How Often Can You Dye Your Hair

With fashion trends evolving and prevailing in unison across the world, dyeing hair is one another obsession whose popularity is growing insanely high. Truth be told, we all have wished to dye our hair at least once in our lifetime. But the cost to do so keeps us lingering on evaluating the idea. Because yes, giving yourself a new hair color that may transform your persona may sound passionately exciting but it does come with a cost. You would need a high-maintenance haircare routine once you jump on the bandwagon of coloring hair, permanently or temporarily. While you would love the fresh hues of your new hair color, you will see it fading as well. And you will be forbidden to re-dye your hair again and again by haircare experts.
So what is the solution? How often should you dye your hair and exactly when? Does hair coloring treatment damage your hair? How do you maintain colored hair, not losing its luster and freshness?

When it comes to these questions, the anxiety gets real. But wait, this article will breakdown many confusions of you.

Let’s consider a few facts related to the hair dyeing process.

Chemistry of the hair dyeing process:

Chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide play along with developers and colorants to open the hair cuticles so that the new color be stored in the hair structure overcoming the older one on a permanent or temporary basis.