How Much Makeup Is Too Much Makeup

How Much Makeup Is Too Much Makeup ?

Good makeup has the power to accentuate one’s beauty and balance the not-so-attractive side. It can truly alter how one looks, providing the right enhancements and making one look 10 times more attractive.

Good makeup is about enhancing facial features and creating a visual balance.

Whereas bad makeup is about going overboard with the colors on your face, completely altering your facial appearance. Such kind of makeup can be great for actresses and con artists but definitely not for us in our normal lives.

What’s Wrong with “Too Much Makeup”?

To briefly answer how much makeup is too much makeup, anything that makes you go overboard with colors and its placement on your face is just too much.

Too much makeup also lends some side effects to a person. While good makeup boosts confidence in a person, making one feel attractive and beautiful and more like their best self, bad makeup on other hand can make a person feel vice versa.

When a person constantly wears a face that is so altered and changed by makeup, it creates a sense of betrayal and insecurity. It can in fact, breed mental illness and problematic social behaviours in the personalities.

Anything that makes you look or feel not yourself is just too much for you. It is compromising your personal integrity and twisting your identity. Nothing in the world is worthy of doing that. Same goes with your makeup regime.

This was a brief overview on the topic. Let’s dive deeper into some details and pick what exactly makes our makeup look too much!

6 Ways To Tell If You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup:

  1. You used nearly all shades from the makeup palette
  2. Everything stands out on your face.
  3. Nothing looks flawlessly blended and everything is standing apart.
  4. Your face feels heavily covered.
  5. It’s taking you more than 10 minutes to wash your face clean.
  6. You look cakey in natural light.

The Power Of Makeup & How To Do It Right:

Your face is a canvas that should be beautified and not concealed or overdone. This is the prime principle of an ideal makeup regime. Everything should be flawlessly blended and placed perfectly.

But then how exactly does it look like to wear this ideal level of makeup in order to look the most attractive, beautiful, and the best version of self?

And how does this makeup-level influence people’s perception of us?

Common observation can tell that opposite genders are more likely to feel attracted towards people with more enhanced, balanced, and beautified facial appearances, while heavy, caked and pretentious faces can potentially turn them off.

Whether a person wants to wear soft and feminine makeup or dark and glamorous makeup, a balance should be sought.

For example, eyes and mouth are typically the first points of attraction. They should be adorned with whatever tones one likes, but then cheekbones, apples of the cheek, and foundation’s tone should be adjusted accordingly.

Let’s say one wants to wear red lips, dark eyes with extended lashes, then one can certainly not wear red blush, low coverage foundation, charcoal dark brows, and colored highlighter.

Or imagine if one can, how horrible!

Here you get a taste of how unpleasant too much makeup can feel. It makes one look like a desperate, ignorant person who wants to slap the entire makeup palette on their face, all at once. So sure, this is putting people off.


5 Protips To Avoid Wearing Too Much Makeup Or Looking Like A Clown:


Wearing wrong makeup or too much of it does not happen preplanned. It always happens as a consequence of mindlessness or desperation. is

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid looking overdone, cakey, and unpleasantly extra.


1.Do Not Compromise on the Product Quality:

Women often chase pigments and forget to check the quality of a product. For example, you may stumble upon a luxurious shade of crimson red lipstick. You fall for it and wear it on a date.

Unfortunately, that lipstick turns out to be cheap and starts to chip off from your lips. In a panic, you coat another layer of that lipstick on your already coated lips. Not only are you using cheap products on your face now, but you are making the mistake of double-coating your lips.

Consequence? Your lips end up looking saggy, too coated, and cheap.

Another example is wearing a cheap foundation. No matter how much you coat your face with that foundation, your skin’s imperfection will never be concealed and instead, your face will end up looking cakey, oily, and dirty.

If you choose ais product of high quality, one coat of lipstick will not only give your lips a fresh, clean, and luxurious tone that will last throughout the day but will also save you from the hassle of re-applying makeup, looking too much, and still wrong.

The same goes for the foundation. A high-quality foundation’s two pumps are enough to cover your entire face and give you a fresh and pearly radiant skin base.

The bottom line: One coat of good quality product is better than slapping layers of cheap creams and lipsticks on your face.

2.Seek Balance in Colors:

After selecting products of good quality, you should seek a balance in colors. That is to mindfully pick the shades for your face.

For example, if you are wearing muted lips, let your eyes do the talking. If you want to wear both lips and eyes with rich dark tones, seek balance with soft cheek highlights and nude blushes.

If you want to perfect your makeup look, you should always seek to build balance, harmony, and a complement of colors on your face.

Otherwise, you may end up looking like a clumsy clown

3.Placement is the Key:

Flawless makeup has everything to do with the right placements. If one wants to avoid looking cakey and clownish, one should practice placing makeup on their face the right way.

For example, the cheeks are to be enhanced in a way that they look slightly tinted, fresh, and healthy.

Now a lot of people end up filling the apples of their cheeks with a lot of blush. As a consequence, they end up drawing apparent colored circles on their cheeks. And it looks worse in natural light. Our mirrors may not help us notice our makeup mistakes and that is why one should always do makeup in front of vanity lights, but others instantly notice them.

Placing blush on cheeks is not wrong. But placing it the wrong way might end up making you a clown. The same goes with contour. Amateurs in makeup tend to create contour lines so dark and barely blended, that they end up looking like a skeleton. Again, contouring is not bad but contouring too much and that too, in the wrong way is disastrous.

4.Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup:

Ever had a bad skin day with skin patches breaking your foundation layer? In such a condition, we often tend to put another layer of foundation to cover the patch. However, it only makes things worse.

Remember that polished and flawless makeup is about clean, fresh, and single layers, rightly placed on the face. To achieve that, one should properly clean or if needed, exfoliate skin 15 minutes before applying the makeup on. Apply sunscreen and let the skin breathe for a few minutes, followed by the application of moisturizer.

Then apply makeup in the right order. That is starting with primer, then applying concealer, eye makeup, foundation, blush, and setting powder, finally finishing with the topping of the lipstick.

5.Look for Inspiration:

There is no harm in experimenting and trying new things at home. However when you are going out, let’s say with friends, to an interview, or at a party then you are certainly carrying a personal brand with you.

When we have tossed ideas in our minds related to the makeup look we want for the day, we end up experimenting with different placements and using multiple colors from the compact. This results in wearing too much makeup for no good outcome.

Therefore, one should always take a few minutes to plan the makeup look before they start wearing it. This small tip can take you far.

Just head over to Pinterest and scroll a few makeup looks and guides. You sure will be good to go and rock the new look in a flawless way, without going overboard and ending up looking like an experimented clown.


The whole discussion comes down to one fundamental truth, and that is your beauty is worth the adornment and no concealment shall ever take place to make you feel like you are naturally any less.
Sure good makeup and adornments are a female’s best friend, as accentuating one’s strengths are never problematic but if you put so much on your face, loaning everything from the compact, who are you trying to conceal?

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