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How To Turn Eyeshadow Into Lipstick

A world without lipsticks would be a bland one. The zillion shades of one color aren’t only for the stockists but for every simple person out there to love. Whether you are a sophisticated or a funky person, conservative or more modern and experimental, you simply can’t survive with a single lipstick shade in life.

There are several occasions in life and after a good etiquette, you have to dress appropriately and accordingly for the varying occasion. Sometimes you want to go minimal and try a ballerina kind of pink, or chapped natural-cherry tint or sometimes you may prefer to go powerful with red lip colors or glossy nudes. These colors are easily available but what about the difficult shades?

Moreover, did you ever wonder what would happen if you run out of your favorite lipstick shade at a crucial moment? Perhaps you lost it or broke it accidentally?

In such moments, like when you can’t find the right shade or accidentally lose your favorite one, you look at your eyeshadow palette and wonder if they can somehow turn into lipstick. And well, that’s perfectly doable!

How To Turn Eyeshadow Into Lipsticks 

There are actually several ways to turn eyeshadow or even your blush palettes into usable lipsticks. Let’s explore a few methods to do it.

  • From powdered eyeshadow palettes:

Take a small container, possibly an old, empty container of eyeshadow or blush. Add a pea-sized amount of vaseline. Pick your desired eyeshadow color, crush it into powder and mix it with vaseline.

Outline your lips with a matching lip pencil and fill your lips with the shade you have just created.

Wait for a minute and lightly press your lips against a tissue paper and voila!

If you want a more matte look, double the amount of eyeshadow powder in the vaseline and if you want a glossier look, lessen its amount in the vaseline.

  • From creamy eyeshadow palettes:

If you don’t want to spoil the palette, gently pick a creamy eyeshadow color with the lipstick brush and spread it on your moisturized lips. You can add definition with the lipstick brush, creating depth and intensity.

  • From textured, glittery eyeshadow palettes:

If you want to transfer some glitters and textures from your eyeshadow palette onto your lips, start with applying your favorite lip balm on the lips. You can also wear a light shade of any lipstick after the balm. Then pick a color from the eyeshadow palette with your index finger and dab it gently on your lips and spread evenly.

Why would anyone want to turn eyeshadow palettes into lipsticks?

If you think this is weird and you wonder why people would want these two different things together then, there are actually several answers to this.

1.To wear interesting textures

There are eyeshadow palettes that have glowing, shimmering, 3D textures. Some are in powdered form while some are in creamy or matte form. Now finding such textures in lipsticks is either too expensive or not commonly available. And that is one reason why people love to wear eye shadows on their lips.

After all, who wouldn’t like to add a hint of mystery and some extra definition to make their lips look attractive?

2.To wear exotic shades

You must have seen some shimmery eyeshadow palettes with transitioning shades that look so enchanting or palettes that have lots of glitters and dark-deep base shades that are just so difficult to find in lipstick forms?

Well, we share the excitement to affirm. It is no secret that eyeshadow palettes have some exotic shades which we have overlooked for so long. However, if you now go back to them, you will see what interesting makeup treasure you had been sitting with for so long! These exotic shades are perfect options to go for on occasions of Halloween, theme parties, etc as well.

3.To cope up with an emergency

There are moments when we may run out of our lip colors and in such moments eyeshadow palettes can be there for the rescue. So this is one common reason why people go after using eyeshadow palettes as lip colors.


Experimenting with makeup is always fun. If you have a good skincare routine to back up your enthusiasm for cosmetics, go ahead and conquer the world with your creativity.

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