What is a Fragrance Mist?

What is a Fragrance Mist?

If you are looking for a fragrance formula that is less concentrated than perfumes, richer, skin-hydrating, and gentle than body sprays, and which lasts on the skin for a good 24 hours, the fragrance mists should be your go-to type.

A fragrance-mist is an affordable perfume formula with only 1.5 to 3% aromatic oils content.

It makes a clean, airy, and fragrant scent that lasts on the skin, with no projection and very little sillage. You have to get close to the skin to smell it. There is something very elegant about the fragrance mists. They remain discreet, quiet but also very present in your aura.

A few spritzes of the fragrance mist right after the shower can nourish your skin with a grounding and refreshing scent that is never too overpowering.

Many use the fragrance mist post-shower to hydrate their skin since all body mists contain a lesser, safer amount of alcohol concentration than other fragrance formulas like the Eau De Parfumes, Eau De Toilettes or Body spray do. Also, the skin pores are open after a shower or long baths, spraying fragrance mist over the body is really a lovely way to hydrate as well as wrap your body in your favorite fragrance.

You can expect good-quality fragrance mists to last on your skin for a day. However, after a few hours, they become muter and more settling in the skin.

Features of The Fragrance Mist:


  1. Scented-mist, fresh-from-the-shower scent and feel
  2. Makes pleasant body scent
  3. Up to 3% concentration of aromatic/essential oils.
  4. Lower concentration of alcohol
  5. No projection
  6. Low sillage
  7. H