Best Purple Hair Dyes

Purple hair color can upgrade your whole persona without changing a lot. It is modern, chic, and royal - all at the same time. You can really carry it in several ways, whether you want to rock a modern-chic look with stacking jewelry or want to go for an elegant, composed look with fine bottom hair curls. It has such an affluent vibe with it that people can’t help calling it royal. No doubt, purple hair color can be unique, complimenting as well as intimidating if you pick the right hue that sits well with your skin tone specifics and eye color. For example, if you have a warmer skin undertone, dark hues of purple will get you rocking your style and if you have a cooler skin undertone, try flattering shades of amethyst purple or shades similar to it for absolutely stunning results. Coloring your hair purple can be so creative and fun, that one can’t resist enjoying its process as well as its outcome.

If you are going for a do-it-yourself method instead of going to a salon to achieve the voila purple hair look then you ought to be well aware of the product and process that you are considering using. While coloring your hair with dyeing kits at home can be so exciting, it can equally turn out to be frightening if coupled with bad products. So scroll down to see reviews of the Top 10 Purple Hair Dyes for 2021.

Top 10 Best Purple Hair Dyes

1. Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color

Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color (Packaging May Vary), 5.12 Medium Royal Amethyst, Purple Hair Dye, Pack of 1
Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color (Packaging May Vary), 5.12 Medium Royal Amethyst, Purple Hair Dye, Pack of 1

Garnier’s Purple Hair Dye colors the hair with an oil-powered formula for nourishing and healthy hair treatment. Its oil-powered formula uses a 60 percent oil blend with natural flower oils that nourishes the hair while coloring it. Garnier’s Olia Hair Dye also uses an ammonia-free solution so there is no harsh odor while dyeing hair. Instead, the dyeing process becomes a pleasant experience, giving a desirable purple color and overall, more radiant and hydrated hair.

The formula gives a permanent and long-lasting shade. This cream and oil-based hair dye are designed for a ‘no drip’ hair coloring experience, with only a single application. Garnier’s Olia Bold with its enriching formula infused with avocado, olive, and shea oils, results in a 100 percent gray hair coverage and three times more shiner, silkier and hydrated hair. The natural oils help remedy the roughness and dullness in the pre-dyed or gray hair, giving them a lively and fuller feel.


  • A dark Royal Amethyst hair dye that permanently colors hair.
  • The ammonia-free formula, giving a pleasant dyeing experience with no harsh ammonia smell.
  • Oil-Powered; 60 percent oil blend. Infused with natural flower oils, avocado, olive, and shea oils.
  • ‘No Drip’; special cream textured oil-based solution gives a drip-free application, making sure each drop contributes to coloring and hydrating the hair.
  • Restores hair; reverses roughness and dullness.
  • 100 percent gray hair coverage.

2. Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Violet) 3.0oz
Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Violet) 3.0oz

Pravana’s ChromaSilk Violet Hair Dye is a semi-permanent hair coloring formula that is simple and easy to use for all hair types. It is perfect for hair artists to mix with various shades and prepare countless color palettes. It can also be mixed with a conditioner to make a long-lasting pastel shade. ChromaSilk Vivids by Pravana provides a straightforward and trouble-free solution for hair coloring; without any developer required, and can be used straight from the tube.

It works best on bleached hair and after application, it results in deep and neutral violet color. The dye is persistent and long-lasting and is completely safe for a second, or even a third application. When finally the color is fading, it follows a nice spectrum of purple.

Pravana’s ChromaSilk Vivids is a bleed-proof hair dye and minimizes the post-coloring impacts on the fabrics and other materials that frequently come in contact with the hair. Another favorable attribute of ChromaSilk Vivids is its resistance to smudging, making the hair dye suitable to use with other colors.


  • Long-lasting and Vibrant colors.
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Dye.
  • Can be used directly out of the tube, or can be mixed with a conditioner or developer to form various shades.
  • Bleed-proof and Smudge-proof.
  •  Works best with bleached hair.

3. Splat Rebellious Fantasy Complete Hair Color Kit

Splat Rebellious Fantasy Complete Hair Color Kit in Lusty Lavender
Splat Rebellious Fantasy Complete Hair Color Kit in Lusty Lavender

A captivating lavender hair dye by Splat is formulated for long-lasting and vibrant color. This hair dyeing kit is perfect for beginners since it comes with a complete set of materials that are necessary for hair dyeing; color, bleach, and peroxide. The directions to apply are simple and with just one application a lively and vibrant color is achieved!

Splat’s Rebellious Fantasy is a semi-permanent hair dye and is suitable for all types of hair. The formula contains no harsh ingredients and is free from parabens, sulfates, PPD, and ammonia. The formula also contains Baobab Seed Oil that nourishes the hair follicle during application; Quinoa Extracts that lock in color, fortify the hair and improve its vibrance.

It lasts well up to 30 washes and as the color fades, it gives attractive shades of purple and lighter shades of lavender. This hair dye can also be used to create streaks or ombre.


  • Comes with a complete hair dyeing kit: color, dye, peroxide, shampoo, and deep conditioner. Gloves are also included.
  • A Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, with safe ingredients that fortify and dye!
  • Simple directions for application; easy to apply.
  • Lasts well up to 30 washes.
  •  Suitable for all hair types.

4. Adore Creative Image Semi-permanent Hair Color

Adore Creative Image Semi-permanent Hair Color #114 Violet Gem, 4 ounce, AD-114
Adore Creative Image Semi-permanent Hair Color #114 Violet Gem, 4 ounce, AD-114

Adore’s marvelously vibrant hair dye focuses on enhancing the shine and texture of the hair during and after the dyeing process. Adore’s hair dyeing formula is free from harsh substances such as alcohols, ammonia, and peroxide; making the dyeing process pleasant and the hair texture smooth, all while giving your hair a beautiful Violet shade.

The healthy ingredients in the dye leave the hair softer and smoother after application. This dye is fit for use directly from the bottle and no developer is necessary, making it perfect to use at home. Being a semi-permanent hair dye it is great for users who want to experiment safely with a new look and also for the ones who frequently dye their hair using semi-permanent hair colors.


  • Free from Alcohol, Ammonia, and Peroxide.
  • Leaves hair Vibrant and Lively.
  • Gives a long-lasting color to the hair.
  • Perfect for beginners; easy to apply at home and straight out of the tube.
  • Great for experimenting safely; it is semi-permanent, so the color fades in a lesser period but gives out a nice color during the fading process. It is also safe to re-apply right after it fades.

5. 5.Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Pony (Electric Violet) Fantasy Hair Color, 6.7 Ounces
Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Pony (Electric Violet) Fantasy Hair Color, 6.7 Ounces

Unicorn Hair by The Lime Crime Store is a 100% vegan and certified cruelty-free hair dye; free from sulfates, ammonia, bleaches, or peroxide. It does not give out any bad odor during application making the process fragrant and pleasant. After application, the colored hair also gets a smoother, softer, and enriched touch. Unicorn Hair is a safe semi-permanent hair dye and does not require any developers or heat during application; ready to use right out from the jar.

Lime Crime’s formula is ultra-conditioning and healthy. The guaranteed damage-free formula of Lime Crime’s hair dye gives all the more reason to apply the dye yourself without fearing anything. Ingredients of Unicorn Hair are certified safe and are suitable for all hair types.


  • Easy to use; simple steps to follow to attain an intense color.
  • Ultra-Conditioning results in soft and smooth dyed hair after application.
  • No harsh chemicals: free from sulfates, ammonia, peroxides, and bleach.
  • 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free.
  •  A guaranteed damage-free formula.

6. Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye (8 Fl Oz, PURPLE RAIN)
Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye (8 Fl Oz, PURPLE RAIN)

Arctic Fox’s Purple Rain hair dye works perfectly on all types of hair. Be it on bleached hair or unbleached; this semi-permanent hair dye gives a vibrant purple on light-colored hair and an intense shade on dark-colored hair. This hair dye can also be mixed with other shades and can also be used to cover up previously colored dyes. Arctic Fox uses safe ingredients and is free from chemicals that cause damage to the hair. It uses vegan ingredients and no animal by-products are made.

Producing lasting colors and being safe for frequent use, this hair color also gives out a really sweet scent and gently conditions the hair during application.


  • Free from harsh chemicals: No Peroxide, No Ammonia, No Ethyl Alcohol, No PPD.
  • Conditions the hair during application.
  • Vegan-friendly ingredients are used.
  • Cruelty-free; no animal by-products.
  •  Works on both bleached and unbleached hair.

7. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream, 1.9 Rich Caviar(Packaging May Vary), Pack of 1
Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream, 1.9 Rich Caviar(Packaging May Vary), Pack of 1

Schwarzkopf Keratin color hair dyeing creams are popular and trendy among the women who frequently use self hair-dyeing kits. It has K·BOND-PLEX technology with pre-coloring serums added to its formula that safely transforms your hair color while strengthening and nourishing its health. The pre-coloring serum ensures evenness of hair tone from top to bottom while the K-bond plex decreases chances of hair-breakage by up to 80%.

The rich caviar color resulting from using this hair coloring cream is not a very defined shade of purple but a deeply blended tone of brownish-purple plum’s color that shines luxuriously on dark hair. This solution has also got a low-odor technology that cuts the common stinky element in the process of hair dyeing. Moreover, it's a permanent hair coloring cream that makes it cost-effective and relieving from re-dyeing-from-scratch stress. However, the color does rinse off a lot in the shower so you will need to put some effort into maintaining it.


  • Contains a 100% Gray Coverage formula.
  • Reduces hair-breakage by 80%.
  • Contains K-Bond Plex and pre-coloring serums.
  • Gives a dark plum’s hair color after application.
  • Contains hair strengthening and nourishing properties with keratin-infused formula.
  • The resultant color can be runny and may need constant maintenance.

8. Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Metallic Permanent Hair Color Cream

Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Metallic Permanent Hair Color Cream, 9.23 Brushed Berry
Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Metallic Permanent Hair Color Cream, 9.23 Brushed Berry

Infused with a formula that contains a diamond brilliance serum with fade-resistant properties, the Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Hair coloring cream is an exclusive hair dyeing and hair conditioning treatment. The resulting color obtained after applying this cream is a metallic hue of purple berries and is named brushed berry by the brand. Its special UV protection filter saves your hair from sun damage while its diamond brilliance serum deeply nourishes each strand of your hair with luster-enhancing gloss.

The formula of Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Metallic Permanent Hair Color Cream in Brushed Berry hair color is curated to be gentle and protective to your hair. One can use this kit to achieve a subtle lavender tone or vivid metallic hues of berry purple by extending or minimizing the sitting hours of this coloring cream on your hair. Overall, it has amazing results and is worth investing in.


  • Provides effective results.
  • Makes hair smooth, enriching each strand with a satisfying amount of luster and gloss.
  • Gives a vivid pastel berry-purple hair color after proper application.
  •  Contains fade-resistant properties.

9. Got2b Creative Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Got2b Creative Semi-Permanent Hair Color, 094 Perky Purple
Got2b Creative Semi-Permanent Hair Color, 094 Perky Purple

Perk up your hair personality with dazzling purple hair dye by Got2b Creative Semi-permanent color. It lasts for up to 12 hair washes and remains vivid during its life. You can choose to obtain a pastel tone of purple or a dark shade of vibrant purple by extending or minimizing the sitting hours of Got2b hair dye on your hair. It is very customizable and easy to use.

This box dye is a semi-permanent hair coloring solution that has a short wear life. It can be great for someone who is looking for a cost-effective solution to get an electrifying purple head for a couple of weeks.

This kit is not as healthy and hair-nourishing to use as other box dyes that are significantly better in many aspects but it’s also harmless and fine to use if you are running out of cash and are relentlessly craving to get a purple head.


  • Suitable for light-colored hair types.
  • Features a semi-permanent hair dyeing solution that lasts for up to 12 weeks or so.
  • Cost-effective but not very healthy
  •  Great to use for immediate and temporary results.

10. Manic Panic High Voltage Semi-Permanent Hair Colours

Manic Panic Ultra Violet Hair Dye Classic
Manic Panic Ultra Violet Hair Dye Classic

Manic Panic is one of the names you remember when quality semi-permanent hair dyes are talked about. They contain a paraben and gluten-free formula with the safest ingredients in action. Free of ammonia, the Manic Panic High Voltage purple hair dye is surely a rewarding choice to make for your hair health. It gives an electrifying purple color and soothing pastel shades to hair depending on the shade that one picks. The shades range of Manic Panic is extensive so one can trust the brand to get their ideal shade of purple.

The results of Manic Panic High Voltage Semi-Permanent Hair Colours last for up to 6 weeks with vitality perking on your purple head. Moreover, it features a vegan formula which means that this hair dye is comparatively one of the best and safest hair dye to use.


  • Contains a formula that is vegan and free of parabens and gluten.
  • Does not contain ammonia.
  • Semi-permanent results; lasts for 6 weeks or so.
  • Suitable for all hair types.

Purple Hair Dyes Buying Guide

Getting a purple head is of course a tempting idea but it is also quite demanding in terms of management. It is an extremely high maintenance color to wear on your hair and to take care of. But if you pick the right product and a consistent hair care routine to follow, you can rock your purple head without any hassle and much stress.

Here are some specific features to look after when buying the best purple hair dye.

Find the right type of hair dye:

Figure out which type of hair dye you want to get your hair color transformed to the purple color. There are semi-permanent, permanent hair dyes and color-enhancing dyes that are available in the market. The best you can do to pick the perfect box dye for your hair while investing your money in a safe place is to understand the difference between these three.


hair dyes have a short wear life and they are meant to fade with each hair wash. They usually last for up to 6 weeks with their color vitality perking on your hair. If you want your hair color to pick a new shade for just a couple of months or so, semi-permanent dyes can be fitting for you. They work best on lighter hair colors and sometimes fail to satisfy the needs of darker-colored hair unless one uses a high-quality brand. Otherwise, semi-permanent hair dyes are the choice chased after cost-effectiveness and average-quality.

Permanent hair dyes:

are designed for lasting results. They can be a bit expensive but fruitful in the long term since they need a one-time investment for 15 weeks at a minimum. Their chemical effects on hair are stronger and if the right brand or a product with safe ingredients is not picked, it can be damaging to the hair. To get a permanent hair-dye, it is usually recommended to consult a hairstylist with whom you can easily connect at your regular salon.

Color-enhancing dyes or conditioner-based hair coloring dyes:

are not fundamentally hair coloring products but instead, they help in invigorating the life of one’s dying dyed hair color while conditioning the hair with strengthening and smoothening formula. The concept is to reinstill color in your hair strands after shampoo washes away the tint in your regular shower. It is a kind of color maintenance hair product. If you have already dyed your hair color to a certain color and it is fading, and you also want to keep wearing the same hair color then you don’t need to redye it, and instead should use a conditioner-based hair dye.

Uncompromising quality:

When it comes to hair and skin, the quality should be uncompromisingly high. One low-quality product with harsh ingredients can damage your hair quality brutally. Be aware of good brands and take notes from a few review articles before you buy and try any hair product on your hair by yourself. You can also consult your hairstylist from your regular salon for beneficial recommendations. The key is to be aware even if you are about to carry a risk.

Pick the right tone:

When picking a purple hair dye, it is important to weigh what specific shade of purple compliments your style. From pastel shades to metallic and dark amethyst shades of purple, there are just so many options that you will have to consider before making the final choice (since you cant experiment with a lot of shades on your hair that frequently and it will be bad for your pocket too). So give yourself a week to decide which hue of purple you want to wear and then, go for it and rock it! 


Any change that you wish to incorporate in your life should bring you peace and confidence. Invest your time in analyzing what exactly it is that you want, and the best products and processes that will help you in achieving your goal, to keep losses at stake. Your hair health comes first so be uncompromising on the quality of your hair dyeing product and make sure it contains no harsh chemicals such as ammonia or peroxide.

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