How to Get Soft Lips? 8 Tips to Help You Get Soft Lips

Our lips go through a lot in a day. They deal with salty food, cold winds, UV rays, and hot drinks, all of which can have a toll on them. They are also only made up of 3 to 5 layers of skin, which is less than a third of the layers covering the rest of our bodies. This is why our lips dry out so easily. There are no oil or sweat glands to moisturize them, either, so we need to take extra special care of our lips. If you’re wondering how to get soft lips, check out the following sections.


The first step to soft lips is to get rid of the dry skin that’s built up on them. Exfoliating your lips is easy to do, with a few different methods. You can dampen a soft toothbrush and gently brush it over your lips to get rid of any dead skin.

You can also try a lip scrub. There are many recipes available, including a combination of sugar and water or sugar and honey. Rub one of these mixtures onto your lips to remove any dry skin. A simple damp washcloth can also be used to exfoliate your lips.

2.Use Lip Balm

Lip balm is a must for soft lips but you need to find the right ingredients to soothe them. Many lip balms include humectants, which attract water to hydrate your dry lips. These include ingredients like aloe vera, honey, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid.

Emollients are also good to have since they moisturize your lips, softening them and preventing dryness from recurring. Some ingredients to look for are jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil, lanolin, and hemp oil.

Another thing to look for are occlusives, which are the ingredients that create a protective barrier between your lips and the environment around you. Beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, and mineral oil are all good options for this, though you do need a moisturizer in there as well to hydrate your lips before the barrier is sealed.

Try to avoid lip balms that contain flavors, fragrances, or dyes since these can dry out your skin and lead to more irritation. All-natural ingredients are the best option for soft lips. One with SPF is also good to have since it will protect your lips from UV rays. Your lips can get sunburned too, so protect them as much as you can.

3.Use Healthy Lipstick

When we choose our lipstick, most of us focus on the color and how long it lasts. Though these are important features, we should also be looking for lipstick made using safe, natural ingredients. These can include beeswax, plant oils, vitamins, moisturizers, and natural coloring. You may also want to avoid parabens and other harmful ingredients since these do more damage to your lips.

4.Drink Water

Water is the most important thing we put into our bodies, so it’s no wonder that drinking it can help keep our lips supple. Our bodies lose a lot of water each day, so replacing it is a must to keep our skin cells from drying out. A lack of water leads to flaky skin that feels tight and uncomfortable, so hydrate throughout the day for the softest lips.

5.Eat Healthy

Those salty foods can turn soft lips into a dry, cracked mess that is painful and unsightly. Sticking to a healthy diet doesn’t just mean avoiding things that can irritate your lips. It also means choosing options that can benefit them as well.

These include fruits and vegetables, all of which contain a variety of vitamins that are healthy for your skin. You should also add some options to your meal plan that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are also good for your skin, keeping it supple and smooth. Foods like fish, almonds, and avocado are just a few options to choose from. You can also add an Omega-3 supplement if needed to get your daily requirement.

6.Don’t Lick or Bite Them

When our lips feel dry, our first instinct is to lick them but it is best to avoid this. Licking them doesn’t moisturize them. In fact, it removes the moisture that is already there, drying your lips out further. Biting your lips also causes damage, tearing the delicate skin. For the softest lips possible, keep your tongue and teeth off of them.

7.Homemade Lip Masks

You may have tried face or hair masks to hydrate these areas and reduce damage. Your lips can also benefit from a mask, hydrating them and keeping them extra soft. There are a variety of ingredients that you can add to your lip masks when making them at home, depending on what you have on hand.

You can combine a teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice or yogurt and turmeric powder. A mix of olive oil and aloe vera gel is also a good option for a moisturizing lip mask that soothes your tender lips and softens them at the same time. Even simple baking soda and water will work. Whichever one you choose, just apply it, leave it on for a few minutes to do its work, and then rinse it away.

8.Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is almost as important to your skin as water, so getting your beauty rest is a must for soft lips. You need to focus on quality as well as quantity, so try to reduce distractions like televisions and devices in the bedroom.

Running a humidifier while you sleep helps increase moisture in the air, which reduces dry skin, including your lips. You should also try to sleep on your back to keep your lips from rubbing against your pillow and mattress.


Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of your body and the fact that they are almost always exposed to the elements can lead to dryness and irritation. Luckily, there are several different ways on how to get soft lips, so you don’t even need to try too hard to keep them this way. Even a few of our suggestions will give you the supple, kissable lips you’ve been missing.







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