Best Tom’s of Maine Deodorants in 2021 – Reviews

Tom’s of Maine is a popular brand that is known to produce high-quality personal hygiene products. The brand has delivered top-performing deodorants for over 40 years now. Most of the Tom’s of Maine deodorants are made with natural ingredients to offer sweat and odor protection without causing skin irritation or itchiness. The brand is one of the most charitable personal hygiene brands. They give 10% of their profits to multiple nonprofit organizations in the community.

Also they deliver deodorants for both men and women, and some of their unscented selections are unisex. If you want to try the Tom’s of Maine deodorants, here are some options give a shot.

Best Tom’s of Maine Deodorants

Woodspice Natural Care Deodorant Solid


One of the top features of this deodorant is the signature Woodspice smell. The Woodspice scent gives the deodorant an appealing smell that will stay with you all day long. Conversely, it doesn’t contain artificial fragrance or other harsh ingredients like parabens or aluminum.

The deodorant has been clinically proven to last for 24 hours without losing its effectiveness. You can wear it to work, over the weekend, or even if you are going on a trip.

Unscented Natural Deodorant Stick


This Tom’s of Maine Unscented Natural Deodorant is one of the best choices for anyone with sensitive skin. It is unscented, which makes it unisex. Even though it doesn’t contain any specific smell, this deodorant will keep you fresh throughout the day.

It has some ingredients like sodium stearate, sunflower seed oil, hops cone extract, ascorbic acid, and Aloe Vera leaf juice. For that, it will not only protect you from the unpleasant odor, but it also keeps your skin smooth and perfectly moisturized.

Deep Forest Long-Lasting Men’s Deodorant


This deodorant has been clinically proven to offer a 24-hour odor protection. It keeps you clean and fresh all along the day, and also leave you with a deep woodsy smell. It doesn’t contain the harsh ingredients like preservatives, artificial fragrances, aluminum, or talc.

Conversely, the deodorant has been made with natural ingredients like zinc, which is well known to trap the unpleasant smell. You can wear this deodorant to work, or even when going on a romantic date.

Fresh Meadow Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick


This is one of the best natural antiperspirant from Tom’s of Maine. The deodorant has been made with healthy aluminum chlorohydrate that protects you from excessive sweating. You don’t have to worry about having wet armpits, even when you are stressed or anxious – this deodorant performs perfectly.

It has a formula that naturally absorbs the excess sweat while preventing harsh skin reactions. However, it may not qualify to be used by people with hypersensitive skin. Nevertheless, this deodorant can perfectly keep you dry and fresh all along the day without the need for reapplying it.

Lavender Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick


This deodorant is made to fight odor naturally. It contains zinc ricinoleate, which is a potent ingredient that traps and absorbs the odor molecules from skin bacteria. Here, it will suck up the unpleasant smell, and it is well blended with the natural lavender scent.

This deodorant is more suitable for the ladies due to the lavender smell. It doesn’t contain animal or artificial ingredients that may cause a harsh reaction to your skin. You can enjoy a long-lasting fragrance when you have this deodorant.

Mountain Spring 24-Hour Men’s Long-Lasting Deodorant


This Tom’s of Maine Mountain Spring Men’s Deodorant has a blend of organic ingredients like Aloe Vera leaf juice, hops extracts, ascorbic acid, sunflower seed oil, water, and some natural fragrances. The hops extract helps to fight the unpleasant odor, while the deodorant leaves you with a refreshing scent that lasts throughout the day.

You can wear it to work, or even on a day out. The deodorant contains some natural ingredients, but may not be 100% suitable for you if you have hypersensitive skin.

Unscented Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant Stick


This deodorant is fragrance-free, and it will assure you of a day-long protection against sweat and odor. It has some natural ingredients that will eliminate the bad smell naturally. Conversely, the deodorant doesn’t contain preservatives, parabens, aluminum, or other harsh chemical compounds.

It contains some hops extract that will eliminate the odor to keep you fresh and clean all along the day. You will not experience the harsh side effects of aluminum when you apply this deodorant.

Fragrance-Free Natural Confidence Deodorant Roll-On


If you want to experience a natural odor and sweat protection from a hypoallergenic deodorant, this should be the right choice for you. The deodorant comes with organic ingredients like zinc citrate and potassium alum mineral salts. These two ingredients work together to eliminate the odor-causing bacteria and also keep you clean and fresh.

It has been clinically tested to get rid of the odor for 24 hours. For that, you can apply the deodorant in the morning and remain fresh in the evening. You can also wear it as you go to sleep just to avoid waking up with an unpleasant smell. It will go clear on your skin to ensure that there are no residues and stains on your clothes.

Apricot Natural Deodorant Stick


The Tom’s of Maine Apricot Natural Deodorant Stick is one of the best that comes with a super-appealing scent. It is aluminum-free, talc-free, paraben-free, and doesn’t contain other artificial fragrances. The deodorant is clinically proven to offer a 24-hour protection against the unpleasant odor.

You can wear the deodorant to work and get back home with the same fresh apricot scent. Furthermore, it is Halal and Kosher Certified – so this deodorant will keep you clean and fresh and also prevent the harsh skin reactions.

Honeysuckle Rose Natural Deodorant


This deodorant is natural and aluminum-free. It contains some hops that get rid of the body odor. Also, it is clinically proven to offer a 24-hour protection without losing its effectiveness. The deodorant doesn’t contain parabens, preservatives or other artificial fragrance.

However, it does come with a sweet smelling scent from honeysuckle rose. The smell is lady-like, which makes this deodorant ideal for women. You will enjoy a day-long protection from the unpleasant smell while it leaves you with a fruity and flowery scent.

Still on the fence? Here are some recommendations from Amazon:

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant Buyer’s Guide

One of the most prominent and well-known names on the shelf, Tom’s of Maine offers some of the freshest natural deodorants and antiperspirants available, but why are they used by so many around the world? Not only is the product range vast, but the quality is in the user experience, with millions experiencing dry underarms and less bodily odor.

Still, it is good to get to know the source which is why we have created this essential Tom’s of Maine deodorant buyer’s guide.

Who Owns Tom’s of Maine?

The brand is owned by Colgate-Palmolive but was founded back in 1970, making it over 50 years old now. Colgate-Palmolive bought a majority stake in the company for $100,000,000.

Do Tom’s of Maine Make A Natural Deodorant?

Yes, they do. Their men’s version is available in 3 different scents: Mountain Spring, North Woods, and Deep Forest. Each of them is fresh and Rom’s of Maines has managed to make a long-lasting product at that. They provide up to 24 hours of protection and are aluminum-free for those worrying about the sweat pores being blocked. The natural fragrance ensures it is fine for most people with sensitive skin and it is more reasonably priced than a lot of the competition in this niche.

What Products Do Tom’s of Maine Make?

Their range includes antiperspirants and deodorants, as well as soaps mouthwashes, and toothpaste and are made without chemicals, and not tested on animals. They have forged a reputation as being a brand that is both accessible for those who want natural products but at a good value.

Are Tom’s of Maine’s Products Vegan Friendly?

Some of their range is, but not all. Because of the use of beeswax or propolis in some products, not every part of their range is. Having said that, most of their products are vegan friendly, it is just best to check the label before purchasing.

Is Tom’s of Maine Deodorant Made in the USA?

As with all their range, Tom’s of Maine is made in the same place that their headquarters are headed, in Maine, USA.

Are All Tom’s Deodorant Aluminum Free?

In short, yes they are. Their extensive range of deodorants are made without aluminum and are also free from parabens, and artificial ingredients. This is part of what makes them so popular with the holistic-minded. All ingredients are renewable and never tested on animals.

Is Tom’s Deodorant Good For Sensitive Skin?

Because they have a dedicated range for sensitive skin, it is safe to say that they are. Even their regular products are kinder on the skin that a lot of other brands but their sensitive range takes this to another level. These products are dermatologist tested and have been proven to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Is Tom’s of Maine A Good Deodorant?

There are various products in this range but it is easy to see that most are considered to be an excellent choice. Since they only use natural ingredients and not chemicals or parabens or aluminum, they are better than a simple alternative to mainstream brands. There are also no artificial fragrances that can be harmful to the skin, even causing irritation and there are products that can provide up to one day worth of deodorizing protection.

Their containers are also made from 40% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable so this is a brand that goes through more trouble than most to become kind to the world.

What Is Good About Tom’s of Maine Deodorant?

 Lasting Protection

As we have mentioned, Tom’s of Maine deodorant can provide up to 24 hours of protection. This can be deodorizing protection, but also wetness protection so when things heat up, it won’t cause the user to sweat excessively. 24 hours is a generous amount of time for one application, especially when it comes to natural ingredients. That brings us to…

 Natural Formula

Sometimes with self-care products, it is better to look at what a brand doesn’t include in their formula over what it does include. Tom’s of Maine does not use aluminum, parabens, it doesn’t test on aminals, and a lot of their product is made with renewable ingredients only.

 A Range of Scents

Although they do not use artificial fragrances, Tom’s of Maine deodorants still have an impressive variety. With the likes of Mountain Spring, Cedar Peak, and North Wood being popular with men, there are even more to choose from for women. some of our favorites include Fresh Apricot, Wild Lavender, as well as an unscented range.


Because they are available so widely and sell millions of units, the price is considerably lower than most people think. Other brands using natural ingredients cost significantly more, and multipacks are offering even more value when purchasing online. It is possible to pick up a 3 pack of Tom’s of Maine deodorant for the same price as one roll-on stick of other brands.

 Range For Teenagers

When reaching that age when their body changes, teenagers will look for a quality deodorant that doesn’t have the same scent their parents use. This is another plus point for Tom’s as their range of deodorants for teenagers is impressive. There are scents such as Summer Fun in their wicked cool range and all products remain aluminum-free.


Something that every brand should be capable of in this modern age, Tom’s products are all cruelty-free. They display this product on every container, just as most brands who make this their mission will also.

 Charitable Causes

Another major plus point of buying Tom’s of Maine deodorant is that they give 10% of their profits to children’s charities related to their well being and education. This is something we can certainly get behind.

Are Tom’s of Maine Deodorants Safe or Pregnancy?

Because of their aluminum-free formula, their products are safe to use during pregnancy. Anyone who suffers from allergies should of course check the label to make sure it is suitable for their needs. They are also free from parabens and artificial fragrances making them one of the better brands for use during pregnancy.

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