Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day?

Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day?

We’ve all had that misfortune event at least once when the hair dye we chose was too dark or too light, the color was so out of place (brace the green and pink color choices of our teenage souls), or the process itself went south. While going from dark brown to light blond is a bold move, it may not be the suitable one for your skin tone.

We get where you came from, though. Experienced hairdressers are expensive, and it might’ve looked tempting to save some money and let your inner hairdresser come out and do the color. But what now?

If you want to know whether it’s okay to recolor your hair immediately, be our guest and hear the words of our experts on this topic.

Can I Dye My Hair Twice in a Row?

The general answer is no! Although you listened to your inner hairdresser the first time, you shouldn’t listen to her about redying your hair on the same day. 

The hair dying process is a highly exhausting one on your scalp and hair. Even if the dye goes wrong or the color looks off, you should give your hair some time to recover and regain its strength before you expose it to such a laborious process again. However, that depends on the dye type and how strong your hair is.

To understand why dyes are damaging to your hair, you should know how the process goes. In general, there are three types of dyes: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. 

Temporary dyes contain large molecules that deposit on the hair’s surface to produce that sheer color you desire. Since there’s no hair penetration, this type is the least damaging to the hair and can be washed off easily with shampoo. You can also apply it twice on the same day if you’re sure your hair is strong enough to handle it since it’s still made of chemicals.

In contrast, semi-permanent dyes do penetrate the outer layer of the hair to produce a more prolonged effect. However, they don’t contain ammonia, and the amount of peroxide they have isn’t large enough to damage the hair. Yet, if used twice on the same day, they could be damaging.

The biggest problem lies with permanent dyes. These contain a high volume of ammonia and peroxide, which help break the disulfide bond holding the hair together and react with melanin to change the hair tone. 

Unfortunately, this process leaves the hair in a state of high tension, rendering it terribly weak. So, dying your hair twice with a permanent dye can damage it beyond repair.

Can I Dye My Hair Again After One Day?

That depends on the hair dye you use. If the dye is temporary, you can just wash it and color your hair again. Permanent dyes are still a no-no since one day won’t be enough for your hair to regain its strength. 

As for semi-permanent dyes, it’d be better if you wait 2-3 days. If there’s no way you can delay the new dye job or touch-ups, make sure to choose a high-quality dye for the recoloring session and fix your hair in between with hair treatment products. 

A reasonable precaution would be to try the dye on a few strands first before covering the entirety of your hair. If the redyed parts come out healthy, you're good to go.

How Soon Can I Dye My Hair Again to Fix It?

The recommended waiting period before you dye your hair again is 3-6 weeks. That’s to give your hair time to heal and restore its strength. It’ll also provide you with time to nourish your hair and spoil it with hair care products. 

Yet, if you have exceptionally strong hair, you might need to wait for 2 weeks only before you get a new dye job. 

So, it also really depends on whether you can tell if your hair is healthy enough or not, which takes us to the next point. 

How Do I Tell if I Can Dye My Hair Again?

That can be done by asking yourself some questions. For example, does your hair produce enough natural oils? Does it have split ends? Does it feel stretchy even when dry? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your hair might not be ready for a new dying session yet.

Signs of healthy hair include:

  • Shiny appearance

  • Untangled

  • Lack of split ends 

  • Healthy growth rate

  • Moisture retention

  • Soft and smooth feel 

What Do I Do if I Don’t Like My Hair Color?

If you’ve colored your hair with a permanent dye, you’ll be stuck with it for a while until your hair recovers. In the meantime, you can do a few things to keep your “crowning glory” looking presentable.

A clarifying shampoo can help fade away a one-shade-darker hair tone, while a pigmented conditioner can enhance the color of your light dye and make it look a bit darker until you redye again.

Also, if the failed dying job left your hair with uneven blotches, you can try bleaching the darker strands. However, you’ll have to be extra careful not to apply the bleach over the light spots. Seeking a professional hand would be the wisest solution! 

To Dye or Not to Dye, That’s the Question!

Hair dyes are fun. If given the opportunity, most of us would dye our hair daily to match our outfits or the type of personality we feel like having that day. But because harsh chemicals are involved in these dyes, one should be careful. 

After all, it wouldn’t be fun to undergo an expensive hair care treatment and experience the agonizing wait for your hair to gain its well-groomed appearance back, right?  

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