How to Take Care of the Permed Hair

Perming Hair; what you need to know:

With time, hair styling techniques and tools have evolved and have significantly become more lasting. Just like hair straightening, perming is another kind of hairstyling technique, that adds different types of curls and waves to your hair for a long period of time, usually for about six months after treatment.

To achieve this curly voluminous look and add a personality to hair, women in the late 1800s used to use tongs that were more or less similar to the present-day hair curlers. To date, curling hair like straightening has been on ever-green trend tops.

However, perming hair is different today. It gives you a glamourous finished hair look that has volume, curls, waves, and a lot of personalities. This process relies on a chemical process that may affect or weaken your hair quality, and that is why taking care of permed hair is just so important to understand and practice in daily life. But before we jump on ways that can help you keep your permed hair in shape and in health, let us understand the basic types of hair perming options.

The Seven Common Perming Styles:

There are many kinds of hair perming styles that you can opt for. The tighter curls you get, the more care they demand to last. Let’s review the best 7 perming styles that have survived as a classic in fashion history.

  1. Spiral perm: Spiral perming gives your hair a tightly curled structure with a lot of volumes. One can choose different sizes of curl coils on hair when getting spiral perms, by selecting the right sized tong.
  2. Pin-curl perm: Pin-curl perming gives your hair the tightest form of pin-sized curls with heavy hair volume (more intense than the spiral perm).
  3. Spot perm: Spot perms are hairstyle-specific. They curl only a specific part of your hair.
  4. Root perm: Root perming gives thin and dull hair a subtle bouncy look with a light wavy structure.
  5. Stack perm: Stack perms give curls to the middle and bottom sections of the hair.
  6. Body-wave perm: A body wave perming gives your hair a looser type of wavy structure that is created by using a larger curling roller for the perm.
  7. Multi-textured perm: Multi-textured perming forms different types of wrapping curls within the overall hair structure to create a bouncy, lively, messy hair personality.

Types of Perming Method: 

There are different kinds of hair-perming methods that are used to transform one’s hairstyle and structure into a curly, wavy outlook for as long as 6 months. If you are considering getting a perm, you need to know which method will suit you best. For example, if you have thin or fine hair, you should opt for a cold perm and if you are an Asian or have a thick and heavy hair type then digital perm is your answer.

Cold Perm:

Cold perm is the traditional way of achieving lasting curls. In this method, hair is sectioned and curled around plastic rods. Then alkaline solutions are poured onto them until completely soaked. The wet hair is next, knotted to form curls all over the hair, or are set in shape using other varying techniques. Finally, another solution is poured onto the hair to neutralize the chemical and set the hair structure.

Cold perm usually lasts from 3 months to 6 months and gives kinky, small, and tightly ringed curls to your hair. They are best in shape when wet and should be moisturized with mousses, setting lotion, or other such products to keep the curls living in health. Perms achieved from this method also demand high-maintenance.

This method is comparatively affordable and works on almost all hair types except the Asian hair types that are usually heavy and thick.

Digital Perm (Hot):

Digital perm uses a combination of chemical processes and heating techniques to add curls to your hair. In this method, hair is first sectioned and curled with a heating rod in a style that is desirable to obtain. Then chemical solutions are poured onto them so that the hair is allowed to properly adopt the new structure of waves and curls. Perms achieved from this method usually lasts longer and demand low-maintenance. The best work on hair types that are soft, thick, or complex in structure and for people who are looking for loose, natural waves to add to their hairstyles.

How to Maintain Permed Hair:

Curls that we get through perming need consistent maintenance whether intense or regular. You need to understand this on a fundamental level if you are considering or have already considered getting your hair permed. Taking care of your hair or maintaining their groomed face is not actually complex as it seems to be. If you follow the right rules, pursue contributing habits and be consistent on them, your new hair will bloom your personality.

  1. Get the right hair products:

The first basic step in getting started with hair-grooming or maintaining its fresh face process is to carefully select the right kind of hair products. Read a couple of articles and watch a few videos. Understand your hair type, the kind of perm style you got, the perming method you had received, and other basic information about your hair. Listen to hair professionals on YouTube and note what ingredients are compatible with your hair type. Then go ahead and get the right products for your hair including shampoo, oil, hair mousse, conditioner, setting lotion, spray, and other similar products on your list.

Strictly avoid getting your hair dyed frequently.

  1. Put effort to keep your hair frizz-free:

Always keep your hair moisturized and conditioned. If you let frizzes take your hair, they will gradually deteriorate the structure and quality of your hair’s health.

  1. Stay away from heat:

Once you get any chemical or heat-based treatment, you do need to stay away from heat. Save yourself from exposing your hair to hot water, steam and avoid using straighteners, curlers, dryers, or similar hair styling products that are heat-based.

It is best to use lukewarm water for washing hair and using conditioners and moisturizers to enhance their appearance and style.

You also need to save your permed hair from the sun. It is recommendable that you wear a wide-brimmed hat or use a leave-in conditioner that contains zinc oxide whenever you’re in the sun.

  1. Sleeping with permed hair:

After getting perms, many people are worried about sleeping on their newly styled hair. But it is completely fine to sleep with them, and no, you do need anything special to do to them before or after sleeping. Just be extra pampering and gentle with your hair in the first 48 hours after getting the perming treatment. Don’t wash them in those first 48 hours. If you sleep on them and they get flat, just wet them lightly and curls will bloom again!

  1. Enhancing permed curls:

If you want to get your hair curlier and enhance definition, a few things are recommended.

–          Avoid tying ponytails, hair braids, or other hairstyles that require a lot of knots or accessories as your hair gets fragile after chemical processes.

–          Strictly avoid washing hair for 2 days after the perming session. Also do not use any heating instrument and avoid sun exposure too.

–          Avoid using shampoos and conditioners with ingredients such as Silicones, Parabens, and Sulfates.

–          Wet hair enhances the definition of your permed curves of hair.

–          Avoid brushing your hair for a week after the perming session.


Habits That Take Care of Your Permed Hair:

These are habits that keep us healthy and successful and these are habits that deteriorate our scope in life. About permed hair, one needs to develop the right habits to maintain their health and quality. Some of such habits are as followed.

–         Keep your hair loose and free styled.

–         Protect your hair from the sun. You can use a light scarf or hat or a zinc-based leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from UV rays.

–         Use products that are formulated for chemically treated hair.

–         Always, always keep your hair conditioned and moisturized.

–         Keep yourself consistent with your haircare routine.

–         Avoid touching your hair a lot of combing it excessively.

–         Always use a wide-toothed comb and curvy brushes to brush your hair.

How long does a perm last?

Perms last longer with long hair i.e. for up to 6 months or more, if only you provide them with the maintenance they ask for.

As for short hair, perms last for a shorter period i.e. 3 months or so.

The lifespan of hair perms depends upon the hair care routine and the hair quality, varying from person to person.


Just like hair straightening, smoothening, or any other treatment that involves chemical and heating processes, hair perming comes with both wings of pros and cons. Once you decide to get your hair treated with any such procedure, maintenance will become a must. But there is nothing to worry, you can always start small and gradually and consistently upgrade your haircare routine.


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