Best Tocca Perfumes

Best Tocca Perfumes

Tocca is an Italian word for “touch”, the name has stood throughout their journey which began in 1994. They were initially a manufacturer of luxurious embroidered fabrics.

Tocca brings a similar experience in perfumery. They believe that every woman bears an original personality and taste. Though you may have heard similar ideas elsewhere, Tocca is unique for creating a story behind each perfume they create. They then connect it with that unique woman whom you can relate to.

The exquisiteness met with each Tocca fragrance is what we intend to introduce you to. Various perfumes by Tocca, showered by the flawlessly blended notes that would cater to you. Each note in their perfume is gifted with sheer luxury and combined to set comfort within you.

Let us walk through some of the best Tocca perfumes that we are lucky to experience.


The best seductive perfume, topped with extravagance and royalty.

Tocca’s Cleopatra is a warm floral fragrance. And just like Cleopatra, it’s powerful, mesmerizing, and evocative of seduction. Purely feminine, womanly, and for the bold queens in life who do not shy away from conquering lands and hearts, Tocca Cleopatra perfume is iconic.

It has tantalizing grapefruit, sweet peach, jasmine, and tuberose in musk and patchouli. The patchouli here is very subtle and it smells very sharp, fruity, and intoxicating at its opening. It gets a bit vintage-like powdery in between but then it surprises you with a zest of the sultry dry down.

Wearing this perfume can take one’s olfactory senses on a journey. It's super!

The fragrance is ideal for those who love musky, warm floral, and green perfumes.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Black Currant, Green Notes, and Cassis.

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Peach, and Tuberose.

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Amber, and Vanilla.

2. Stella

One of the best romantic perfumes with floral, and freshly spicy accords.

Tocca’s Stella perfume is a floral woody fragrance for women. It has musk and a zest of freshness. With blood orange, bitter orange, and watery notes, Tocca Stella has a super captivating opening. It smells refreshing, sparkly, and tasty.

The blend of lavish Italian citrus, sweet freesia, and spicy lily in the heart smells lovely and pleasant. One can wear Tocca Stella without hesitation. It is pretty and inoffensive.

The drydown has sandalwood and musk with faded trails of lovely florals and sparkly fruity notes. The dry down feels very creamy, woody but still fresh and lovely.

Top Notes: Blood Orange, Bitter Orange, and Watery Notes.

Heart Notes: Lily, Freesia, and Wild Orchid.

Base Notes: Sandalwood and Musk.


Best Summer Fragrance

Tocca’s Simone is a sparkling fruity perfume with oceany-floral top accords. It smells sparkly, summery, and fresh that brightens up your day.

It has a luminous blend of tropical frangipani and refreshing watermelon on a base of blonde woods. This is one of the loveliest scents one will come across. It counts as pure, sparkly, uplifting, and super pleasant.

Simone can be worn every day and on Sunday brunches, hi-tea, and friends dates. It is a romantic but bright, not dark, mysterious, or seductive type but rather feels like the pixie dust.

It’s like, you can wear Tocca Simone in 40 degrees and it will still cheer you up, it’s voted as that refreshing and pretty.

Top Notes: Watermelon, Apple, and Lemon.

Heart Notes: Freesia, Frangipani, Rose and Ylang-Ylang.

Base Notes: Musk, Woody Notes, and Amber.


Best White Floral Perfume

Incorporating a chic blend of bright bergamot, lush pear, and delicate gardenia; the Tocca Florence perfume is a luminous white floral perfume. It’s got clean, crisp, and watery accords to it.

Florence Tocca is evocative of a Paris evening stroll. It has bergamot combined with blonde woods and a number of white and purple florals, enriched with muskiness and crispy green fruits. It feels divine and gorgeous to wear.

This is surely a scent to wear in warm, even humid weather and it has great lasting power. The sillage is brilliant as well. If you are a woman who’s into great-smelling flowers, musky fruity notes with a super sexy animalic base, go for Florence Tocca. You won’t regret it!

Top Notes: Pear, Apple, Bergamot, Grapefruit Leaf.

Middle Notes: Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine, Violet Leaf, and Iris.

Base Notes: Musk.


The best feminine perfume without parabens.

A bright romantic perfume that invokes your youthful femininity, Giulietta Tocca is a lovely perfume to cherish in summer and spring.

It has a beautiful blend of delicate pink tulips, fresh green apples, and sweet vanilla orchids. The perfume smells lovely and charms up your olfactory senses.

Smelling Giulietta by Tocca recalls your sweetest and most pleasant memories. It has a lot of florals in its heart topped with green-pink fruity headnotes.

Pretty is the word you say when you smell it. The dry down is clean and powdery. One can call its scent type classic florals. It has a crystal body of scent - clean, sparkly, and fresh. Also, it's very feminine and fits for a youthful taste.

Giulietta smells comfy and makes safe office wear. It's inoffensive and good performing.

Top Notes: Granny Smith apple, Ylang-Ylang, and Pink Tulip.

Heart Notes: Lilac, Lily-of-the-Valley, iris, Rose, and Orchid.

Base Notes: Musk, Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Amber, and Virginia Cedar.


Best warm floral perfume with Patchouli.

One of the Tocca gems for winter wear, Maya Eau de Perfume is a warm floral fragrance that exudes confidence. The fragrance is a combination of lovely flowers and black currant, immersed in the heart of patchouli.

Maya by Tocca doesn’t smell surprising or stunning for the olfactory senses, but rather comfy, warm, and lovely. One can call its smell a bit generic but the lovely combination of warm florals like Iris, Damask rose and jasmine makes it gorgeously attractive.

The fragrance’s longevity of Maya is not moderately low with a fair sillage. It’s great to wear in fall and cold weather at home and is perfect for those who love the intimacy between florals and patchouli.

Top Notes: Black Currant and Violet Leaf.

Heart Notes: Iris Flower, Damask Rose, and Jasmine.

Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Oakmoss.


The undisputed best Turkish Rose perfume.

Gia is one of Tocca’s most comforting and pleasant perfumes. It opens with a zestful touch of Tangerines, combined with the diverse scent of Pink Pepper. The pink pepper creates a spicy, yet fresh rosy nuance around the atmosphere of the top notes. This prepares you for the approaching heart note, which is composed of the rich Turkish Rose.

The base notes of Gia lay the perfect ground for the perfume to settle. This is ambitiously fulfilled by combining the floral aromas with a warm and melodious base. It is composed of subtly spicy vanilla, deep and woody sandalwood, and lastly, musky amber accords.

Gia delivers its best during day time when you’re basking under the sunshine. As far as its suitability goes according to seasons, summertime is Gia’s favorite!

Top Notes: Tangerine and Pink Pepper.

Heart Notes: Turkish Rose.

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Amber.


Be yourself with the best spicy floral perfume by Tocca.

Tocca’s Colette fragrance delivers an unmatchable entry with citrus accords. Lemon and bergamot leave a subtle spicy and floral scent blended with citrus. This is followed by a deeper heart composed of floral notes, adding consistency and ground to the heightened citrusy top notes.

The central idea of the Colette fragrance is to create a sensual aura around you. With the heart notes complimenting the top notes perfectly, an exciting ambiance is created. This is, at the same time, quite comforting.

Finally, the base notes harmonize the entirety of the perfume with warm and woody notes. Notes of Vanille, Virginia Cedar, Incense, Amber, and Sandalwood pave a delightful exit for the perfume’s scent.

Tocca’s Colette is suitable for wearing throughout the day, with an especially good performance in spring and summertime.

Top Notes: Amalfi Lemon, Bergamot, Juniper Berries, and Mandarin Orange.

Heart Notes: Violet, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, and Cyclamen

Base Notes: Vanille, Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, Incense, Amber, Musk, and Pine Needles.

How to buy the Best Tocca Perfumes

Tocca, the designer brand, has over 25 perfumes in their fragrance house. The earliest edition was created in 2006 and the newest is from 2021.

Tocca fragrances have been made in collaboration with top-notch perfumers Sonia Constant, Ellen Molner, and James Bell. Tocca has evolved from a luxury fabric manufacturer to making niche perfumes, in their own distinctive and exquisite way.

Most of the Tocca perfumes smell like florals. Some of them have a warm floral scent, while some lean a lot towards fresh florals.

Here is a breakdown of Tocca’s top scent types and how to know if they are perfect for you.

If you are looking for the best winter perfume that has warm florals and dominance of Patchouli, get a sample of Maya by Tocca.

  1. If you are looking to find a paraben-free perfume that smells divinely feminine and floral, try Giulietta by Tocca.
  1. If you are looking for a spicy floral perfume that has a warm base of sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and amber, try Collete by Tocca.
  1. If you are looking for springtime perfume that is fresh and floral with a zest of seductive appeal, try Florence by Tocca. You can also make it a signature scent during springtime. It also makes a great summer-wear as well.
  1. If you are looking for a pretty perfume to wear at work, the safest office perfume is Stella in Tocca’s fragrance line. It's floral, feminine,, and chic - but never loudly.
  1. The best summer perfume in Tocca’s line is Simone so do check it out if you are on a hunt to find a pretty, sensual yet fit for summer perfume.
  1. The best bohemian perfume for free-spirited and adventurous women is Emelia by Tocca. It has florenital and aquatic accords, with fougree and woody notes.
  1. Lastly, if you are looking for the most seductive, appealing,, and fresh perfume in Tocca’s perfume line, do get yourself a sample of Cleopatra. Just look at its headnotes and its scent body, it will drive you head over heels to at least sniff it once. Cleopatra is one of the best sexy perfumes for women.

The Bottom Line: Tocca perfumes make the best floral-oriented perfumes for women. Their fragrances are contained in a sparkly bottle that exudes an ode to femininity and elegance. Their longevity and performance are usually very nice if not stunning and they are usually the safest pretty perfumes to wear around the day.

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