What Lipstick Goes With Red Dress

What Lipstick Goes With Red Dress?

Red, the color of blood and fire, awakens passion and vigor. It signals the onset of courage and energy. That’s why a red dress can never go wrong. However, a red dress standing with its grace, vigor, and elegance in your wardrobe calls for some make-up rules.

These make-up rules, if messed with, can destroy the glamour of red dress like nothing else in the world.

One of the quests we women most battle with is betting on what lipstick to wear with the red dress on varying occasions.

The most common answer to that is a “Nude” lipstick.

However, we think that a red dress is a perfect chance to bring versatile outlooks in practice and if possible, be daring.

Here are the ,top 3 lipstick colors which can upgrade your red dress day!

The Common Lip-wear in Red Dress – The Nude!

Nude lipsticks, Kohl dark smokey eyes, and contoured cheekbones; despite being a common makeup look is still a pro way to stun a red dress.

However, this look is best served with a bright red dress which has orange undertones to it.

Basically, when you wear muted lips, your dress has to do a lot of talking and should be slightly brighter in tone.

On the contrary, if you wear pale nude lips on a wine red dress, there will be something missing in your overall look and that would be a pop of color on your face. The key to aesthetics is building complementing contrasts. A super dark red dress, nude lip color, and dark eyes will eventually make one look completely muted and perhaps, boring.

But if you do want to rock such a nude makeup look on a cherry or wine red dress nevertheless, there is an interesting way out. And that protip is to add a pop of chunky glitter or elegant shimmer on your eyelids. This will serve as a point of interest on your face as everything else will be standing dark, muted, and powerful.

When you pair nude lipstick with a red dress, do not shy away from experimenting with creative eye looks. For example, cat eyes, super winged eyes, reverse-winged eyeliner, or fishtail eyeliner can really rock the look.

Furthermore, nude lipsticks on a red dress call for some creative and bold hairstyles. Trying a high ponytail, creative elegant buns or other sleekly muted yet discretely powerful hairstyles can really strengthen your look.

Tom Ford, ILIA, Maybelline, Rimmel, Rella Beauty, MAC, Too Faced Beauty, Urban Decay, Fenty Beauty, NARS, Beauty Bakerie, Becca, Tarte, Charlotte Tilbury, Jouer, Huda Beauty, Mented Cosmetics, and The Lip Bar are all the famous go-to brands to shop the best Nude lipsticks in flattering shades and textures.

Just make sure to pick a nude shade that compliments your skin tone and undertone. It is such an important step.

Show Stunner – Red Lips on the Red Dress!

Do you know the secret to flatter hearts, make people breathless and obsessed with your look?

Well, if you do not, let us spill the beans. The secret is to look elegant and act diva!

Wearing red lips on a red dress will absolutely stun the show.

The protip is to wear the exact shade of red on your lips that you are wearing on your dress. Red on red projects elegance, point of interest, and a balance of complement in such a harmonious way that it enhances the overall beauty of a woman.

This kind of look is ideal to wear in the evening and night, outdoors or indoors. You can be slightly carefree with your hairstyle when pairing red on red or you can go for elaborate hairstyles. However, try to carry your hair, body, and accessories like clutches, necklaces, shoes, hair jewelry, and the rest of it with elegance.

Following brands are the top famous go-to places to shop the most stunning red lipsticks in the world.

  • Sephora Collection
  • RMS Beauty
  • Fenty Beauty
  • Tom Ford
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Jane Iredale
  • Smash box
  • MAC
  • Lisa Eldridge
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Dior
  • Colour Pop
  • Chanel
  • Flesh
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Huda Beauty


Oh, Dear Darling! – Plum Lips on the Red Dress.


Wearing plum lips on a red dress can steal the show. It is purely stellar and striking. You can not go wrong with this shade, that’s a given!

However, this one is for night looks or indoor evening events.

All shades of red dress adjust to complement the dazzling plum lipstick. You can wear dark, bold, winged eye looks or goes for soft and subtle eye looks with plum lips and still hit the spot.

Because creating makeup looks with plum lips on a red dress is flexible and allows for versatility.

Wearing Classic Elegance – Peachy PInk on the Red Dress!      

 If you want to try something different and graceful, peachy pink lipsticks would complement your red dress the perfect way. It adds youthfulness and a lovely feminine touch to your face as you carry the flattering red dress.

So sure, peachy pink lipsticks are the best options if you want to wear something neutral on your lips but not pale nude shades.

With this shade of lip color, one may not need to put so much effort into makeup and accessorizing and instead, can embrace their natural feminine features, wearing anything that enhances their natural look.

The Bottom Line

While the red dress calls for some makeup rules as we generally reserve this colored dress for special occasions where we do want to stand out or at least look good, it should not keep you away from experimenting with different looks. Everyone can be a trend maker so go ahead and rock your red dress in your own good way!                             

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