What is a Fragrance Mist?

What is a Fragrance Mist?

If you are looking for a fragrance formula that is less concentrated than perfumes, richer, skin-hydrating, and gentle than body sprays, and which lasts on the skin for a good 24 hours, the fragrance mists should be your go-to type.

A fragrance-mist is an affordable perfume formula with only 1.5 to 3% aromatic oils content.

It makes a clean, airy, and fragrant scent that lasts on the skin, with no projection and very little sillage. You have to get close to the skin to smell it. There is something very elegant about the fragrance mists. They remain discreet, quiet but also very present in your aura.

A few spritzes of the fragrance mist right after the shower can nourish your skin with a grounding and refreshing scent that is never too overpowering.

Many use the fragrance mist post-shower to hydrate their skin since all body mists contain a lesser, safer amount of alcohol concentration than other fragrance formulas like the Eau De Parfumes, Eau De Toilettes or Body spray do. Also, the skin pores are open after a shower or long baths, spraying fragrance mist over the body is really a lovely way to hydrate as well as wrap your body in your favorite fragrance.

You can expect good-quality fragrance mists to last on your skin for a day. However, after a few hours, they become muter and more settling in the skin.

Features of The Fragrance Mist:


  1. Scented-mist, fresh-from-the-shower scent and feel
  2. Makes pleasant body scent
  3. Up to 3% concentration of aromatic/essential oils.
  4. Lower concentration of alcohol
  5. No projection
  6. Low sillage
  7. Hydrates skin
  8. Applied directly on the skin
  9. Perfect for at-home use
  10. Can be layered with other fragrance formulas (i.e. Perfumes, Eau De Toilettes, Body Butters, etc)
  11. Budget friendly
  12. Can be used as bed linen mist


How to use the Fragrance Mists?

Many people directly spray the body mist over their body after wearing clothes post-shower. They primarily target areas such as the neck, wrists, inside of elbows, etc. But these areas are to be focused on concentrated perfumes.

Fragrance mists on the other hand have other additional areas to focus on with a certain order of fragrance layering. This order can maximize the lasting duration of fragrance on your skin along with a healthy performance.

Here is the order you can follow to apply the fragrance mist on your skin the right way!


1.Lather Skin Moisturizer

Lather a generous amount of skin moisturizer on your damp skin. Unscented moisturizer is ideal but if you are using a scented one, make sure it has dominating notes that match with your fragrance mist.

2.Apply SPF

Let moisturizer settle into your skin. Then apply SPF all over your body, especially on areas that are going to be exposed to the sun directly.

3.Apply the Body Butter

Many perfume brands have a complete set of fragrance products including body mists, body butter, Eau de toilets, and perfumes. Applying body butter or cream before spraying body mists can prolong the lasting duration of any fragrance. The moisturizing properties of the body butter contribute to locking in your fragrance.

4.Apply Other Cosmetics (Anything that you are going to lather or rub in the skin)

If there are any other products you would like to lather or rub in your skin, do so before applying the body mist. These products can be your tanning lotions, butter, or body serums.

Rubbing skin can bruise your mist or fragrance so make sure to apply any latherable product beforehand.

5.Now Apply The Fragrance Mist

Now you can finally apply the fragrance mist to your body. Spray from a distance of 12cm and give it a few seconds to reach and settle your skin before spraying next.

The areas you should target are the chest, insides of elbows, neck, behind ears, wrists, insides of knees, and any other areas that accumulate heat and have higher blood flow.

6.Layer With Eau De Toilette Or Parfum (Optional)

You can layer with eau de toilette or perfume if you want to increase sillage and lasting duration.

7.Let Your Skin Dry And Settle Before You Wear Clothes

Give yourself at least some seconds until your skin pores absorb the fragrance and the fragrance settles in there before you wear your clothes on.

You can spray the final fragrant touches on your clothes or simply spray once above your head and let the fragrance pour onto you.

Perfumes Vs Body Spray Vs Fragrance Mist:

All fragrance products are a combination of fragrant oils, alcohol, and water. What makes the difference is their unique ratio of elements contained.

Eau de perfume has 8-15% oil whereas Eau de Toilette has between 4-10% oil.

The more fragrant oil there is, the more lasting will the fragrance be.

A fragrance mist has a very less amount of aromatic oils and is also less concentrated with alcohol. Therefore it is very subtle, light, and mute. It is best to wear at home in the shower or right after a long bath/shower. One can also spray it on bedsheets, cars, and in the room to give them a nice, freshly cleaned, and fragrant vibe.

A body spray on the other hand is slightly stronger than mist but very less concentrated than perfumes. It is an antiperspirant product that is used in body areas where there is a lot of sweating. Body sprays last for a shorter period and have their own pros and cons.


Which one to wear?

It highly depends on your situation.

If you are heading to work or an event where you will be spending hours, perfume should be your choice. If you are running to a cafe to see your friend for a few minutes, body spray can be your choice while fragrance mist is best to give your body a pleasant scent when you are staying at home or when you have low scent tolerance but still want to wear a fragrance.


Fragrance mists are refreshing and affordable versions of perfumes and should be regularly used after a shower to upgrade personal feelings and aura. They can be layered with other fragrance formulas such Eau de Toilettes, perfumes and body creams as an enhancer, so they never really go to the waste.

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