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How To Get Eyeshadow Out Of Carpet

Eyeshadows are meant to stay put on your skin until you wash them away. And they stick to a fabric in a similar or in a much clingier way. They can stain fabrics easily and may refuse to come off even after multiple washing, especially if your eyeshadows are water-proof.

So yes, it can be a disaster if you get eyeshadow spilled on your carpet or rug. Worse, if your carpet is light-colored. But at the same time, it is totally manageable, if only you keep yourself patient and focused to revert the mess.

Getting eyeshadow or any other makeup product out of your carpets or rugs is tricky, but it is not impossible.

How To Get Eyeshadow Out Of The Carpet –

Once you get your eyeshadow spilled on the carpet, it is not going to come off that easily. But instead, there are steps that you can follow to revert the mess and get your carpet shining clean and stain-free.

Let’s see what these steps are about below:

Step # 1: Pick What You Can

The first step is to pick whatever excess of eyeshadow mess has gone into your carpet. You can use your fingers or dry cloth for this purpose. Just try to get the maximum amount out of it.

Try not to collect the spilled eyeshadow by pressing further into the carpet, instead, through a scraping motion collect as much eyeshadow as possible.

Precaution: Please do not use anything wet (especially water) on your stained carpet or it will worsen things up.

Step # 2: Vacuum With An Upholstery Attachment

The trick is to get the maximum amount of powder out of your carpet before you apply any cleaning solution because it will spread the stain deeper and farther on your carpet.

So the second step is vacuuming the stained carpet with an upholstery attachment. Simply attach the upholstery with your vacuum and start running it over the stain and areas around it. This step should extract the maximum amount of powder from the carpet. You can repeat vacuuming if you feel like it’s helping.


Step # 3: Use A Dry Cleaning Solvent

Although liquid, a dry cleaning solution does not contain a lot of water. So it has fewer chances of spreading stains. You can easily get a dry cleaning solvent online or from a local store that supplies cleaning solutions.

Once you get a hold of a dry cleaning solution, pour a little of it on a white washcloth or damp it with the cleaner.

Then press it over your target areas on the carpet and pick stains gently from all around.

If one side of the white washcloth becomes colored with picking stains, use the other side.

This step should relieve you of all the mess and stains. If you still feel like there is a hint of spilled eyeshadow stains on your carpet, you can repeat using the dry cleaner until you get satisfactory results.


What if I can’t find a dry cleaning solvent and urgently need to clean the carpet?

Dry cleaning solvents are easy to find and necessary to keep at home. However, if you run out of them or fail to find them at home at a crucial moment, there will always be a way out.

There are several different methods that one can use to get eyeshadow out of their carpets without having to use dry cleaning solvents.

Note: Following methods are to be implemented as step 3. Therefore, complete step 1 (picking up eyeshadow excess from the carpet). and step 2 (vacuuming) before you use a dry cleaning solvent or either of the following methods in step 3.


Method # 1: Using Dishwashing Liquid And Detergent Powder

Mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in two cups of warm water.

Sprinkle a pinch of detergent powder on the stain.

Then soak a sponge in the liquid that you have prepared.

After a while, squeeze water out of the sponge and press it on the stain blots.

Then wring out stains with the sponge until you can see them fading.

You must press the sponge or cloth on the blots and wring out stains, instead of rubbing it on the carpet. Since rubbing can spread the stains and make things worse.

Method # 2: Using Glass Cleaner

If stains on your carpet are stubborn and not completely cleaned, try using a glass cleaner.

Glass cleaners usually contain ammonia, a great cleaning agent, and can help in removing stubborn stains from the carpets and rugs.

However, make sure that the glass cleaner you are using is free of colorants.

Spray it lightly on the stains to slightly dampen the carpet, and rub a clean white towel over the stains. Wring out as much as you can to get your carpet clean and stain-free like before.

Method # 3: Using Vinegar and Water

This might be the cheapest and easiest cleaning solution one can make to get eyeshadow stains out of their carpet.

Simply add a tablespoon of vinegar into a glass of water.

Soak a white towel cloth in the mixture.

Squeeze the cloth to get the water out, leaving it moderately damp.

Then press it on the stains and wring out as much as you can.

Method # 4: Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Precaution: Test hydrogen peroxide on a hidden part of your carpet and see if it is a bleaching color. If not, then feel free to use this method.

Pour 2-4 drops of hydrogen peroxide on the stains.

Let it sit for 5 minutes.

Take a white washcloth and press it on the blots.

Then wring out the cloth and get the stains removed.

Hydrogen peroxide should bring out all the stains on the washcloth easily. However, it is best to use this method only if you have a light-colored carpet because hydrogen peroxide can cause bleaching.


We think that there is no remedy for the stains on our carpets or rugs from eyeshadow spills, but that is rarely the case. Correctly following some basic steps can help us get rid of the messy-looking eyeshadow stains on our carpet.

Immediate cleaning after a spill is crucial, gathering as much eyeshadow with hands and vacuuming after it can greatly reduce the chances of deep staining. Using a cleaning solvent after vacuuming is also critical, the leftover eyeshadow stain can be completely removed through a suitable cleaning solvent like dry cleaning solvent, dishwashing liquid, glass cleaner, or even vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

So there’s no need to panic after the mess, staying calm and implementing these basic steps will get the job done and leave you with a clean carpet; good as new!

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