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9 Best Eyelid Tape (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

When you think of cosmetic items for eyes, the usual suspects are eye shadows and liners. But for some, applying the best eyelid tape is part of the routine.

What is it exactly? It’s a thin adhesive strip, usually double-sided, that’s placed on the eyelid to create the illusion that one has a crease or “double eyelid.” This is commonly used in Asian countries like Korea and Japan where people are naturally born with monolids.

The practice can be traced back to Japan in the late 1970s when eyelid glue or “eye putti” was first sold in beauty stores. Women painted this water soluble glue on their eyelids and pushed them upward with a small plastic prong to create a temporary fold. At the end of the day, they just washed it off. And the process repeats.

For them, having big, round eyes is more attractive. This can be attributed to the growing popularity of westernized beauty standards in Asia where women with doe-like eyes were in the spotlight. Think of actress Audrey Hepburn and supermodel Twiggy, who were both known for their big gorgeous eyes.

Fast forward to today, having bigger-looking eyes is still a popular trend among Asian people. It has also caught on with non-Asian people who have been exposed to K-beauty and J-beauty trends, as well as mainstream K-pop music and K-dramas. Many of them simply want to enhance their look by making their eyes look more even and less sleepy.

But instead of glue, people—both women and men—now opt for eyelid tape, which is relatively easier to put on.

What Should People Consider Before Buying and Using Eyelid Tape?

The main qualities people look at is the size and shape of the tape. The most common is a thin arched strip that’s meant to make eyes appear rounder. Another shape is an arched strip that’s thicker on one end, which is meant to lift the outer corner of droopy eyes.

It’s important to find a product that would perfectly fit your eye shape so that it doesn’t look unnatural. On the other hand, you can always trim eyelid tape if it’s too thick or wide.

Eyelid tape is usually made from a synthetic fiber to ward off any moisture and medical-grade adhesive. These ensure that the product stays firm on when applied on the lid. It may feel uncomfortable and weird at first, so it will take some getting used to.

Another thing you should consider is whether the tape is noticeable and if it’s long-lasting. For the former, some brands create transparent strips that go well with any skin tone. They can also last for hours without peeling off.

As for price, you don’t have to spend a lot for eyelid tape. There are affordable drugstore brands that sell 100 pairs or more in one kit. Of course, eyelid tape made from high-quality materials might be pricier.

If you’re on the hunt for the right product, we’re reviewing 9 of them for you, plus an extra product to complete your look.

The Best Eyelid Tapes We Reviewed

1. D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape (Extra) - Editor's Pick

D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

D-UP is known in the Japanese market as having one of the strongest holds when it comes to eyelid tape.

Each pack comes with 120 pieces of strips with medical-grade adhesive and a plastic prong for application and to hold them in place on your eyelid.

The Extra variant is a little harder compared to Mild, which helps in creating a more defined crease. Its strong adhesive also lets you stick the strips deep inside your desired eyelid crease.

The strips are thin and transparent, so they can easily be concealed inside the folds of the eyelid to make your double crease look as natural as possible. It can also stay on for hours as it is sweat-proof, waterproof, and humidity-proof.

If you’re looking for other variants under D-UP, they also have Mild (soft and flexible) and Point (strong hold with a pointed tip for ideal eye reshaping).

2. Beauty Logic USA Ultra Fiber Lace Eyelid Tapes - Runner Up

Beauty Logic USA Ultra Fiber Lace Eyelid Tapes

The selling point of Beauty Logic USA Ultra is that it's made from a lace-like fiber that’s almost invisible when applied to the eyelid.

The strips are lightweight, extremely thin, and don’t have a reflective surface. (The design is similar to a gauze but without the rough texture.) You can barely see or feel them when it’s placed on the eyelid, meaning it’s easy to hide them with matte eye shadow.

Beauty Logic’s eyelid tape sets almost immediately upon application and can last from 10 to 12 hours on the crease. It also comes in various sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large) so it caters to all eye shapes.

You can have a double crease in no time without feeling any discomfort.

3. Dedila Pro 600pcs

Dedila Pro 600Pcs

What’s unique about the Dedila Pro eyelid tape is that it comes in an actual tape canister. Each strip you pull comes with two (wide) or four (slim) eyelid tapes.

This product is made from breathable fiber and hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive. It’s also transparent, so it can blend in with any skin tone.

Dedila Pro’s cute and compact packaging makes it a travel must-have. You can throw this in your beauty kit and bring it everywhere. If you’re in a rush and need a last-minute eyelid lift, you can bust this out and apply the strips no matter where you are.

4. ZMBeauty Eyelid Tape - Budget Pick

ZMBeauty Eyelid Tape

Each ZM Beauty kit comes with two types of eyelid tapes: wide and slim. It’s just a matter of finding which would fit on your eyelid perfectly.

The tape is with medical-grade fiber that’s transparent and waterproof. It’s not too thick and heavy on the eyelids, so it doesn’t cut off any circulation around the eyes.

It’s said to give you an instant eye lift, especially if you have naturally droopy and uneven eyelids, and makes your eyes appear bigger.

As mentioned, there are two types included. The wide size can make your eyes look rounder, which might not look natural for some. If you want a subtle lift, use the slim size.

5. Eye Charm Magic Slim - Double Sided Eyelid Tapes

Eye Charm Magic Slim - Double Sided Eyelid Tapes

Eye Charm Magic Slim is so thin that it’s undetectable when it’s tucked in the folds of your eyelids. It’s also makeup-friendly, so feel free to pack on your favorite eye shadow on top of it.

For those with monolids, this tape can make your eyes appear naturally bigger. This product can also be used by people with droopy eyelids to further enhance their appearance and not look sleepy.

Aside from sheets of eyelid tape, each Eye Charm Magic Slim kit comes with a plastic applicator. This helps in placing the tape on your eyelid and holding it in place until it sets.

6. Pormasbenzer Bigger Charming Eyes

Pormasbenzer Bigger Charming Eyes

This one from Pormasbenzer is made with medical-use adhesive material that’s breathable and waterproof. It’s a double-sided eyelid tape, so there’s no need to use additional glue to make it stick to the folds of your eyelid.

Each kit comes with 200 pairs of eyelid tape and small plastic thong for easy application and adjustment.

These thin strips can give you an instant lift without any pain or discomfort. The adhesive is also transparent, which can suit any skin tone. If you want to conceal it further, put on foundation powder that’s similar to your skin tone.

7. Dedila Scala Pro Makeup Eyelid Double Sided Tape

Dedila Scala Pro Makeup Eyelid Double Sided Tape

If you’re looking for an ultra-slim eyelid tape, Dedila’s Scala Pro is for you.

Each kit comes with 572 pieces (286 pairs) of 0.5mm double-sided eyelid tape, a plastic prong applicator, and a pair of scissors. These are all the tools you need to make sure that the tape fits just right to create the double crease look you always wanted.

This can also be used by non-monolidded people who simply want to look less tired.

The strips of tape are made from polymeric fiber, a synthetic material that doesn’t absorb moisture easily. This means that Dedila Scala Pro’s adhesive hold won’t weaken when you get sweaty.

8. DAISO Natural Double Eyelid Nudy Tape

DAISO Natural Double Eyelid Nudy Tape

DAISO calls this product an “eye bandage tape” since it has the same texture and appearance of a Band-Aid. Some people say that this type of material is more comfortable than scotch or double-sided tape.

But DAISO Natural’s product is definitely thinner and more low-key compared to the Band-Aids you may know.

In each DAISO Natural pack, you’ll get 43 pairs of nude-colored eyelid tapes. The color makes it unnoticeable, so you don’t have to worry about covering it up with makeup.

The tape can last long on the eyelids as it adheres well to the skin and is also waterproof and sweat-proof. However, this might become a problem when you’re removing it. Be sure to find the transparent tape, and gently peel or wash it off at the end of the day.

9. Cayanmydery 120Pairs Eye Tape Double Eyelid Tape

Cayanmydery 120Pairs Eye Tape Double Eyelid Tape

Cayanmydery’s eyelid tape has double-sided adhesive that can lift your eyelids almost instantly. The strips are invisible and waterproof. They’re also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

In one Cayanmydery pack, you’ll get 120 pairs of eyelid tape and a forked prong for easy application.

The brand has multiple types of eyelid tape available. These vary in size (small, medium, large), shape (slim or wide), and even how sticky they can be (double side or single side). No matter your eye shape and skin tone, you can find one that suits your needs.

One thing’s for sure: The eyelid tape will help you achieve a natural look even when you’re not wearing any makeup.

How to Apply Eyelid Tape

After cleansing your face, carefully place the eyelid tape on your crease. Make sure that you place it in the middle of your eyelid. Using the small plastic prong that comes in the kit, push the tape up into the folds of your eyelids to create the crease.

Of course, this will still depend on your eye shape and how prominent you want your double eyelid to be. There are some who like placing the tape deep into their crease to make their eyes look wider and rounder, while others place it near the lash line.

Aside from helping with application, the plastic prong is also there to make adjustment and holding the eyelid tape in place easier. It’s more hygienic to use instead of sticking the strips on your fingertips as well.

Once you’ve applied the eyelid tape, you can start doing your eye makeup. Most of them are transparent and can be hidden under eye shadow, foundation, or concealer.

You can further enhance your eyes by using eyeliner on your eyelids, swiping on mascara on your lashes, and/or adding false lashes. These tricks will make your eyes look bigger and more awake, especially now that you have a double crease and/or an even eye shape.

Removing the tape is fairly easy. You can slowly peel it off or clean it off with makeup remover. Fair warning that some eyelid tapes are transparent and extra sticky, which might make it difficult to find and remove. So just remember to not hurt your eyelids while taking the tape off.

Benefits and Side Effects of Eyelid Tape

Before anyone asks: There’s nothing wrong with women (and men) who have monolids. But we also understand why people still use eyelid tape.

In countries like Korea, blepharoplasty or “double eyelid surgery” is one of the most popular procedures. Instead of spending large amounts on cosmetic surgery, they use eyelid tape, which still gives them the benefit of having a crease when they’re out and about. This can also make their eyes look less droopy. This is because a defined crease can make some people’s eyes look bigger and more awake.

Some say that wearing eyelid tape for a few hours or overnight can give you a permanent double crease. Brands also make this promise after continuous use of their products. While this might work because eyelid tape is made with a slightly firm material, there are still side effects.

Excessive usage of eyelid tape can cause sagging and skin irritation. Since you’re essentially manipulating your eyelid to create a brand new crease, the tape can stretch the skin and cause sagging.

The sticky adhesive can also cause an allergic reaction during or after wearing the tape. If your skin gets easily irritated, make sure that the eyelid tape you’re using is hypoallergenic.

Although it’s tempting to wear eyelid tape for 24 hours (or more) in hopes of getting a permanent double crease, it’s certainly not recommended. Remember that the skin on eyelids is thin and highly sensitive—over-stretching it and leaving any adhesive on for a long period of time may cause long-term damage.

Another reminder: As much as possible, refrain from using scotch tape and double-sided tape you got from the craft store. While these may be super affordable fixes and may give you a double eyelid, the material can be too flimsy, and the adhesive might irritate your eyelid. Always make sure that you use medical-grade and skin-safe products.

If you feel any discomfort while wearing your eyelid tape or applying glue (if there’s any), stop using the product immediately. You should also visit your dermatologist about any skin problems you might experience. You can ask them if you should continue using eyelid tape and how long you should keep it on to avoid future problems.


As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong with having a monolid or naturally droopy-looking eyelids. There’s also nothing wrong with using eyelid tape, be it regularly or occasionally.

We can’t discount the fact that eyelid tape does help a lot of people gain confidence in themselves. It also saves them a lot of money not to go under the knife to get the coveted double eyelid.

Think of this product as a fun addition to a makeup look instead of a required or permanent fix. If you don’t like how it looks on you, then you can simply remove it and stop using it altogether. If you like it, you can wear it every day.

At the end of the day, using such products is a person’s choice. As long as they’re not putting their health at great risk and it makes them feel good about themselves, then that shouldn’t be an issue.

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