Reasons Why You Sweat So Much & Few Tips That Help Your Prevent This

Actually sweating is a normal and natural process of keeping you cool in hot environment as it evaporates to give you a cool feeling.

But if you are sweating excessively and very easily then it can be due to various reasons like:

Hyperhidrosis: It is a medical condition that can cause unpredictably excessive sweating any time without any genuine reason. It can cause sweating in some particular areas including feet, hands and face etc. or on the entire body depending upon individual’s physical condition.

Diet: If you eat spicy foods in routine then you can sweat excessively as some of its ingredients can increase the temperature of your body. Regular use of coffee, fatty foods, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks and high sodium foods can also cause excessive sweating.

High anxiety or stress: Excessive sweating can also be caused due to certain types of tension, stress and anxiety. Some people sweat excessively when they are tense for their first date, big presentation, interview or unprecedented proposals.

High humidity and temperatures: One can have lots of sweating on a hot and humid day as high humidity in the environment does not allow your sweat to evaporate and make you feel cool. Your sweat also tends to smell a lot worse in this climate, this is why people in this climate prefer to the use of deodorants that combat body odor instead of antiperspirants.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy women crave for eating weird things due to hormonal changes in their body. It also changes the flow of blood and metabolism of their body which can cause excessive sweating in most of the cases.

Physical exercises and exertion: Strenuous exercises and other activities can also be good cause of unusual sweating for the people who are not physically fit for such things like overweight people etc.

Diabetes: People suffering from this health condition can also sweat profusely if they have tendency to be overweight. Moreover the functioning of their nerves can be affected due to high levels of glucose in their body which can cause excessive sweating.

How to prevent too much sweating?

Though sweating is a natural process to keep you cool but in certain conditions it becomes unwanted like it looks awkward to be in a social gathering with patches of sweat on your clothes. In such condition, you must take some steps to prevent too much sweating. These steps may include:

Wear breathable clothes: Wearing the clothes made from breathable and light colored fabric can be a good option to reduce sweating as they will keep your body well ventilated.

Apply antiperspirant properly: Your sweat will not reach the upper layer of your skin when you will apply an antiperspirant on your body as it will block your sweat ducts.

Keep yourself cool: As sweating cools down your body similarly you can reduce sweating by keeping yourself cool. You can pull curtains and blinds on your windows to keep the hot sunrays away from you.

Avoid eating certain foods: You should avoid eating spicy and fatty foods as they can increase the intensity of sweating.

Medical solutions: Certain medicines can also help in stopping excessive sweating like oral medication, prescription antiperspirants, Botox injections and antidepressants. In some cases surgery can also be used for controlling unusual sweating, here’s more info on Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy.