How Much Shampoo To Use

In today’s era of excessive pollution, shampooing every day or even twice a day has become a habit of many among us. Especially if one lives in the hotter regions of Earth, excessive shampooing to eliminate irritating and sweaty build-up on the scalp is pretty much self-justifying.

After all, who does not crave a fresh and clean scalp?

Side Effects of Excessive Shampooing:

However, there are inevitable side effects of using too much shampoo on hair especially if your shampoo has sulfate and harsh chemicals.

Shampoo strips off natural oils from the hair and may leave the scalp too dry and sensitive. If one continues to use shampoo on such a dry scalp, the overall hair health can deteriorate. This means developing an itchy scalp, dry hair, split ends, damaged hair, and so on. And much of these side effects may even become irreversible if one carelessly continues to damage the hair by excessively shampooing.

So, how much shampoo to use? And how often should we shampoo our hair?

How Much Shampoo To Use – The Common Answer

The common and most direct answer to these questions is that one should use two full teaspoons of shampoo on the hair, twice a week only.

This answer can build one of the healthiest hair washing routines for many people around the world. However, for people who have unique hair conditions, there has to be a varying answer.

How Much Shampoo To Use – For Different Hair types

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when deciding how much shampoo to use on your specific hair type.

Length: If you have a long hair length falling down to your waist or knees, two teaspoons of shampoo might not suffice to clean and nourish your hair length. Oppositely, if you have shorter hair like a pixie cut, then two teaspoons might be too much shampoo for you.

So one needs to consider their hair length to understand how much shampoo they need to use.

Protip: If you have long hair and you don’t want to exceed the normal amount of shampoo (i.e. 2 teaspoons) on your hair then here is something you can do. Add 2 pumps of shampoo in a jug and add water halfway through the jug. You can also add vinegar to maximize the cleaning properties of this solution. Mix the solution with your hand and shampoo your hair with it. Your hair will not only turn out to be clean but also a lot moisturized, hydrated, and shining.

Hair type: Curly and brittle hair types need extra lathering of shampoo while sensitive hair types may need less of it. So you need to understand your unique hair structure’s type and texture before deciding when and how much to shampoo your hair.

Protip: If you have a sensitive hair type and you want to minimize the frequency of shampooing your hair for some reason, you should try dry shampoos. Dry shampoos absorb oil in hair and prevent the hair from clumping or entangling. They act on hair without water which saves hair from losing moisture, prolonging the period between hair washing.



Shampooing hair should be done just right because if we don’t use enough of it, our hair can be left unclean and oily and if we use too much of it then we may end up potentially damaging our hair.

Taking a moment to analyze our personal hair type and deciding how much shampoo we should be using in life ahead is not a tiresome task. Instead, it will only add benefits to your hair health and your overall appearance.


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