How to Get Smooth Legs

Summer is right around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to get on top of your body care routine. With dresses and shorts being a must-have during the summer, everyone wants to know how to get smooth legs. Our guide gives you tips and tricks that you can use to smooth the texture of your legs, whether you’re planning on chasing the sun or want to spend the summer in your favorite dress. 


How to Shave Your Legs

The key to getting smooth legs is by knowing how to shave. The last thing you want is bumps and razor marks all over your legs, especially during the summer. You want to make sure you’re using shaving cream to shave your leg. You never want to be dry shaving your legs. Shaving cream softens the hairs on your legs to help you achieve a closer shave and smoother texture. If you want smooth legs, you can shave every other evening, as well as exfoliating regularly. 


When you’re shopping around for shaving cream, keep an eye out for products that include nourishing ingredients, like vitamin E, that will moisturizer your legs and reduce irritation. 


You want to consider the razor that you’re using. Every aspect of your shaving routine should include hydrating properties to keep your skin soft and smooth. It’s worth shopping around for a razor that incorporates shea butter or other natural ingredients in the blades. Another thing to look out for is razors with five blades and a water-activated serum. You want to be swapping out your blades regularly, as a sharper blade will give you a smoother shave. 


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

One tip for achieving smooth skin, whether it’s your arms or legs, is to exfoliate. Your body sheds thousands of dead skin cells a day, which clog up your pores and creates an uneven skin texture. When your skin is dry, it’s also harder to shave your legs. Regularly exfoliating helps to brighten the appearance of your skin. 


Don’t forget to take extra care around your heels and knees with your body scrub or exfoliator. If you’re planning to self-tan, these are the areas that often collect dead skin cells and have an uneven texture. You want to make sure you cleanse and exfoliate your legs before applying a body lotion or moisturizer to help with your skin’s absorption of the active ingredients. It’s best to use the body scrub on your legs in the shower while your skin has softened from the steam.


Exfoliating is also a must-have for anyone dealing with ingrown hairs, as it can help unclog your skin and treat it at the source. You can exfoliate using your hands or a loofah to help cleanse hard-to-reach areas on the back of your legs. 


Dry Brush Your Legs

Dead skin cells aren’t the only thing you want to consider when trying to get smooth legs. You can improve the appearance of your skin by stimulating your blood circulation by dry brushing. Use your dry brush in circular motions, moving upwards along your skin, to keep your skin healthy and smooth. Body brushes are inexpensive and a must-have product to incorporate into your routine. Look for one that has firm and natural bristles for the best results. Taking a few minutes to dry brush your legs before jumping into the shower and shaving will give you smoother skin within one wash.


Give Your Legs Some TLC

The best way to get smooth legs is to look after your skin. It takes more than just shaving to keep your skin smooth. You want to make sure you’re applying sunscreen every day that your legs are exposed, as well as topping up on your SPF throughout the day. If you notice any irritation from the sun or a potential sunburn, you want to use aloe vera to soothe your skin and reduce redness.


If you’re someone who enjoys a hot shower, you want to take extra care to look after your skin. The steam can strip the moisture from your skin, so you want to compensate for that with a nourishing body butter or lotion. It’s best to apply it as soon as you’re out of the shower before your skin starts to become dry. If your skin is still damp, it helps you absorb the moisture in the products.


Getting smooth legs can be more difficult if you have a dry skin type or uneven texture. If you fall into this category, you should look for products rich in hyaluronic acid, as it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and hydrate your skin. Your body wash is also something you want to consider. If you have sensitive skin, it’s worth switching over to a gentle body wash with natural ingredients that will remove sweat and dirt without irritating your skin. 


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

If you have a special event coming up or are planning to invest in a spray tan, it’s worth applying a body oil overnight on your legs. Body oil will help seal in the moisture in your legs and brighten the complexion of your skin. You can add body oil to a massage to improve the circulation in your legs and nourish your skin. If you notice that your legs are look