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Our skin tone can change over time due to environmental exposure, medical treatments, and even aging. So, it’s no wonder that our lip coloring can also be altered over time. This can include dark spots or a full alteration to the entire tone of our lips.

Though this doesn’t necessarily mean our lips are unhealthy, they may not look as nice as they used to, which is why many people are looking for treatments to bring their lip tone back to its former shade. One of these options is the best lip lightening cream. There are several products to choose from to give you back the natural tone you’re used to.

  1   Omorfee Organic Lip Lightening Stick

Omorfee 100% Organic Lip Lightening Stick for Dark...

The Omorfee lip lightening stick is one of the best products out there in terms of ingredients. It is completely organic, using only high-quality natural ingredients for its formula to soothe and soften your lips while lightening them at the same time.

These ingredients include moisturizing cocoa butter, carrot seed oil for protection and evening your skin tone, and pineapple extract for a fantastic flavor. What this lip lightening stick does not include are paraffin, alcohol, silicone, synthetic colors, and artificial fragrances. This ensures that the cream keeps your lips healthy and nourished throughout the day.

Another benefit of this lightening stick is that it is quite small, so you can tuck it into a purse or pocket, plus you can have one next to your bed or in your vehicle’s glove compartment. This way, you can store one anywhere you’ll need it.

  2   Verso Lip Serum

Verso Skin Care | Moisturizing Lip Serum with...

Verso Lip Serum is quite expensive for a little tube but it lasts a while and has amazing benefits that improve your lips’ appearance and how they feel. The formula for this serum contains Retinol 8, which stimulates collagen production in your lips and boosts the regeneration of cells for younger-looking skin. It also eliminates any minor dark spots that have shown up on your lips and even reduces fine lines around them while increasing softness.

Other fantastic ingredients in this formula include Tripeptide-1, which plumps your lips for a fuller and more sensuous look, and sodium hyaluronate for hydration and improved elasticity. What this serum leaves out are harmful ingredients that could damage your lips and skin, including parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, and triclosan. Applying this lip lightening cream in the morning and evening gives you the best results.

  3   Henne Organics Lip Mask

Henné Organics Lip Mask - Natural Organic...

This creamy lip mask is perfect for all of your lip issues, from dryness to discoloration. It has a rich texture that coats your lips, protecting them while it heals. It is a bit pricey but all the benefits it offers may make it worth the cost.

The Henne lip mask contains only high-quality organic ingredients, starting with evening primrose oil, which contains Omega-6 fatty acids that smooth out any lines and lighten your lips, removing discoloration and redness. Before long, your lips will be the luscious shade they used to be.

Also included in the formula are sea buckthorn oil, which contains fatty acids and vitamins A and C. These work together to moisturize and nourish your lips for a softer feel. The black cumin seed oil is an anti-inflammatory, soothing any irritation and reducing pain. What you won’t find in this lip mask are harmful chemicals, making it a safe option to use whenever you need it.

  4   Lanbena Rose Lip Mask and Balm

Lip Mask Rose Lip Essence Scrub Cream for Long...

This lip lightening product has more than one use, making it more versatile than some of the other creams available. First, you can apply it in the morning as a lip primer, keeping your lips protected and moisturized beneath your other makeup. You can also use this lip lightening cream as a lip mask, allowing it to improve your skin’s color and nourish them all night long.

The Lanbena lip cream helps you take care of your lips, bringing them back to their original color by lightening them and removing any dull or discolored patches. It also moisturizes your lips as it lightens them, preventing dryness and improving their elasticity for a younger-looking smile.

Lanbena has added natural rose extract to this formula for its moisturizing, exfoliating, and repairing abilities. This also gives the cream a lovely rose color that enhances your lips’ natural color.

 5   AsaVea Advanced Cream

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The AsaVea Advanced Cream is not just for lips. This formula works well on a variety of body parts that are dealing with dark spots and discoloration, including your neck, knees, armpits, and even those private areas that no one but you and your significant other have the privilege of seeing.

This cream contains only high-quality natural plant-based ingredients, including white mineral oil, glycerol, and bamboo charcoal. This makes it one of the safer lip lightening creams available since it is gentle on all of your delicate parts, no matter how sensitive your skin is.

As well as lightening those discolorations, this cream repairs your skin, hydrating it at the same time. Over time, your lips and skin will feel smooth, yet firm, for a younger-looking appearance. You can use it twice a day for the best results.

  6   Lipsmart Powerful Hydration Lip Treatment

LIPSMART - Lip Balm & Hydrating Lip Treatment...

This lip treatment cream is designed to boost hydration in your lips to reduce dryness, eliminating that flaky, cracking skin and replacing it with smooth, soft lips. It also helps your lips retain their moisture to keep them this way. It costs a bit more than some other treatments but its effectiveness may make it worth your while.

The formula for this lip cream includes a variety of humectants and lipids, like peptides to stimulate the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and glycolipids to produce and hold that moisture for long-lasting relief.

For the brightening part of the cream, there is also a blend of lemon, pineapple, coconut, and peach, which work together to lighten the coloring of your lips while they nourish and soften the skin. Even your elasticity is improved for fewer wrinkles around your mouth and a pain-free smile.

  7  Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

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A good lip mask is a creamy way to get the coloring you want without altering your daily routine. This one by Laneige is designed to be used at night while you’re asleep, which is when you’re body does the most healing anyway. Adding this lip sleeping mask enhances this skin repair for gorgeous, supple lips when you wake up.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is made in Korea, using a variety of berry extracts, including cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry, as well as vitamin C and antioxidants to repair any damage to your lips, including discoloration from environmental exposure or nasty habits.

This formula also includes unique Moisture Wrap technology that uses a combination of hyaluronic acid and minerals to protect your lips while locking in the moisture needed to keep them soft and smooth. You can use this mask every night before bed for gorgeous lips in the morning.


  8   Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy

Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Healthy Lips...

Neosporin has been creating health products since 1954, so it’s no wonder they have created a product to soothe and restore your lips to their former glory. The Overnight Renewal Therapy lip cream is designed to improve the hydration in your lips to keep them soft and smooth while giving them back their healthy skin tone.

This formula includes a variety of antioxidants and essential lipids for this process to heal your lips. It also contains a mix of emollients and peptides for stronger lips that won’t succumb to damage so easily. Moisturizers and vitamins work together to repair any damage that your lips have already sustained and nourish them throughout the night so you wake up with lips that look and feel their best.

Though it comes in a relatively small container, you only need a small amount each time you use it for spectacular results. This Neosporin product also has a low price tag, proving you don’t need to spend a fortune on lighter, healthier lips.

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