How to Depot Eyeshadow Palette

Depotting eyeshadow palettes to create new and customized makeup palettes is a recent obsession that makeup enthusiasts have made popular.  And now it’s all over on youtube and digital magazines.
This trend enables one to carry a makeup palette that no one else can carry on Earth because it is that highly personalized. It saves your time, keeps you super organized, and levels up your creativity during your everyday makeup routine.

What is Depotting Makeup?

Here is a quick recap of what is depotting, in case you are wondering what actually it is.

Depotting includes emptying makeup palettes and transferring selective pans to another empty palette, thus creating an all-in-one and personalized makeup palette.

Benefits Of Depotting And Creating A New Makeup Palette: 

While depotting eyeshadow palettes can sound interesting and fun or even weird, it has a lot of pros to itself.


Several shadow palettes contain few remarkable shades and few shades that are totally boring and bland. Now if you have to travel, you can not possibly carry plenty of palettes only to use good shades from each palette. It would be so much of a hassle.

So if you select your favorite shades from all the shadow palettes that you have got and depot them, you can create an ultra-customized palette and carry it around like a pro.


If you want to create a specific look, for example, a look that revolves around pink shade then depotting can help you create a palette that will save your time and keep your makeup routine super-organized. Instead of touching a plethora of shadow palettes, you will have to pick just one power palette that has all the right shades for your face to wear.


Another reason why you should try the depotting bandwagon is to encourage reusability. If your favorite palette has shadow pans that are running empty, you can just replace them with new pans and renew your entire palette’s status.

How To Depot Eyeshadow - A Step-by-step Guide 

1.Slightly heat the shadow pans:

Heat the pan that you want to depot. You can place a heated straightener below the selected pan so that it melts the glue and loosen up the shadow pan from the palette. For the heating purpose, you can use a blow dryer, a candle, or a lighter if not a straightener. Just make sure to keep the fire away from catching any material.

2.Carve the pans out: 

Using a sharp material to carve the corners of the shadow pans out. You can use a sharp thread to carve and wring the pan out of the makeup palette or you can use a knife or pointed sharp tool. Just make sure that you do not become violent in the process and end up breaking the shadow bars.


Pour a few drops of hot glue on an empty palette and start transferring the shadow pans one by one. Let the pans sit on the palette for a while and bingo! All set to use.

The Bottom Line: 

When depotting for the first time, one should try the techniques and process of depotting on a shadow pan that is least favorable, to give room to experiments.

Taking out time to practice some creativity and enhance efficiency in daily life is not a lot tiring but fun and beneficial if one is interested in them. After all, a little room for play is never bad for any adult, let alone for makeup enthusiasts!