Best Polygel Nail Kits

Sure, we’ve all had our experiments with regular nail polish, and some women have found their passion in acrylic nails. Yet, trying your luck with polygel nails can take the appearance of your hands to a whole new level.

Because polygel is usually easier to apply and less stiff than acrylic, it’s become widely popular over the years. So, are you ready to know more about these nail extensions?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best polygel nail kits on the market.

Let’s dive in!

Our Favorite 7 Polygel Nail Kits in 2021

Polygel nail kits are available in a huge variety of colors and prices. Better yet, the manufacturers of these kits are constantly improving the quality of their formulas to match everyone’s needs.

However, buying the right kit could take a lot of search on your part. But no worries, you should find the perfect one after checking out the following products.

1. Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit With 48W Lamp

Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit - 6 Colors with 48W Nail Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestones Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure Beginner Starter Kit DIY at Home

The first option on our list has many positive reviews on Amazon, so, naturally, it had our immediate attention. Now, what makes the Modelones nail kit worth buying?

First off, we adore the color choices that this kit involves. Here, you’ll find trendy nude shades, neutral colors that match almost every taste, and clear paint that can serve as a top coat.

Second off, the kit includes every tool you might need for an easy and quick application. You’ll have a brush, spatula, nail file, buffer, cutter, tweezer, and more. Plus, the kit offers you sparkly gems and nail glitter to help you achieve that glam look.

Let’s not forget the 48-watt lamp that will harden your extension nails quickly and easily. It comes with three timer settings, a smart sensor, and even a digital time display. Pretty convenient, right?

Sure, this kit is pretty pricey compared to other options out there. Still, a lot of users thought that it had great value for the price. 

  • Features 6 stylish color options
  • Easy to use and apply using the included instruction manual
  • Comes with all the accessories and tools you could need
  • 48-watt LED light ensures fast hardening

2. Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit

Gershion Red Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ML Extension Nail Builder Gel Nude Nature Colors With Slip Solution Starter Kit for Beginner Nail Manicure Kit S-15

If you’re on a tighter budget but still looking for a high-quality nail kit, you may want to take a look at this Gershion product. Same as the previous one, it has thousands of good reviews on Amazon. So, let’s see what makes it special.

This amazing kit offers you everything you might need for seamless and effortless application. Even though it doesn’t come with a UV or LED lamp, we still believe it’s worth trying.

The Gershion kit includes six different colors, but they’re all beautiful and a must-have for everyone. You’ll get fashionable nude hues, daring red, and pretty pink shades to give your nails a delicate appearance. The final finish is glossy, which many women still prefer over matte.

Once you're done applying the extension nails, you’ll only have to expose them to 30-60 seconds of the LED light. If you’re using a UV lamp, make sure to use it for two minutes.

At such a decent price and an admirable quality, there’s no wonder why the Gershion kit is so popular. Better yet, with enough care, the makers of this kit promise that the results could last for an entire month!

  • Includes all the necessary tools and accessories for a salon-like experience
  • Has 6 color options ranging from bold to gentle colors
  • Provides your nails with a glamorous glossy finish
  • The extension nails are easy to remove by filing the gel down then buffering it
  • Moderately-priced

3. Modelones 2-Piece Poly Nail Gel Kit

Poly Nail Gel Kit, 2PCS Nail Extension Gel kit Enhancement Builder Gel with Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestone Glitter Nail Manicure All-in-one Kit French Nail Art Design Beginner Kit

For beginners, we highly suggest they try this polygel kit first before going for more professional ones. This kit, also by Modelones, includes basic tools to help you kickstart your journey without having you spend too much.

You’ll get two color options here, which are clear and light pink. Plus, you’ll have a lot of handy tools at your disposal such as a mini curing lamp, 60 pieces of straight and curved dual forms, shaping tools, and more.

With the help of the user’s manual, you should master the art of making perfect extension nails in almost no time. And, once you apply them correctly, you can expect your new, shiny nails to last for two to three weeks. Quite impressive, right?

  • One of the best polygel kits for beginners
  • Offers two nail colors to help you start your nail-shaping journey
  • Comes with a handful of tools to make your work easier
  • Includes a mini lamp
  • Budget-friendly price

4. Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit, Pink Gel Nail Kit Builder Extension Gel Set with Mini Nail Lamp and Slip Solution, Pink & Bling Clear Jelly Pink Poly Extension Gel Colors All-in-one French Kit

Pink lovers will most likely love to have this kit for its looks alone! The Markartt polygel kit can be the perfect gift for a Legally Blonde fan, and not only for its pretty appearance.

The kit comes with six beautiful colors to restore your nails’ glory. Five of these hues are shades of pink, ranging from hot and daring to simple and delicate. So, it doesn’t matter which one of your personalities takes the lead today. You should find the right hue to match your mood.

The sixth color is clear paint, which is suitable for everyday use.

Besides the cute color options, the kit involves everything else you might need to apply your nail extension. From shaping tools to top and base coats, to a slip solution that can prevent mistakes, this kit can be another wonderful choice for a beginner.

We also like the smooth texture of the gel, so it should glide seamlessly on your nails. Not to mention that this makes shaping your nails a lot easier than stiff acrylics.

However, there are some drawbacks to this kit that you should keep in mind. For instance, it’s one of the priciest options on the market.

Also, it includes a mini USB curing lamp, which works fine but only handles one nail at a time. It’s not a deal-breaker, though, but a bit inconvenient all the same.

  • A beginner-friendly choice that includes useful tools for easy application
  • Comes with an informative user’s guide
  • Smooth formula consistency to help you shape your nails effortlessly
  • Available with 6 color options, including 5 different shades of pink
  • Beautifully designed components are perfect as a cute gift

5. Beetles Poly Extension Gel Kit

Beetles Poly Extension Gel Kit for Builder Gel Nail Gel Nail Art Design Nail Extension Gel Nail Salon All-in-One French Kit Easy DIY at Home

We’re back for another affordable and beginner-friendly product that you might find a liking to. This kit by Beetles has many cool features to offer you.

First of all, it includes white, clear, and two shades of pink nail colors to match the majority of tastes. So, if you’re opting for an elegant, yet practical look, these hues could be perfect for this purpose.

Second of all, the kit has all the tools necessary for shaping and taking care of your extension nails. However, there isn’t a UV/LED lamp, so you’ll have to spend some extra cash to buy it separately.

Sure, even such a basic kit requires some practice on your part. But, once you learn how to apply polygel nails correctly, they could last with you for a whole month. For someone with a busy schedule, having pretty nails for weeks can be a life-saver!

According to many users, this polygel kit was easy to apply, had the right consistency, and was worth every penny.

  • Available with four different nail colors
  • Easy to use and master in a few tries
  • Comes with all the necessary tools for perfect nails each time
  • Budget-friendly

6. Morovan Poly Gel Nail Kit

Morovan Poly Gel Nail Kit Builder Gel for Nails with 48W LED UV Nail Lamp Nail Extension Gel 8 Pcs 0.5oz with Slip Solution Nail Prep Dehydrator and Nail Primer Poly Nail Gel Kit Nail Art Supplies

Here’s one of our favorite premium polygel kits on the market. Even though it’s a tad pricey, it’s still money-saving compared to going to the salon once or twice a month. So, why do people like the Morovan kit so much?

Well, this amazing kit has eight color options that you’ll probably fall in love with. You’ll get pink, nude, milk, white, brown, plus two adorable ombre colors. It’s nice to have all these options within reach, right?

Not just that, the Morovan kit is complete with everything you could need to give your nails a new look. You’ll get a primer, top coat, base coat, a 48-watt LED lamp, nail art tools, and more. So, you shouldn’t worry about spending more cash on accessories or equipment.

Lastly, we love that the kit includes a slip solution, which should make shaping the nails easier.

With its top-quality formula, pleasant colors, and a huge array of nail-care tools, we can see why this kit is a favorite of many.

  • The easy-to-apply formula is great for beginners and professionals alike
  • Features 8 beautiful colors
  • Includes a 48-watt curing lamp
  • Comes with a complete set of tools
  • Available with a slip solution for more flexibility

7. WuBeFine Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

WuBeFine Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit,30g Nail Extension Gel with 48W Nail Lamp Slip Solution Nail Strengthener Rhinestone Glitter All-In-One Mixed Nail Enhancement Starter Gel Builder

This is another polygel kit that a lot of users recommend for its decent price, great quality, and ease of use. The WuBeFine extension nails can last for weeks if you follow the instructions, and this fact alone has earned it many loyal fans.

The kit includes three basic colors to get you started on the nail art journey. These shades are white, clear, and light pink. Also, if you wish for more variety, you could always grab your favorite nail polish and paint over the existing extension color.

In addition to that, the kit comes with a slip solution, top and base coats, and a nail strengthener. What’s also admirable about it is that it offers you a variety of rhinestones and glitter colors to make your nails shine.

As for everyone’s favorite thing about this kit, it was the detailed instructions that came with it. The directions are a piece of cake to follow, and they could help you become an expert in no time.

  • A good choice for both beginners and experienced people
  • Includes basic nail art tools and accessories
  • Available in 3 color options
  • Features a 48-watt nail lamp
  • Mid-range price

Why Polygel Nails Might Be Your Best Extension Option

Just like acrylic, you can apply polygel to your nails to achieve a flawless manicure look in no time. This may be especially helpful if you’re getting ready for an important event, like a wedding, and your nails aren’t in their best shape.

But what makes polygel nails better than acrylics or good old gel?

1.Take Longer to Harden

One of the most remarkable things about polygels is that they tend to take more time than acrylics to harden. While some might think it could be time-consuming, we believe this is a plus point.

See, if your artificial nails get stiff fast, you’ll have little time to shape them. So, this could be a challenge if you’re still a beginner at shaping nails.

You won’t have to worry about that with polygels, though. Here, you’ll get plenty of time to form your nails because polygels only harden once you expose them to LED or UV light.

However, unlike regular gel nails, the LED light that you expose your polygel nails to is harmless.

2.Just-Right Consistency

Another great feature of polygels is that they aren’t too runny like typical gel nails, but they have a stiffer consistency. This can be an advantage when trying to shape them, too, since they aren’t too hard or too watery.

Plus, because they’re more flexible than acrylics, they can last longer before starting to chip off.

3.No Unwanted Smells or Toxic Ingredients

If you’ve ever gotten acrylic nails, then you’re probably familiar with the chemical smell that accompanies the process. This happens because acrylics usually include harsh substances that can do damage to your original nails.

This doesn’t happen with polygels, where you should only experience pleasant scents while applying them. Even the formula of polygels itself has far less toxic ingredients than that of acrylics nails.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Polygel Nail Kit

With so many awesome products that have hundreds of positive reviews, finding the perfect fit can be a bit tricky for you. So, how to make sure that you’re buying the right product?

Easy. All you’ll have to do is think about the following points carefully, then the answer should present itself when you’re done.

Color Options

Let’s face it. The most important reason why you’re buying a polygel kit is to bless your nails with new, fresh colors to match your mood, outfit color scheme, etc. 

So, the color options that come with each kit should be the first thing you should think about before ordering it.

Most kits are available with colors that follow a certain theme. For instance, some can offer you shades of nude, others focus on pink hues, while other products have neon colors.

If you’re a beginner at applying polygel, we advise you to start with a kit that has two or three basic colors. Then, once you’ve become better at shaping your nails, you could go for bolder shades with more confidence.


It’s always a huge plus if the kit you’re buying includes a curing lamp. As you know, polygels rely completely on a UV/LED lamp to harden and dry. So, if the kit doesn’t include one, you’ll have to buy a separate lamp, which can mean trouble.

See, getting a curing lamp on its own might not be easy because you won’t be able to tell if it matches the formula of your polygels. You may end up getting a too weak or too strong lamp, which could damage your extension nails.

Additional Accessories and Tools

Of course, all polygel kits include the basic tools to help you shape your nails to perfection. Yet, some kits have more accessories than others, saving you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Sure, all-in-one kits are usually more expensive than others, but we think it’s worth it.

Also, if you're planning to approach nail art, it may be a good decision to invest in a complete kit. It will mostly include rhinestones, glitter, and various nail forms to give your nails a glamorous makeover.

Your Budget

Last, but surely not least, your budget is a crucial factor you should keep in mind before buying a polygel kit. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of choices on the market to match each budget size. Still, the more you’ll pay for a polygel kit, the better quality and more features you should get.

For instance, budget-friendly kits usually include only two or three color options. Plus, they tend to include only a few tools to shape your nails. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, not for beginners who want to start small without spending a large sum of money.

A mid-tier kit should be great for a more experienced person. This kit will mostly include four to six color options, more nail-care products, and maybe a curing lamp.

Finally, if you have a large budget, you could invest in a high-end kit that has everything. From up to eight colors, to every tool you might need, this kit is favored by experts.

Once you find the right balance between your needs and your budget, you’ll be able to make up your mind about the perfect polygel kit.


How do you take off polygel nails?

Polygel nails are effortless to remove as long as you stick to the directions provided by the manufacturer. It all narrows down to one of two ways.

The first method depends on filing off your extension nails, and it’s more common. The other way is to soak your nails in acetone for a certain amount of time until they come off.

Can I use nail polish on my polygel nails?

Yes. You can apply any color of nail polish to your nail extensions. However, most people prefer to stick to gel nail colors because they’re sturdier. So, they last much longer than normal nail polish.

What else can I use instead of a slip solution?

You could use alcohol or acetone if your kit doesn’t include a slip solution. 

Just make sure that the alcohol solution has a lower alcohol percentage not to cause damage to your nails. Also, pay attention that the acetone you’re using is made especially for nails.

How long can polygel nails last?

Polygel nails tend to have a lifetime of two weeks to a whole month if you apply them properly. Plus, their lifespan relies on the quality of the formula, the condition of your nails, etc.

To Wrap It Up

Getting the best polygel nail kit might require some thinking and planning to make sure it suits your needs. But, after going through our guide, we’re pretty certain you have your answer by now.

Wondering what our top pick is? It’s the Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit.

This kit includes many pretty colors that we love. Plus, its accessories and tools are easy to use for both beginners and experts. Don’t forget that it includes a curing lamp, which will save you from having to shop for one separately.

If you’re on a tighter budget, we suggest that you try the Beetles Poly Extension Gel Kit instead. Its reasonable price makes it a good choice for people who are still new to polygel nails. Also, it comes with four cute colors, useful nail-care tools, and more.

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