Best Pink Eyeshadow Palettes

Pink eyeshadows have long been popular amongst celebrities and fashionistas. Even today the pink palette is a child’s favorite, teenager’s friend, and a grown-up’s rescue. It’s perfect to wear in any season if you pick just the right shades and accessorize smartly. In short, pink eyeshadows are just timeless to rock!

There are flowery notes of pink, warm nudes to glitzy pinks to cater to your specific, seasonal lookbooks. So all you need to do is find the best pink eyeshadow palette to upgrade your style expression.

And for the ladies who are not-so-sure about pink and think that it would make them feel too-girly, funky or that sort of stuff… wait, no. There are super elegant shades of pink that can make your eyes appear sophisticated as well as arrestingly charming.

For example, think of nude pinks or pearly roses.

Here are the 5 prettiest pink eyeshadow palettes that are worth obsessing over. One just can’t get enough of them and yes, we are equally excited to review them below.

1.Modern Renaissance - Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Eyeshadow Palette - Modern Renaissance

Best under budget Pink Eyeshadow Palette

When you think of pretty eyeshadow colors, Anastasia Beverly Hills does come to your mind. Without a doubt, ABH has some really pretty makeup palettes and is unarguably spendworthy.

The Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia has a total of 14 shades, ranging from nude shades to neutral pinks and berry reds. These shades are available in matte and metallic textures featuring an easy-to-blend formula. The Modern Renaissance palette by ABH is also originally inspired by Renaissance art, its resins, and tones.


  • ABH Modern Renaissance palette features 14 high-quality eyeshadows with 1 satin, 11 matte, and 2 metallic textures, along with a versatile color range. The shades are intensely pigmented and have smooth bendability.
  • The palette creates varying eyeshadow looks. Modern Renaissance is specifically ideal to create subtle, elegant, and modern eye looks.
  • This ABH eyeshadow palette contains a dual-ended brush and a large mirror housed inside, which makes it convenient and travel-friendly.


  • 6 months shelf life.
  • ABH is a luxury makeup brand but the Modern Renaissance palette’s packaging doesn’t speak it.
  • A lot of eyeshadow goes to waste as a result of crumbling and fallout when the brush is swished on the surface.

2.e.l.f, Bite-Size Eyeshadows

e.l.f, Bite-Size Eyeshadows, Creamy, Blendable, Ultra-Pigmented, Easy to Apply, Rose Water, Matte & Shimmer, 0.12 Oz

Best Vegan Pink Eyeshadow Palette

A treat for ladies who love vegan beauty products and are extra conscious of the products being cruelty-free and the inclusion of toxic chemicals in cosmetic products. The e.l.f. is a professional makeup brand that is 100% safe and ethical.

It has a 4-pan eyeshadow palette with gorgeous rosy pink hues and it costs only $3. Imagine feeding your pink-eye craving with a quality brand, pretty hues, and varying textures in $3 instead of spending tens of dollars just to wear the right pink eye look.

 It sure is a pretty pink economical palette to try.


  • The E.l.f. 4-pan eyeshadow palette has ultra-pigmented shadows that are long-lasting. It contains textures that are a mix of matte and creamy-shimmer finishes.
  • The palette has a fine quality and is extremely cost-efficient.
  • The color combination in this palette can be used to create subtle as well as intense eyeshadow looks. The palette however is specifically ideal to use on slightly formal or fancier occasions.
  • The palette has really pretty shades of pinks. From warm tones to dark; it is a must-try!


  • Extra eyeshadow fallout.
  • Reaches pan fastly, less amount (Not too bad for $3).

3.Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette, 12 Versatile Rosy Neutral Shades for Every Day - Ultra-Blendable, Rich Colors with Velvety Texture - Set Includes Mirror & Double-Ended Makeup Brush

Best Pink Eyeshadow Palette For Night Makeup

Urban Decay brings value to the table. Its rose-hued palette is a versatile set of pink eyeshadows with 12 different hues and textures. Although the palette is pricey it is totally worth it.

Flashing textures of smooth mattes, shining pearls, and glimmering metallics, this eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay is universally loved by every skin tone. The eyeshadows here are intensely pigmented and are effortless to wear and blend on skin.

 It also includes a double-ended eyeshadow brush and a mirror, making the palette just right to carry around.


  • The palette has intensely pigmented eyeshadows and causes minimal fallout. It features eyeshadows of high quality that are blendable, buildable, long-lasting, and crease-free.
  • The themes of the palette are feminine, delicate, and romantic. The rose-hued neutrals in this palette are suitable for all skin types and practical for both day and night looks.
  • It features a long-wearing formula that stays well on the skin and feels super light.
  • The palette contains a double-ended eyeshadow brush and a mirror.
  • All eyeshadows are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.


  • Urban Decay rose eyeshadow palette is pricey compared to other high-end brands.
  • This palette creates a limited range of eyeshadow looks

4.Physicians Formula Rosé All Play Eyeshadow Bouquet Palette

Physicians Formula Rosé All Play Eyeshadow Bouquet Palette, Rose, 0.48 Ounce, Pink

Best Pink Eyeshadow Palette for All Skin Tones

The Physicians Formula is an affordable cosmetics brand and their product line is usually very cost-efficient. Similarly, the Rose All Play Eyeshadow Bouquet Palette is one of their best pink eyeshadow palettes that one can buy.

The palette has 12 gorgeous hues of pink molded beautifully in pressed bouquet patterns. There are warm nudes to intense rose pink colors which you can use to create modest as well as super glam eye looks. The Rose All Play palette has 7 eyeshadows in smooth matte texture, 4 pans in pearl-shimmering texture, and 1 in glittering stardust texture.

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented here with just the right amount of bendability.


  • Physicians Formula Rose All Play Eyeshadow Palette is really affordable and cost-efficient. It has neutral, warm, and cool tones of roses which makes the palette practical for all skin tones. It’s pretty much one of the best buys under budget (if you like their pink color story).
  • This eyeshadow palette is ideal to create evening eye looks. They have a soft and creamy matte feel on the skin.
  • It has no noticeable scent.
  • The eyeshadows are highly pigmented.


  • The matte eyeshadows create a lot of fallout and pearl shimmering ones need to be applied with a damp brush.
  • The eyeshadow amount in pans is slightly lesser than other palettes.

5.CLIO Pro Layering Eye Palette

CLIO Pro Eye Shadow Palette | Matte, Shimmer, Glitter, Pearls, Highly Pigments, Long-Wearing | Simply Pink (#01)

Best Korean Pink Eyeshadow Palette

If you are into South Korean cosmetics and skincare, the Clio Pro Layering eyeshadow palette in the Simply Pink theme will give you a reason to indulge further. Because of the palette’s gorgeous textures, of course!

The CLIO Pro Eye palette has 10 lovely shades of pink in 4 textures, i.e. matte, shimmer, glitter, and crystal glitter. The textures are seamless, deep, moist, and dazzling. Moreover, they are soft to touch and are fairly blendable on the skin.

This palette contains a double-ended brush and compact eye mirror. But what makes it different is its double-ended brush featuring flat hairs on one side that are optimal for entire eyelids and wider areas and pointy hairs on the other side that are optimal for fine areas and eye-line blending.


  • The palette has elegant textures and several beautiful hues of warm pink. The color story of this palette is a classic.
  • The Rose All Play palette is travel-friendly. It contains a compact mirror and a double-ended brush that is unique and super optimal.
  • The palette is affordable and is not pricey at all.
  • The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and vibrant. The finished look on the skin is seamless and elegant.


  • Eyeshadows are fragile and create a lot of fallout.

6.Maybelline The City Kits All-in-One Eye & Cheek Palette

Maybelline The City Kits All-in-One Eye & Cheek Palette, Pink Edge, 0.42 oz.

Best all in one Pink Palette

If you want to create pink eyeshadow looks that are elegant and chic at the same time, the Maybelline City Kits All-in-One Pink Edge palette can be a suitable buy.

Inspired by urban chic, this palette contains bold matte and holographic eyeshadow textures that are applicable for both eyes and cheeks. It has a total of 10 pans, i.e. 8 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, and 1 blush.

Maybelline City Kits Pink Edge palette has a modest price tag and quality. However, its all-in-one feature makes it unique and worth trying.


  • The palette is practical for creating matte and holographic eyeshadow and blush looks.
  • It has a pretty modest cost.
  • The palette is travel-friendly due to its compact size and all-in-one feature.
  • Eyeshadows in this palette are fairly pigmented, buildable, long-wearing, and blendable on the skin.
  • The color story in the Maybelline City Kits Pink Edge palette has hues of pink that compliment each other.


  • Only limited eyeshadow looks can be created using this palette.
  • The shimmering eyeshadows do not stay on the lid as seamlessly as matte ones.

Buying Guide - Things to Consider When Buying Pink Eyeshadow Palettes

One of the first things that people notice are eyes. And if you are into makeup, eye looks must be a big deal for you.

When choosing to create pink eyeshadow looks, one has to keep a versatile and optimal palette that has certain features.

Versatile Color Story:

If you buy a palette whose central theme revolves around a certain color, the palette will inevitably create only limited eye looks. So the more versatile the color story you can get in a pink eyeshadow palette, the better it will work in your favor.

Cost Efficiency:

Unless you want to spend your wealth stocking up makeup kits, the best you can do is to stay minimal and cost-efficient.

If you buy one good palette that has a versatile color story, varying textures, and high-quality formula then you may not need to try a pool of eyeshadow kits or chase ten kits to collect hues of pink with just the right texture and feel. Instead, one right palette may suffice you well.

So always weigh cost efficiency before you buy a specifically themed eyeshadow palette.


While pearl glam, chunky glitz, and shimmers are absolutely gorgeous, it is important to realize that such textures cannot be worn every day.

Although your pink palette should contain 5-6 textured pans, your basic eyeshadow pans should come in the matte form to make them convenient for everyday use.

Staying Power and Fallout

Many good eyeshadows create a lot of fallout which not only wastes the palette but also creates unnecessary mess during application.

So it is important that your eyeshadow palette has good staying power and creates minimal fallout. These are the important features you need to make sure of when purchasing a makeup palette.

For this purpose, either one can test samples if available or read customer reviews online.


Treating yourself with a lovely pink eyeshadow palette isn’t as difficult if you know which features to look for and which ones to avoid. There is a vast variety of gorgeous pink eyeshadows and you really don’t need all of them, go for the ones that suit your mood or preference, stick to it, and don’t hesitate to experiment with it.

Look for reviews of the eyeshadows that grab your attention and read buying guides before purchasing them. Even if the price is low and most of the reviews are negative, don’t give a second thought about buying them. The same goes with popular brands too, trust reviews that are given by common users.

Always keep your skin type, skin tone, allergies, budget, and ethical values in mind. And without exception, research and compare products to get the perfect one.

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