Best John Varvatos Fragrance

Best John Varvatos Fragrance

John Varvatos brings an entire selection of styles. From clothing to sportswear to colognes and perfumes. Dedicated to paying fashion and fine taste a tribute, Varvatos presents exquisite options for you.

With 21 perfumes in their fragrance collection, John Varvatos has collaborated with top perfumers, adding sophistication and authenticity to their scents. Their perfume collection has vintage-styled perfumes, their signature Artisan line of perfumes, Oud fragrances, and classic John Varvatos scents.

Exhibiting outstanding skill in perfumery, Varvatos has gained immense popularity for their scents. Their perfume bottles have a distinct style that adds complexity and introduces the mood of the scent.

 Let’s explore some of the Best John Varvatos Fragrances to suit your style.

1.John Varvatos Eau de Toilette Spray

John Varvatos Eau de Toilette Spray, Cologne for Men

Best Woody Perfume for Him 

A classic John Varvatos perfume; put together for radiating your masculinity. This perfume has oriental notes of the Medjool Dates, expressing warmth and delightfulness. With its spiced undertones, it brings a sensuous mood to arise.

Embodying your confidence and strength with just the right hints of softness, this fragrance deeply connects you with your energy. The woody notes blended with black leather undertones add boldness to the mood.

Bringing sensuous mood to a rise, Jo is perfect to wear at any time of the day. It delivers its best during winter or springtime.

Top Notes: Medjool Date Fruit
The warm sweetness of the Medjool Date delivers a crisp and sincere welcome.

Heart Notes: Coriander Seed Templar

Base Notes: Black Leather
Rich woodiness with Balsamic, Ambery, and Leather undertones. Also, hints of Malt and Vanilla Extract add complexity and depth.

2.John Varvatos Artisan Men's Cologne Spray

John Varvatos Artisan Men's Cologne Spray, 4.2 fl. Oz. EDT

Best Citrus Perfume for Him

With Varvatos’s intensifying Artisan Men’s Cologne, your aura will emit a strong first impression. The initial citrus explosion sets the mood for the incoming spices and deep musky feelings. With this cologne, your ambiance is sure to feel influential.

As the scent develops, a more consistent tone sets in; adding expression to your style. With a musky background, your presence feels more developed and prominent.

These combinations are just right for this scent to be worn outdoors and in summers. The Kephalis Wood and Geaorgewood background are perfect to carry with a light linen shirt and leather accessories. This just might be the best John Varvatos fragrance in demand.

Top Notes: Mexican Winter Mandarin
The fragrance opens with an exciting citrus impression, doused with Sicilian Clementines mixes and Juicy Tangelo Fruit.

Heart Notes: Purple Ginger
Welcoming Solar Floral Notes with spices.

Base Notes: Balambre
The powerful musky background complements the heart notes, adding intensity even more.

3.John Varvatos Artisan Pure Eau de Toilette Spray

John Varvatos Artisan Pure Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 Fl Oz

Best Men's Fragrance for Spring

This fragrance perfectly captures a clean vibe. The woody notes combined with the citrus balance warmth and cool giving off an irresistible aroma.

The luxurious citrus notes form the base of the Artisan Pure fragrance. The Orange Flower, Coffee Tree Flower, and Jasmine allow the scent to feel refreshing, building a clean atmosphere.

This scent is set on Petitgrain’s diverse aromas. Its complexity prepares for the onset of the heart notes and the warm base notes. Being such a diverse and luxurious perfume makes it perfect for springtime wear all throughout the day.

Top Notes: Petitgrain Essence Trio
Sourced from the leaves and green twigs of the Bitter Orange Tree, a true manifestation of citrus.

Heart Notes: Italian Orris Absolute & Resinoid
The Orange Flower, Coffee Tree Flower, Jasmine, and Orris develop a sensual masculine mood.

Base Notes: Mexican Primavera Woods
A modern and warm consistency to hold the mood.

4.John Varvatos Dark Rebel Eau de Toilette Spray

The sexiest fragrance for men

Just as how it sounds, Dark Rebel is a bold manifestation of the rugged man. With intoxicating notes of Rum, Leather, and Tobacco Leaf, these fragrant oils allow you to proceed with a dark swagger.

The most prominent tones are leather, with a smoky development of tobacco leaf and the sensuous resinous wood. This thrilling mixture makes this fragrance an embodiment of the confidently independent man.

Dark Rebel’s bottle sets the mood before anything. Wrapped tightly in leather bands, it instills a powerful spirit. This fragrance is fitting to wear with dark leather apparel and a confident mood. Though it can be worn all year round, the most perfect time to carry is during the cool nights of fall.

Top Notes: Rum, Sugar Cane, Cardamom, Clary Sage, Artemisia.

Heart Notes: Leather, Fir Resin, Pepper, Styrax.

Base Notes: Tobacco Leaf, Woody Notes, Castoreum, Akigalawood, Mexican Vanilla, Juniper

5.John Varvatos Artisan Blu Men's Cologne Spray

John Varvatos Artisan Blu Men's Cologne Spray, 4.2 fl. Oz. EDT

Best Beach Vacation Perfume

Varvatos’s Artisan Blu is spicily aromatic and fresh. It opens with fragrant extracts of bergamot, basil, lavender, and most importantly, notes of bitter orange. As the refreshing feel establishes, more masculine florals set in. With aromatic herbals like Egyptian Germanium and French Clary Sage, a lively ambiance is created.

Artisan Blu successfully creates a mood of being lost on a Mediterranian beach, basking in summer’s peak. With a smooth woody base of Patchouli and Cedarwood, it allows you to confide in warmth and pleasure.

This fragrance is the face of relaxation and can feel therapeutic. It suits best when worn with light-colored linens and a laid-back attitude.

Top Notes: Basil
Opens with a crisp touch of herbal and citrus notes.

Heart Notes: Egyptian Geranium
Intensifies with Masculine Aromatic Herbals & Florals such as Egyptian Geranium, Florentine Iris, and French Clary Sage.

Base Notes: Parasol Pine
A woody background with touches of Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Pistachio Tree Resin.

6.John Varvatos Vintage Men's Cologne Spray

Best Sensuous Fragrance for him

Varvatos’s Vintage Men’s Cologne is an expression of timeless comfort. Its unique sensuous scent with moods of warmth and spice elevate pleasure - capturing everyone’s attention.

With its strong and slightly sweet, heart notes, a more intimate attitude is expressed. To spice things even further, this cologne develops a dark and musky aroma, delivering an intoxicating feel.

This cologne is made for an enhanced realization of yourself. It is special yet comfortable enough to be worn every day, and especially in cooler weather. Being so adaptable and versatile, this can be considered the best John Varvatos fragrance.

Top Notes: Quince Paste
Opens with a lively and spicy blend of rhubarb, quince paste, juniper berries, and cinnamon tree leaves.

Heart Notes: Patchouli
Oakmoss meets Pure Patchouli Oils radiating dark and strong aromas.

Base Notes: Tobacco Leaf
Tobacco, and Suede Accents; a premonition of intimate moments.

7.John Varvatos JVxNJ Eau de Toilette

Best Men’s Cologne for Night out

John Varvatos x Nick Jonas is styled for a long-lasting fresh experience. Its aquatic and citrus notes add liveliness to your character while setting a luxurious mood. With a rich sandalwood background and mint heart notes, freshness is here to prevail over the feeling of being alive.

JVxNJ manifests an idea of the modern man with his energetic aura. This cologne is perfect for living your best nightlife, staying active and adventurous. Its masculine tones enhance your mood with balance elements of warm and cool.

Varvatos’s NJ goes well with a motorcycle jacket and your favorite t-shirt.

Top Notes: Bergamot
Cascalone, Mandarin Orange, Lime, and Pink Pepper introduce with a Citrus Blast.

Heart Notes: Mint
Endless freshness with herbal heart notes.

Base Notes: Sandalwood
Sandalwood and Clearwood add a rich and luxurious impression.

How to Buy the Best John Varvatos Fragrance

Capturing such varying natures and different properties, it can be difficult choosing the best John Varvatos Fragrance. A common feature prevailing in most Varvatos fragrances is the warm tones in the background, with woody, and earthy notes being most common.

Another characteristic of the John Varvatos fragrances is their welcoming nature. Even with dark and intense scents, an aura of exquisite appeal takes over. These fragrances are created for a complete experience, Varvatos suggests fitting clothing to go with the perfume, and even encourages outfitting different attitudes while wearing a certain fragrance.

A loved attribute of John Varvatos fragrances is its bottle. Even before introducing the top-notes, you can just take a look at the bottle and feel how exactly the scent would feel like. Setting a befitting mood just after looking at the bottle.

With multitudes of themes and tones, choosing the right fragrance needs more than just a few moments. Here are some aspects to consider before buying:

Choosing your Notes

JV presents a wide range of notes in their fragrances to choose from. Each carrying a unique attitude and style to wear with. From consistent woody fragrances, provocative and sensuous fragrances, to laid-back or casual ones, Varvatos has it all.

Here is an elaboration of different notes found in JV Fragrances:

Citrus Opening Notes:

Citrus elements consist of notes such as Mandarin, Petitgrain, Lemon, or Bergamot. Giving an exciting introduction to the perfume. They are not necessarily sweet, with their purpose being stimulating enough to deliver a thrilling welcome. Citrus notes usually form the top notes of a perfume, but can also be placed at the heart. Their refreshing domain is often balanced with floral heart notes to warmer base notes.

Spicy Notes:

Spices either come independently or are paired with citrus or warm notes. The most popular spicy notes in a perfume are cardamom, cloves, pepper, and some varieties of vanilla. These notes highlight an intense citrus blast, adding more surface to the aroma.

Warm Notes:

Patchouli and woody notes like Cedar and Sandalwood create a balance in the intense opening notes. In JV Fragrances, these warm tones encompass the base and occasionally the heart of the perfume. With a subtle sweetness in them, they project a gentle and masculine approach, creating a desirable atmosphere.

Herbal or Floral Heart Notes:
Heart notes represent the core of the perfume and frequently interact with the top and base notes. Floral and Herbal notes, when present in the heart of the perfume enhance the scent’s prestige and add character when blended with warmer notes. Common floral notes are Jasmine and Rose.

Herbal notes combined with floral or citrus notes make the perfume complex and attractive. Basil, Coriander, Mint, and Artemisia are some commonly found herbal notes in John Varvatos fragrances.

Leather Base Notes:

Leather is a favorite in men’s perfumes. With its warm and smoky aroma, leather adds sophistication to the masculine aura. Leather is often combined with Tobacco, Vanilla, Coffee, and woody heart and base notes.

Rich Tobacco Background:

The crisp tobacco scent pairs with other warm notes like cedar, vanilla, and leather. Its combination with the woody notes creates an irresistible appeal, giving mellowness and comfort.


The mouth-watering aroma of Vanilla is everyone’s favorite. Its soft, musky, and subtly exotic scent works delightfully at any note. Vanilla is frequently paired with warm and woody scents.

Dense Woody Base:

A dense woody and warm base is Varvatos’s consistent element. Its repeated use creates a tender and pleasant fragrance.

Choosing the Strength

Choosing the strength of the fragrance is a pivotal decision. Your nature and preference must be complemented by the strength of the perfume. Also, everyday moods differ greatly. Choose a strength that suits your personality, so when you wear the perfume, it is an extension of you.

Testing the Fragrance

Trying out fragrances before making a decision is crucial. Even after finalizing your choice based on the perfume notes, the dominant accords can smell very differently.


The scent trail left behind as you walk is the sillage of the perfume. Being a salient element, it captures the essence of the perfume. Independently, the sillage can slightly differ from the original scent but is mostly similar. Even that slight change can deeply impact the reputation of your perfume, and ultimately your presence. Make sure to choose accords that suit you best, for a sillage that defines you.

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