Best Wide Tooth Hair Detangling Combs

Detangling hair can be frustrating and time-consuming and you usually end up breaking the tiny knots. As you fail to keep your hair detangled, chances of hair breakage grow and your head becomes a mess - with broken frizzy hair strands dancing at the top of your head. This can be a tiresome situation for those who prefer a clean and elegant look.

And it all starts with your hair comb.

Normal hair combs with narrow spaced teeth can pull tangled hair knots and can be damaging to hair. While a wide-toothed comb glides through every detangled hair type painlessly and causes a lot lesser hair breakage than normal combs.

Here are our Top 5 picks for the Best Wide Tooth Hair Detangling Combs that can save your hair.

1. Large Tooth Shampoo Detangling Comb Rack Hair Comb

Large Tooth Shampoo Detangling Comb Rack Hair Comb (Black)

Best Comb for detangling Curly Hair

This is quite a sharp and large wide-toothed hair comb by Selcessories. It has a long and easy-to-handle tail with a perfectly designed sharp set of long teeth; which makes it ideal for detangling wet and dry hair.

The Rack hair comb is made up of firm plastic with a seamless design and pointed edges. Even though it is a great detangler, it should be used on hair in a very gentle way and must not be worked roughly on the scalp to avoid scratching or hurting it.

  • A super-efficient detangler
  • Impressive design (a little too sharp, though)
  • Perfect wide-teeth which glides through tangled hair painlessly

2. Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb

Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb - Detangling Comb For Synthetic, HD Fiber & Human Hair (3-Pack)

Best Comb for Minimizing Hair Loss, Ideal for Detangling Wigs 

This is a handy wig comb that provides damage-free, painless, and gentle hair detangling. It features a special design to comb fragile wigged hair, so it is equally ideal to use for your sensitive hair, especially if you are having frizzy hair days.

Jon Renau’s Wide Tooth Comb Set of 3 is also great for styling hair and taming frizzes. It gently releases tangles and tames the hair structure without breaking hair or causing pain.

Another great reason to buy Jon Renau’s Wide Tooth Comb Set is its price, which is very reasonable.

  • A gentle detangler that minimizes hair loss
  • Contains a special design to detangle hair wigs or frizzy hair
  • Contains a set of 3 combs. You can use each for a different place (for office, home and one for going out)
  • It has a very reasonable price

3. Diane Fish Comb

Diane Fish Comb, Assorted Colors

Best Functional 3-in-1, Double Pic-N-Lift Comb

Diane’s Fish Comb has 3 unique wide-toothed combs, held together in a single structure. It is made of firm plastic that does not break and bend, also featuring smooth edges that glide through wet or dry hair, effortlessly and painlessly. It is a gentle detangling comb that softens curls.

This one fish comb features three different designs of combs. One that is slightly wide-toothed, one that has wider teeth, and one that has extra-wide teeth, perfect for detangling as well as styling your hair. It has lightweight and is easy to carry.

Diane’s Fish Comb is undoubtedly one of the most functional, pretty, and strong combs that one can buy.

  • A super effective hair detangler as well as a hair styler
  • Contains 3 separate comb designs; has impressive 3-in-1 functionality
  • It is travel friendly and very handy
  • It is cost-effective

4. The Body Shop 1094667 Detangling Comb

The Body Shop 1094667 Detangling Comb, 0.001 Ounce

Best Wide Tooth Wooden Comb for Detangling Wet Hair

This Body Shop’s detangling comb features a standard comb structure but with an efficient wide-tooth design. It is made of sturdy wood that does not break or bend.

With a design that glides down through wet and dry detangled hair smoothly and gently, it is indeed one of the best detangling wooden hair combs.

However, the body shop’s wooden comb comes with two considerable challenges here. First, it is expensive, and second, it has a large sticker pasted on it which leaves a sticky residue. The sticker can pull hair strands and make detangling challenging. If the company in the future solves the sticker issue, this comb can be a great pick.

  • It is made of sturdy wood, making it durable
  • Has a standard and effective comb design with wide teeth
  • Slightly overpriced
  • It is perfect for detangling wet hair

5. Detangling Hairbrush and Comb Set

Detangling Hairbrush and Comb Set - Detangler Brush for Wet, Dry, Curly, Women & Kids Hair with Wide Tooth Comb by Lily England (Rose Gold)

Best Pain-free Detangling Brush and Wide Tooth Comb Set 

This hairbrush and comb set by Lily England areits hands down, one of the best hair detangling packages that one can purchase. It contains a hairbrush with a unique, hand-compatible, and pretty frame, holding about 274 flexible bristles that not only detangle your wet and dry hair but can also give a smooth and polished hair look.

The set has an attractive rose gold color with a shiny look. The wide-tooth comb in this package by the famous Lily England brand has some impressive characteristics. Not only is it pleasantly pretty, strong, and wide-toothed but it also contains such smooth and seamless edges that it glides through wet hair like butter. Moreover, it is lightweight and travel-friendly. With the pleasant and gentle design that it has, this comb is ideal for tender heads (i.e. for children and sensitive hair types).

  • Contains a pleasant set of sturdy hairbrush and a wide-tooth hair comb
  • Great to use on tender heads and fragile hair types; curly hair, dyed/bleached hair, damaged hair, and children’s hair
  • Reasonably priced
  • The wide-toothed comb is sturdy, smooth, and glides through hair smoothly like butter

6. RoyaltyRoute Hair Comb for Detangling

RoyaltyRoute Hair Comb for Detangling - Wide Tooth Wood Comb Personal Care for Curly Hair - No Static Natural Neem Wood Comb for Women, Men

Best Replacement for Plastic Combs, Made of Eco-friendly Indica Neem’s Wood 

If you are looking for an alternative for plastic combs, then this is the best eco-friendly and wide-toothed comb with a standard design that you can get your hands on. RoyaltyRoute’s Hair Comb is made up of Indica’s Neem Wood that has anti-bacterial properties and can aid in effectively overcoming dandruff and scalp infections.

With every stroke of this comb sliding through your hair, the natural hair oils will be distributed evenly on your head, making it shinier and healthier in appearance.

This comb by RoyaltyRoute has a wooden brown color and a standard design that is ideal for all genders.

  • Made up of Neem’s Wood, containing antibacterial properties
  • Combats dandruff and scalp infections
  • Has a standard comb design. Nothing fancy
  • The wood is of very good quality. Its edges are smooth and safely pointed which are not at all scratchy

7. Diane Oil-Infused Detangler Comb

Diane oil-infused detangler comb, 6-inch, green, DBC025

Best Oil Infused Hair Detangling Wide Toothed Comb

Diane’s detangler comb gives your hair that extra bit of moisture through oils infused in the comb’s teeth. The oils include rich minerals and vitamins found in almonds and avocados like Vitamin E and Omega 3. Even though the comb is oil-infused, it is non-greasy and very pleasant to use.

Its design makes it perfect for detangling dry straight hair to frizz-prone curly hair. It has a smooth and even design, contributing to the easy detangling and combing of all types of hair.

Diane’s oil-infused detangler comb is ideally sized. Its design makes it simple to use on your waves and curls with guaranteed smooth hair.

  • It is oil-infused; with a mixture of almond and avocado oils
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins; Vitamin E and Omega 3 included
  • Simple and Sleek design
  • Suitable for all hair types

How Do You Buy The Best Wide Tooth Comb Detangler For Your Hair?

With all the different hair types and personalities that we have, there are only particular hair comb designs that really compliment our aesthetic values and which also fit our specific hair type requirement.

For example, the kinky, curly hair type may want a comb that has wavy structured teeth with seamless edges. While straight and finer hair types seek sleeker comb’s teeth. Some of us don’t mind plastics while some of us are adamant about using wooden and eco-friendly hair combs. A lot of us like fancy designs while many of us prefer sober, standard designs. Our personalities and aesthetic values vary, and so do our hair type requirements. So how do we buy the best wide tooth hair comb for our specific hair type and aesthetic value?

Well, many times, customers get intrigued with every new design on the shelf and end up buying all of such newbies that they are unlikely to ever use. And it all starts with not knowing what exactly you need.

So here is a little guide to help you buy the hair comb that you need.

Identify your hair type

While it may seem obvious but many people do forget to keep in mind their hair type and condition when they are out there, buying tools for their haircare.

For example, if you recently got your hair permed, chemically treated, dyed, or into a routine that damaged your hair, you should consider yourself among the tender heads and should never go for sharp hair combs. Instead, a wooden comb with smooth edges will be ideal for you.

If you are a curly head with a kinky, frizzy structure, you should get a comb that has medium-level sharpness and smoothly pointed edges.

Straight and finer hair types can adapt to any kind of hair combs as long as they are wide-toothed and their material is of good quality.

Keep brand value in mind:

 Brands do not become a success overnight, they gain popularity and trust by serving quality for a long time. Always keep this in mind before you neglect a brand value. No matter what hair comb you are about to purchase, see your product’s brand value and their unique selling proposition. Most brands tend to introduce something competent, better, and unique to surpass their competitors. So be conscious of this fact and pick a product that feels the most beneficial and unique.


If you don’t want to complain about your hair combs being weirdly incompatible with your hand, take a moment to double-check its specifications and features before you make the purchase. One should note the width of a hair comb’s teeth and its total length as well as the material used, before executing the purchase - to avoid any disappointments.

Product Quality: 

An ideal wide-toothed comb should have a high-quality material like wood or sturdy plastic with a smooth design. It should not have any bumps, scratchy points, or unfinished surfaces that may pull hair. Even though one can't ignore the importance of the brand value, yet some popular brands do mess up by producing some troubling products.

So it is better to watch out for product quality and not compromise on the little things in the buying hassle because, in the long run, little things become the big things.


Wide-tooth combs can be the saviors of your hair health and if you pick one with the right features, you sure did yourself a favor.

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