nails without intervals of at least a week can suffocate the nail and damage nail health.

Typically, what happens is that people don’t work on naturally improving their nail health by improving their diet, and want FAST results. Here’s when things get bad, people make the mistake of treating their nails by themselves and not consulting an expert first. Getting yourself a DIY isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but if one doesn’t know what to avoid, an expert’s opinion would be best!

The problem is that most nail strengtheners found in stores or most salons contain risky chemicals that can worsen this condition. A non-professional having a DIY nail strengthening treatment won’t know which products to avoid.

Below are some of the best nail strengtheners without Formaldehyde you can use for nourishing those lovely nails.

1.Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener, 45077 Clear, 1 Count

Top Brand Nail Strengthener Without Formaldehyde

Looking for a safe nail strengthener but don’t want to risk trying a lesser-known brand? Then this is the right nail strengthener for you. Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails nail strengthener is free from formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene. Guaranteeing 100% quality with safety.

Infused with natural pro-vitamin B5 and green tea extracts, Hard as Nails, fortifies and nutrifies your nails with an appealing glossy finish. It also prevents chipping, splitting, and cracking of nails and provides long-lasting protection. Giving the perks of both strength and shine.

Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails will surely aid in growing your nails flawlessly!


  • Can also be used as a strengthening base coat for your nail color
  • Dries quickly and evenly
  • Free of formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene—guaranteeing safe nail repair


  • Can chip off easily
  • Smells a bit strong

2.Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener, Nail Growth & Conditioning Cuticle Cream Stops Splits, Chips, Cracks & Strengthens Nails, 1 oz

Calcium Nail Strengthener Without Formaldehyde

If you’re seeking an extra-strong nail strengthener with safe ingredients then Onyx Professional’s Hard As Hoof is a premium choice for you.

This nail strengthener brims with a refreshing coconut scent and is enriched with vitamins A, C, D, and E, calcium, beeswax, and jojoba seed oil. Hard as Hoof supplies your nails with all the right vitamins and minerals, nourishing and pampering your nails, all while strengthening them!

This strengthening cream is free of formaldehyde or formalin, which makes it safe to use, and without any concern. Hard as Hoof strengthener prevents nails from bending or breaking and repairs weak and damaged nails.


  • Enriched with vitamins and fortifying calcium
  • Free of formaldehyde; safe nail repair and care
  • Natural and fresh coconut scent
  • Deep and thorough cuticle and nail moisturization


  • It can’t penetrate through gel polish

3.Karma Organic Deep Nutrition Nails Strengthener

Karma Organic Deep Nutrition Nails Strengthener Non-Toxic Nail Treatment Vegan Cruelty-Free

Best Organic Nail Strengthener without Formaldehyde

If going organic is on your list, then Karma’s non-toxic and vegan-friendly nail strengthener is the perfect choice. Its organic deep nutrition formula nourishes the weak and brittle nails and rejuvenates their health. Restoring their lovely and natural look.

This nail strengthener prevents chipping and cracking of nails and thoroughly hydrates, reducing fungus on and around the cuticle. It is also free of toxins and harsh ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and TPHP; making it a suitable choice for everyone, including cancer patients and allergic people.

Karma uses eco-friendly packaging with no plastic, glass bottles and soy-based ink is used; making it 100% recyclable. This nail strengthener is also cruelty-free and never tested on animals.


  • Deeply hydrates and nutrifies the nail and cuticle with its organic formula
  • Safe for pregnant women, kids of all ages, cancer patients, and allergic people
  • Prevents chipping, splitting, and cracking of nails
  • Does not have a harsh odor
  • Drys evenly and leaves a gorgeous shine


  • Not inexpensive, but worth it
  • Is not extra-strong and can peel off in a few days

4.Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender

Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender, After Manicure Quick Drying Top Coat, Protects Nails and Color From UV Radiation, Award Winning, High Gloss, Chip Resistant Top Coat, .5 Ounce

Best Strong Nail Strengthener Without Formaldehyde

This is the best nail strengthener for you if you want strong and guaranteed results. Barielle’s instant nail hardener was originally used to nourish and condition the hooves of million-dollar racehorses. Its formula was then reworked when shown how effective it was on human nails.

Barielle’s ultra-fast nail strengthening formula works efficiently on nails; nourishing their healthy and strong growth. While preventing breaks and splits, it also protects the nails from UV radiation.

On top of all this, Barielle’s miracle nail care solution is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and Dibutyl-Phthalate, and is enriched with Vitamin E; pampering, and improving the soft and weak nails.


  • Formaldehyde-free and Dibutyl-Phthalate free
  • Provides instant and long-lasting hardening
  • Multipurpose; can be used as a gloss, mixing with nail polish, and even as a base coat
  • Great for nails that play string instruments


  • A bit difficult to peel off

5.ella+mila "First Aid Kiss" | Nail Strengthener & Growth Treatment

ella+mila "First Aid Kiss" | Nail Strengthener & Growth Treatment | Stops Peeling, Cracking & Splitting | Repair Weak, Brittle, Thin & Damaged Nails | Contains Vitamin E

Best Vitamin E Nail Strengthener

Going formaldehyde-free when choosing a nail strengthener is a sound choice as it reduces the chances of long-term nail damage.

Strengthening and nourishing thoroughly, ella+milla’s First Aid Kiss will certainly give you one hundred percent results without the consequences of formaldehyde. The nourishing formula repairs weak and damaged nails with natural Vitamin E, and stops nail peeling and cracking.

The Vitamin E in this nail strengthener naturally enhances nail and skin health, preventing peeling, cracked, and yellowing nails, while deeply moisturizing them. Feel free to use First Aid Kiss every other day, with visible results in 1-2 weeks!

Another great thing about First Aid Kiss is it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free and certified by PETA.


  • Effectively repairs weak, thin, splitting, or peeling nails with Vitamin E
  • Free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and xylen
  • Feels silky soft and light on nails


  • Has a strong scent to it

Buying Guide - How to Choose the Best Nail Strengtheners Without Formaldehyde

There are only a few important things to look for when choosing a nail strengthener. Needless to say, safe and suitable ingredients should be the first on the checklist. The second being, the type of strengthener and how it reacts on your nail and cuticle.

Nail Strengtheners and Hardeners

One should also be conscious of the type of nail strengtheners, and the difference between nail strengtheners and hardeners, since they are often confused with each other. Though strengtheners have some qualities of hardeners and vice versa, they have different purposes.

A strengthener is used to nourish and improve the overall quality of the nails, making them tougher and flexible. The formula penetrates the nails, giving them toughness and flexibility. Strengtheners are used as a long-term remedy to gradually improve damaged nails, around 3-4 weeks. They strengthen the nail, through moisturization and hydration, repairing weak, brittle, thin, and damaged nails.

Nail hardeners on the contrary are used for a short-term or for immediate results. Most nail hardeners contain formaldehyde that strips the moisture out of your nails, resulting in harder nails. Though formaldehyde has widespread use in cosmetics and is safe to use occasionally, its frequent and long-term use can disturb the nail composition and make nails weaker. This is one reason why many users want to use a formaldehyde-free nail strengthener or hardener.


Formaldehyde-free nail strengtheners are safe options for effectively repairing damaged and weak nails, all while strengthening and hydrating them.

Usually, in formaldehyde-based nail strengtheners, two other troublesome ingredients also occur; toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), they are reported to cause birth defects and reproductive harm. So, it is best to avoid them.

Strengtheners that are free of formaldehyde, typically contain healthier ingredients like Vitamins A, C, E, and D, that significantly hydrate and fortify the nails. Natural fruit and nut extracts also occur in these safe strengtheners and are ideal for nail repair and care. Such natural ingredients will aid in preventive care of the nails and do the necessary repairs without any damage.

Types of nail strengthener

Commonly, Nail strengtheners are available in two types. Strengtheners that harden the nails and fortify them, the other being hydrators.

If the problem you are facing is damaged, weak or brittle nails, then hydrators would be the right choice. Though it takes them relatively longer to show results, they durably moisturize, hydrate, and strengthen nails.

Hardening strengtheners are used for soft, breakage-prone, or splitting nails, and work much faster than hydrators. Many gel formulations are available for this purpose and can strengthen nails that have been worn out from frequently using acrylic nails or working with bleach.

Getting a suitable nail strengthener

Another essential factor to consider before choosing the best nail strengtheners without formaldehyde is its reactivity with your nail and skin.

Most formaldehyde-free nail strengtheners are usually safe and won’t cause any unfavorable reaction. But just to be on the safe side, make sure to apply a small amount of strengthener or hydrator to check if it would suit you.

If it causes a reaction, like an irritating or burning sensation then you should definitely not use that nail formula as it can be harmful to your skin.

On avoiding Formaldehyde 

Formaldehyde causes the nails to become rigid and hardened, depriving the nails of their moisture. Though it serves the purpose initially, consistent use of formaldehyde-based nail strengtheners can make the nails brittle and weaker than before. It can also cause skin irritation, or further dry the nails out. Though not everyone can get a reaction to it, why take the risk?

Nail strengtheners with formaldehyde should only be temporarily used, or along with nourishing nail strengtheners. But it is best recommended that formaldehyde-based nail strengtheners be completely avoided.

The Bottom Line:

Nail repair with the right strengthening formulas is crucial and should be addressed as soon as you notice the problem. Even for just preventive nail care.

The chosen products can very well serve as the best nail strengtheners without formaldehyde and are carefully tailored to offer you durably strengthened nails with flexibility.

All listed products are formulated to aid in the safe and appropriate development of your nails and are absent of formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. Your nails will be thankful if you opt for a nail strengthener with safe chemicals and ingredients!

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